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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Claude Thornhill

Claude Thornhill
And His Orchestra Play The Great Jazz Arrangements of Gerry Mulligan and Ralph Alrich
Trend TL 1002

Audio files available from your usual vendors so I will not be posting a sample from this solid 10 inch space age band big jazz set. For reference, here are scans of the jacket.

Ralph E. Aldridge, Jr. - tenor sax-clarinet
Albert Antonucci - french horn
John William Barber - tuba
Albert Epstein - congo-bongo
David H. Figg - tenor sax
Meredith Flory - sax
Joseph B. Galbriath - guitar
Paula Martin - vocal
Owen B. Masingill - trombone
Ray A. Norman - tenor sax
Dale D. Pearce - trumpet
Robert L. Petersen - string bass
Daniel E. Quill - lead alto
Bernard M. Rich - trumpet
Richard A. Sherman - trumpet
Sandford Siegelstein - french horn
Billy Ver Planck - trombone
Winston Welch - drums
Richard S. Zubak - wind instruments

Rose Of The Rio Grand
Five Brothers
Poor Little Rich Girl
Mambo Nothing
Family Affair

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