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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Great Mambos - Perez Prado

Great Mambos
Also Other Latin America Favorites
Coronet Records CX-120

Tracks presented on this album are collected together from other Prado LPs. The tone quality of organ heard on this cover of Guaglione seems different than versions being sold online, the one I found posted on YouTube and one I apparently digitized from another one of his albums. I didn't modify the recording in any way. Did Prado release more than one version?

Cuba En Cha Cha Cha
Mambo Macabre
Lucky Mambo
Oy Maria
La Empaliza
Asi Asi
Azuquito Con Leche
Tu Ve Tu Ve
La Clave
Ahora Si Tengo Un Amor


  1. First, it may not be Perez Prado. But second, the label is "Coronet" which may well have used this track illegally, using a record as a master. It isn't in the same key as the versions of YT.

  2. The tracks did seem to be roughly cobbled together and there does seem to be a number of "Pardo" knock-offs out there. Thanks Bob!


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