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Sunday, February 21, 2021

Two Much! - Ann Richards & Stan Kenton


No Moon At All

Two Much!
The Fantastic Voice Of Ann Richards
Backed By The Wailing Big Band Of Stan Kenton
Produced by Ed Yelin
Capitol Records ST1495

From the back cover: Stans Comments - My beliefs and enthusiasm for Ann's talents have been expressed many times. So having her record with the band is a happy realization. Because of her ability and technique, it is possible to do many things with her voice; and here we have given her several ways to go. The tempos are varied, and the arrangements are by no less than five men.

One other important thing makes this album especially exciting: it was recorded with the band right after it returned from a road tour. There is nothing as moving as a band that is playing constantly together.

I hope that as she rises in the world of show business, it will always be possible for Ann to make occasional albums with the band. It seem there is no limit to her ability.

Also from the back cover: Ann tells about the album - As Stan says, when we recorded this album we had just come back from a road tour, and believe me, it was about the most exciting eight weeks I've ever spent. This is a young, enthusiastic group, all musicians who are not the least bit blasé about what they are doing and who really like to be heard.

I felt that if we could turn loose the same amount of energy and excitement in the studio that we had built up to on tour, we would have something really worth hearing. 

I know that I felt really inspired; and Stanley's such a great leader and he was able to draw the same response from these fine guys that live audiences did – maybe even more. You'll have to judge the results, of course, but I know this approach certainly made the sessions a lot of fun for all of us.

From Billboard - January 9, 1961: The Stan Kenton crew has given a number of top jazz singers to the world, including Anita O'Day, June Christy, and Chris Connor. Thrush Ann Richards could join these outstanding thrushes through her remarkable performance on this new album. She shows off an exciting style and a warm manner of handling a tune that is all her own, yet in the jazz tradition, even down to her scat singing. And she is backed solidly by the Kenton crew all the way. Tunes include "It's A Wonderful World," "No Moon At All" and "All Or Nothing At All."

It's A Wonderful World
The Morning After
I Was The Last To Know
My Kinda Love
I Got Rhythm 
No Moon At All
Don't Be That Way
Suddenly I'm Sad
Nobody Like My Baby
All Or Nothing At All

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