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Friday, August 15, 2014

Latin American Rhythm - The Guaranis

Recuerdo De Mar Del Plata
Latin American Rhythm
The Guaranis
Mercury Records
MG 20337

Worth the price for that fiery space age cover art. The set is presented, on the back cover, as samples of "traditional" music. As usual, the Mercury engineering is well done. The sound is nicely represented by The Guaranis (possible a studio group named after the Guarani Indians).

From the back cover: More restrained in approach are the sedate, even-measured tones of the Zamba, heard in Recuerdo De Mar Del Plata.

Morena Resa Ivoti
Recuerdo De Mar Del Plata
Che Valle Mi
Ycua Portero
La Del Boulevard
Mi Pabellon
Floripa Mi
Mi Sanjuanina
Nde Resa Cuarajhi'ame

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