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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Piano Roll Rock 'N Roll - J. Lawrence Cook

Wake Up Little Susie
Piano Roll Rock 'N Roll
J. Lawrence Cook
Mercury SR 60083

From the back cover: Cook happens to be one of an almost deceased profession. He's a piano-roll-perforator-arranger-musician!

J. Lawrence Cook came to New York from Pittsburgh in 1920, after completing a college preparatory course in piano technique. He's been fascinated by the player piano from childhood, recalling sitting through three or four runs of a silent flicker just to hear the player-piano background. In the spring of 1921, he purchased a simple, hand-operated music roll perforator and studied the work of contemporary piano roll artists. He also took courses in harmony and composition. His first piano roll were made for U.S. Music Rolls in 1921 and continued thru 1923, when he joined the staff of Q.R.S., with whom he is still associated today.

Rock Around The Clock
All Shook Up
Searching And Dreaming
Why Do Fools Fall In Love
My Ship
Hound Dog
Oh Yeah
Wake Up Little Suzie
The Swinging Shepard Blues
The Walk
Nice Little Girl

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