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Sunday, June 20, 2021

It Might As Well Be Swing - Frank Sinatra & Count Basie

The Best Is Yet To Come

It Might As Well Be Swing
Frank Sinatra
Count Basie and His Orchestra
Arranged and Conducted by Quincy Jones
Produced by Sonny Burke
Cover Photo by Ted Allen
Engineer: Lowell Frank
Reprise F-1012

The Orchestra:

Count Basie - Piano
All Porcino, Don Rader, Wallace Davenport, Al Aarons, George Cohn and Harry "Sweets" Edison - Trumpet
Henry Coker, Grover Mitchell, Bill Hughes, Henderson Chambers and Kenny Shroyer - Trombones
Frank Foster, Charles Fowlies, Marshal Royal, Frank Wess and Eric Dixon - Reeds
Emil Richards - Vibes
George Catlett - Bass
Freddie Green - Guitar
Sonny Payne - Drums
Gerald Vinci, Israel Baker, Jacques Gasselin, Thelma Beach, Bonnie Douglas, Marshall Session, Erno Neufeld, Lou Raderman, Paul Shure and James Getzoff - Violins
Virginia Majewski, Paul Robyn, Alvin Dinkin and Stan Harris - Violas
Edgar Lostgarten and Ann Goodman - Cellos

The performances of Count Basie on this album are by courtesy of Verve Records, a division of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc.

Quincy Jones appears through the courtesy of Mercury Records

From the back cover: Prior to the recording of this album, arranger and conductor Quincy Jones set up a temporary private studio within the Sinatra offices at Warner Bros. Studios, Burbank, California. At the studio Jones wrote his arrangements; at the same time, Sinatra acted in and, for the first time, directed his new film, "None But The Brave." To prepare for the recording sessions, Jones (whom Sinatra nicknamed "Q") often worked lat into the night framing his arrangements, occasionally sleeping at the Sinatra offices.

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