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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Premonitions Of Christopher Columbus/Set Sail For The Sun
Sound Environment Recording Corporation - Lincoln, Nebraska

This is a obscure album that I enjoyed. The musicians create, to my ear, a fluid "gamelan/fusion jazz" tonal journey on side one and the first half of side two, followed by an "old-school" avant grade piece, Stockhausen's Set Sail For The Sun, a track that plays "differently" comparatively speaking, but seems like just the right piece to finish to the set.

From the back cover: Zeitgeist was formed in April of 1977 to discover and realize in a musical language the concepts and perceptions of ourselves and our contemporaries. We work together to increase our vocabulary in order to express ideas in many varied forms.

James DeMars - piano
Joseph Holmqiist - marimba, cymbals, gongs and tam tam
Jay Johnson - vibes, piano (Stockhausen), cymbals, gongs, tabla and siren
Thomas Hubbard - electric bass
C Lee Humphries - piano (DeMars)
Homer Lambrecht - trombone
Patrick Moriarty - alto sax
Thomas Toscano - conductor (DeMars)

Pattern Study #2 - Stacey Bowers

Premonitions Of Christopher Columbus - James DeMar
Premiered by Zeitgeist at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis in October of 1979.

Set Sail From The Sun - Karlheniz Stockhausen

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