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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Make The World Go Away - Time Yuro


I'm Moving' On Parts 1 & 2

Make The World Go Away
Timi Yuro
Arranged by Marty Paich, Belford Hendricks & Ernie Freeman
Engineers: Jim Mallory & "Bones" Howe
Cover Design & Photography: Studio Five
Liberty Records, Inc. LRP-3319

From the back cover: Time had the assistance of Sonny Knight, who guides her vocal career, and the one who was responsible for getting Time into the music world. (He discovered her, singing in her family's Italian restaurant.) He is the one who has brought out Tiki's great capacity of soul in her singing – in her previous records and in each and every one of the songs in this album.

Leavin' On Your Mind
She's Got You
I'd Fight The World
Gotta Travel On
I Just Got Back From There
I'm Movin' On - Part 1
I'm Movin' On - Part 2
Make The World Go Away
Permanently Lonely
I Walk The Line
Are You Sure
A Legend In My Time

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