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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Flamenco Guitar - Pepe Romero


Fiesta en Jerez

Played by the Spanish Guitarist Pepe Romero
Cover Design: George Maas
Mercury Records SR90297

From the back cover: The session which produced this album took place in Fine Recording Company's Studio A, which was at one time a small ballroom with a tiny stage at one end. Here Mr. Romero sat, facing the microphones (three for the stereo version, one for the monaural) which had been hung so as to preserve the proper intimate atmosphere. Once the controls were adjusted to the delicate sound of the guitar, Mr. Romero bent his head to his instrument and began to improvise the music recorded on this disc. No controls were changed, no microphones moved for any special effects. This is exactly the way the artist sounded.

Harold Lawrence was the musical director for the session, and Clair Van Ausdall was his associate. The basic set-up was supervised by Wilma Cozart and C. R. Fine. The chief Engineer was William Blachly. George Piros made the tape-to-disc transfer for the stereo version. John Johnson for the monaural.

From Billboard - January 19, 1963: A first-rate flamenco guitar album by Spanish guitarist Pepe Romero. He plays a variety of flamenco styles of dance music, including the garrotin, the fandango, tango and farruca. Nice taste and musicianship. Set is finely recorded and should appeal to the solid group of flamenco guitar fans.

Fiesta en Jerez
Fandangos von Verdiales
Carabana Gitana
Farruca y Rumba
Lamento Andaluz

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