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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Exciting - George Cates

Royal Blue (George Cates)
Where There's Life (George Cates-Russ David)
George Cates, His Chorus And Orchestra
Cover Photo by Garrett-Howard
Coral Records CRL 57220

Exciting? Well, yes the cover art is pretty fabulous and the set, a finely crafted pop mood collection that is penned mostly by Cates and features just enough "space age" energy to make for an engaging play through.

From the back cover: The man who brought you these 12 tunes together under this LP roof is the West Coast Music Director for Coral Records. Like many West Coast residents, he was originally an Easterner. George was born, raised and given his first music to read in the Bronx, New York. At the age of five, when other kids were concerned with popsicles, George was tucking his first violin under his chin.

George soon switched from strings to reeds, and studied clarinet, flute, and saxophone. He entered New York University with every intention of becoming a law student, but soon found the call of the cleft more inspiring than the intricacies of the legal profession (and don't think that there isn't a pun in here somewhere about passing the bar).

George did some writing and conducting for Olsen and Johnson, then went with Henry Busse's band for three years as arranger-sax man. Later, he became a free-lance, and arranged for artists such as Kenny Baker, Bing Crosby, the Andrew Sisters, and many more. He joined Coral Records in 1950, and has backed many Coral artists.

His duties these days also include working as musical director of the Lawrence Welk TV Show, and producing albums like this one, and Under European Skies (CRL 57126), and Movie Moods (CRL 57125).

Also see Cate's "exotica" album: Polynesian Percussion

Sophisticated Swing
Double Gaited
Rio Batucada
Royal Blue
Where There's Life
Champagne Time
Dance From Bonjour Tristesse
High And Dry
One Night In Monte Carlo
Madame Zajj


  1. I love this one a lot!
    I found a beat up copy & still love it.
    Congrats on the beautiful find

  2. I have a mint condition promo of this record i bought off ebay for 35 bucks last year


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