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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

New Improved Full Dimensional Stereo

Prelude To Act III Of Lohengrin
Great New Sound For '65
New Improved Full Dimensional Sound
The Exciting New Sound For '65 and Complete Tracks From Selected Capitol Albums for February
Capitol Records SPRO 2797

Book-fold 1965 Capitol promotion LP that was "Not Available To The Public" featuring a visually stunning "3-D" cover which, for the most part, my scanner was able to capture the look of. The design was printed on top of some type of plastic material (somewhat like you might see on a "winking postcard") that creates the impression of about 1/2 inch of depth.

A Hard Day's Night (The Hollyridge Strings)
Six-Nix-Quix-Flix (The George Shearing Quintet)
San Francisco Bay Blues (The Travelers Three)
Stick Around (H. B. Barnum)
Yankee Doodle Dandy (The Don Scaletta Trio)
Take Good Care Of My Baby (The Lettermen)
More (Fred E. Finn And His Friends)
Prelude To Act II Of Lohengrin (Stan Kenton And His Orchestra)


  1. Hi! I found this while researching some of my vinyls. Any idea of the value of this one?

  2. Just received an original Beach Boys Today vinyl in full dimensional stereo.looking forward to hearing it.


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