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Friday, November 4, 2016

Battle Of Bands - Lawrence Welk - Frankie Carle

Roses In The Rain
Battle Of Bands
Lawrence Welk - Frankie Carle
Camay Records
A Division Of Pathe Records, LTD.
CA 3006

This is a budget "split" disc featuring Welk tunes on side one and Carle tunes on the flip side. The title implies that Welk and Carle were somehow "duking it out" in a battle of the bands. I would give the match prize to Carle or his featured vocalist as heard in the above sample. The "showgirl" cover model wayward eyes are striking. The look is made slightly more odd by the white "highlight" seen under her "left" eye, a mark that is a product of bad pre-press production or a printing plate issue.

Night Life Polka
My Truly Truly Fair
Accordion Rag
If I Had My Way
Ellie Lou
Lady Of Spain
Sunrise Serenade
Penguin At The Waldorf
Oh What It Seemed To Be
Roses In The Rain

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