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Friday, June 1, 2018

Lionel Hampton's All-Star Group

Open House
Lionel Hampton's All-Star Groups
Photo: Burt Goldblatt
C-C. Clubs, Inc.
Jazztone J1246

Musicians listed on the back cover: Chu Berry, Benny Carter, Charlie Christian, Cozy Cole, Nat "King" Cole, Coleman Hawkins, Mill Hinton (and others)

From the back cover: Open House (Hampton, vibes; Marshall Royal, clarinet; Ray Perry, amplified violin; Sir Charles Thompson, piano; Irving Ashby, guitar; Vernon Alley, bass; Lee Young, drums – December, 1940) is a happy, bouncy opus played by a group of Hollywood swingsters. Ashby's guitar answers Perry and Royal (the latter is currently Count Basie's lead saxist) to start things off; Hamp, Perry, Royal and Camp again solo. Ashby swings through the first of the last chorus, with Alley's hugh-toned bass filling in the open holes, and then all return to the original riff.

Dinah (Murphy-Marshall)
Dough-Ra-Me (Southern - Hampton - Cole)
When Lights Are Low (Kahn-Koehler-Fiorito)
Open House (Hampton - Royal)
Shoe Shiners Drag (Ferdinand "Jelly Roll" Morton)
The Heebie Jeebies Are Rockin' The Town (Boyd Atkins)
House Of Morgan (Lionel Hampton)
My Buddy (Kahn - Donaldson)
Altitude (Duke Ellington)
Big Wig In The Wigwam (Case - Bradley)
Jivin' With Jarvis (Lionel Hampton)
High Society (Steele - Melrose)

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