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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dancing Zither - Carl Swoboda

Gold Finger
Dancing Zither
Carl Swoboda's Fabulous Zither Swings With A Big Band
Philips PHM 200-203

From the back cover: Karl (this is how the copywriter spelled Swoboda's first name in the notes) uses the delicate instrument more like a guitar, in that he has freed the zither from its usual traditional use in a chordal mode with his conception of a free flowing single note melodic line. The zither has many tone qualities which can remind one of the piano, harpsichord, harp or guitar. In the hands of Karl Swoboda it takes on a very warm and personal sound with a timbre on certain numbers not unlike that of the great gypsy guitarist, Django Reinhardt.

Theme From A Sumer Place
Stranger On The Shore
A Walk In The Black Forest
Ebb Tide
The Sweetheart Tree
Sole, Sole, Sole
Unchained Melody
The "In" Crowd
A Taste Of Honey
Theme From Zorba The Greek

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