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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Ram-Bunk-Shush - Harold Betters

Wild And Happy
The Trombone And Quartet Of The Harold Betters Sound
Produced by Jimmy Bowen
Art Direction: Ed Thrasher
Reprise RS-6195

From the back cover: Harold himself arranged (he has studied at the Conservatory of Music in Brooklyn, New York) the balance of the numbers.

Also from the back cover: Better's intrepid allies in this uninhibited workout are pianist John Thomas, bassist Chuck Ramsey, drummer Russ Lewellen, and guitarist Joe Galbraith. An invaluable ally also, albeit in background, is fellow-trombonist and arranger Slide Hampton, who penned the charts for "Ram-Bunk-Shush," "Let It Be Me," "Where Do You Go," and "Yesterday." Non-Beatlemaniacs may not realize it, but this tender bossa nova melody, "Yesterday," is the compositional work of Beatle Paul McCartney, whose hit recording of the song featured him singing solo with a string quartet, yet, in the background. Hampton heard McCartney disk, his arranger's ears immediately translated its melancholy hit into the Brazilian idiom.

Corn Fed
Let It Be Me
Do Anything You Wanna
All Alone
With These Hands
Where Do You Go

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