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Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Please Please Me
Baby You Can Do Not Wrong
Spectrum/Pickwick International

I find this album to be a "hoot" even though the set is the most unbearable Beatles exploitation effort. The studio instrumental group backing the vocals sounds sounds pretty good, sort of rough and twangy. However, apparently Spectrum could only find an incompetent college folk quartet to do the impersonations.

Spectrum even printed "AuthentiPhonic" on the label in a subtle effort to fool the record buyer.

So bad it's good, or so bad it's still pretty bad?

She Love You
In A Little While
Tell Me Now
Night Without End
Won't You Come Out Tonight
Please, Please Me
Baby You Can Do No Wrong
I Don't Need You
What Shall I Do
Don't Tell Me You Don't Know

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  1. The artists names are Billy Pepper & The Pepperspots.
    Billy is actually Billy Sheppard or otherwise known as Billy Shears as in the Billy Shears sung about in Sgt. Pepper.
    Billy was a dead ringer visually and vocally for Paul McCartney. He was also called the Faux Paul. Billy and his group were very tight with the actual Beatles! Using the outtake shots of a couple of the Beatles lp cover shoots.
    When Paul McCartney fell off of a motor scooter in 1966 he was hit by a car. Chipping a front tooth and causing a permanent scar on his upper lip. So uoset, Paul stopped recording and stopped touring with the Beatles for their few last live oerformances. In Paul's place was YEP Billy Shears! To this day not many people ever realized, figured out nor noticed that Paul was replaced for a while.
    John Lennon loved it! The others were leary but accepting of the situation.

    Sincerely, Richard Bray


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