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Monday, April 6, 2015

Hollywood Gold

Love Is Just A Mile Away
No Easy Way Down
Hollywood Gold
Rainbow Records

My Country Music Dreams - Norman Rayman
Ancient Mysteries - Speedboat (aka - Shoehorn Shirt-Sleeves)
All I Know - James M. Smith
Don't Let The Blues Bring Me Down - Bruce Bitkoff
I Wish I Were Your Friend - Joseph A. DeLucia
Ready To Toll - Dan Cloutier
When I Love Come Around You - Bill Kelley
American Car Dealer's Christmas - P. T. Harman
Got No Woman - Gregory Lee Arledge
One Little Mistake - Nanci McCall
Love Is Just A Mile Away - David R. Garcia
Take My Keys Away - Dan Cloutier
Summer - J.J. and Rose Yockman
No Easy Way Down - Gregory Lee Arledge
My Son - Karen Buak
Heart Points - Marguerite Davis/Arthur Vasquez


  1. Mark do you have this album? Dan Cloutier is my father. He wrote two of the songs on it. No one in my family has one anymore. Do you have any information on where I could buy this album?

    1. Hi Tiffany! Thank you for your comment. Yes, I just happened across this LP on eBay. If you want to physically own a copy, then you'll probably be reduced to searching eBay on a weekly basis. Or perhaps someone will search for this album, take note of your request and reply. – Mark

  2. Thank you. I checked ebay and they have a few but it is hard to tell if it is this or another Hollywood Gold album. I was telling my fiancé about it and tried to search when I found your blog. I remember the first time I heard it play, I couldn't believe the way the songs turned out. They didn't sound anything like when my Father played them. Of course they probably only had the words to contend with, not any accompanying music. When he played it, it was great!

    1. Right. The company used the cover image over and over. The only way to tell one from the other are the cat. no. (HG-565 for this release) or if the seller adds a photo of the back cover. There is a terrific PBS documentary on the "song-poem" industry (which this album is considered to be a part off), that you might be interested in, titled "Off The Charts". You used to be able to watch it for free on Hula, but it's gone now.


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