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Sunday, July 18, 2021

Lonesome Sad And Blue - Kitty Wells


Dear Heart

Lonesome Sad And Blue
Kitty Wells
With The Jordanaires (Courtesy of Columbia Records)
Vocal with Chorus and Instrumental Accompaniment
Cover Photo: Hal Buksbaum
Decca Records DL 4658

From the back cover: You call her Kitty... I call her Mom. But we'll both agree on what to call this new album of hers – "Some of the most appealing heart songs she has ever recorded."

A prouder son never introduced his mother around the place he works than when, that day a year or so ago, Mom came to visit our television show's set here in Hollywood. And not long afterward, perhaps I made her a little bit proud in presenting her with a new granddaughter. (My wife, Brenda, and I might have considered naming our lovely Theresa LeAnn after Mom – except we felt that really there's only one Kitty Wells.)

My first recollection of seeing Mom perform dates back more than seventeen years, to a Saturday night in Shreveport at the "Louisiana Hayride," I was six and considered to be a very noisy, bothersome brother by Ruby, who thought of herself as quite a grown-up lady, at age nine; and the wee one who tagged along after us backstage was three-year old Carol Sue. We kids fidgeted excitedly in the wings, watching Mom and Dad and Hank Williams and a lot of others who were later to become country music legends.

I didn't know it at the time what it was that so impressed me with the way the audience received Mom, but I was impressed. As I grew older and as she gained in fame, I watched her performances more closely and came to understand that she didn't simply hold an audience "in the palm of her hand," as the expression goes; it was more as though she held them by the very heartstrings. And, amazing as it may sound to the kind of performers who feel they must come bounding on-stage and "give it their all," Mom has never been any different when singing before thousands than she is when singing to herself around the kitchen, back home.

If your memory is especially good, you may recall that  Kitty Wells and Johnny Wright's son, Bobby, made records for Decca some years ago. Well, that was me – before I came to Hollywood and discovered there were already so many Bob Wrights in movies and TV that I had to get used to being called John. And no sooner had I begun answering to that name than I became "Willy" on my present weekly television series. So, call me what you like, but please think of me as one who shares with you a great respect and admiration for that lady, the Queen of Country Music! – John Wright "McHale's Navy," Hollywood.

Oh, Lonesome Me
A Thing Called Sadness
Blues Are Sit-in' In
When Your Little High Horse Runs Down
You're The Only World I Know
Loving You Then Losing You
Leaving' Town Tonight
Dear Heart (from the Warner Brothers film "Dear Heart")
The Race Is On
Welcome To My World
Watch It Heart, Don't Fall
Cheatin' Is Catching

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