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Monday, October 14, 2013

Echoing Voices And Trombone - Don Costa

Echoing Voices And Trombones
Don Costa
Arranged and Produced by Don Costa
Ultra Audio WWS 8501

From the notes: This album was one of the biggest challenges Costa ever faced As Costa states it, "I didn't want to record merely another percussion album. Instead I tried to create a truly exciting musical album, one that would be a pleasure to listen to for its musical ideas, as well as one that would interest hi-fidelity and stereo fans. In this album I used voices as a section of the orchestra and treated them as I would treat the brass or reed section of a large band.

Don Costa - Leader
Bob Rosengarden, Don Lamond Terry Synder and Jerry Bruno - Drums
Moe Wechsler - Piano
George Devens and Joseph Venuto - Percussion
Al Caiola and John Piaazrelli - Guitar
Thomas Mitchell, Bobby Byrne, Bobby Alexander, Chauncey Welsch, Urbie Green and Richard Hixon - Trombone

Day In And Day Out
Deed I Do
The Breeze And I
Just In Time
But Not For Me
I'm Beginning To See The Light
Echo Of Love
Opus No. 1
Thou Swell
Nice Work If You Can Get IT


  1. My anti-virus software tells me that your link to the music is infected and has been blocked due to malware.


  2. This one sounds a lot like Skyliner. :-)

    1. Ha! Heck yes! Echoes Of Love... a solid second choice. Thanks!


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