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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Unrestrained! - Jo Ann Miller

Jo Ann Miller
Benn Arden & His Palmer House Orchestra
Musical Arrangements & Piano by Dick Marx
Photography: Bob Witt
Audio Fidelity AFLP 1864

From the back cover: Jo Ann Miller has the good fortune to be endowed with not only good looks and intelligence, but the kind of creative instinct that would probably succeed at anything. Her rise in show business has been nothing short of meteoric, having gathered in the space of three short years a list of professional credits that would do an old timer proud.

Born in Texas, Jo Ann attended Texas Woman's University, where she majored in art. Having no eyes for show business at the time, she decided to study archaeology, and came to New York City's Columbia University for post graduate work in this subject. During her first summer in the city, some friends invited her to help out in various chores in a summer stock theater they ran. One night, when bandleader Tommy Dorsey caught her in a show, he invited her to join his band. Jo Ann started with a series of one-night stands. She interspersed her singing with more summer stock work, and eventually landed engagements at some of the country's top hotels and night clubs. She has appeared at the Fontainbleau and Americana Hotels and Night Clubs in Miami Beach, the Empire Room at Chicago's famous Palmer House, at the Black Orchid in Chicago, the Statler Hilton Hotels in Dallas, Cleveland and Detroit, and the Monteleone in New Orleans.

Good Little Girls
Woe Is Me
Gimme A Pigfoot
St. Louis Blues
When The World Was Young
Baubles, Bangles, Beads
Look To The Rainbow
Nobody's Sweetheart Now
New Orleans
House Of The Rising Sun
Am I Blue
None Of My Jelly Roll
There'll Be Some Changes Made

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