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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Continental Favorites At Cocktail Time - Pietro Dero

Evening Star
Continental Favorites
The Romantic Piano Of Pietro Dero
Somerset SF-29800

No track separation bands on this disc, just one solid session of lounge piano.

From the back cover: His (Dero) style is relaxed and to quote the maitre de of a leading supper club in Rome – "he sets a wonderful mood in the room, yet his piano stylings never rise above the conversational level of our guests."

Also check out Dero's: Piano Magic At Cocktail Time

Funiculi Funicula
Come Back To Sorrento
Tango For Strings
O Solo Mio
Cielito Lindo
La Paloma
La Golondrina
Shadow Tango
Ay Ay Ay
La Cumparsita
Evening Star
Un Bel Di
Musette Waltz
Celeste Aida
My Heart At Thy Sweet Voice
Addio Del Passato

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