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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Lover's Touch - Bill Snyder

A Blues Serenade
The Lover's Touch
Bill Snyder
Decca Records DL 8237

From Billboard April 14, 1956: Following previous lush packaged efforts, pianist Snyder scores again. The playing is clean and full of authority and the orchestra, sizable as it is, stays in the background to provide just the right framework for Snyder's artistry. It's mood music keyed to lovers' needs as the cover aptly illustrates.

This album features a fine looking cover and dramatic song titles, but I disagree with Billboard's glowing assessment of the orchestral passages featured on a number of the tracks. The passages seem dated and shoehorned into the small combo lounge thing going on. However, some arrangements are left basic, sans the orchestra and play through more smoothly as heard on the sample above.

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