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Saturday, June 29, 2019

The Rape Of El Morro - Don Sebesky

The Rape Of El Morro
The Rape Of El Morro
Don Sebesky
Produced by Creed Taylor
CTI Records - A Division Of Creed Taylor, Inc.
Cover Photo by Alan Kaplan
Liner Photograph by Alen MacWeeney
Album Design by Bob Ciano and Richard Mantel
CTI 6061 S1
Distributed by Motown Records Corporation

From the inside cover: The title number (Don recalls that the original tentative title was Spanish Blood) is a wild mix of Mexican flavoring, electronic effects, jazz improvisation, and sheer unadulterated excitement. "It evolves piece by piece," says Don, "with Roland Hanna in the center of it all, followed by Mike Brecker.

"I had an idea of overlaying a flamenco voice. Someone suggested Joan LaBarbara, who had been working with various experimental groups. She has the ability to create two notes at once – octaves, or an octave and a fifth simultaneously. She's amazing! So that added another dimension."

Don Grolnick (solo Lucky Seven)
Roland Hanna (solo The Rape Of Morrow and Moon Dreams)
Pay Rebillot (Skyliner)

Ron Carter (The Rape Of Morrow and Moon Dreams)
Will Lee (Footprints Of The Giant, The Entertainer, Lucky Seven, Skyliner)

Steve Gadd

Joe Beck

George Devens
Phil Kraus

Mike Brecker (all tenor solos - Courtesy of Arista Records)
Dave Sanborn (alto)

Randy Brecker Courtesy of Arista Records)
Jon Faddis
Wayne Andre
Barry Rogers
Sonny Russo
Tony Studd (bass)
Flute/Alto Flute
Roy Beckenstein (also piccolo)
Harvey Estrin
George Marge
Al Regni

Electric Violin
David Rose

Harry Cykman
Paul Gershman
Emanuel Green
Harold Kohon
Charles Libove
Harry Lookofsky
David Nadien
Matthew Raimondi

Jean Dane
Manny Vardi

Seymour Barab
Charles McCracken

Joan LaBarbara

The Rape Of El Morrow
Moon Dreams
Footprints Of The Giant
The Entertainer
Lucky Seven

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