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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tommy Dorsey Favorites - The Pied Pipers

Heat Wave
Tommy Dorsey Favorites
The Pied Pipers
The John Carlton Orchestra
Craftsmen C8032

The Pied Pipers
In A Tribute To Tommy Dorsey
Tops Music Enterprises L1570
Jacket fabricated by Globe Albums, New York, N. Y.

Tommy Dorsey Favorites
The Pied Pipers
Cover Design: C. Arnold Carlson
Golden Tone High Fidelity
Distributed By Radio Craftsmen, Co.
The Pied Pipers: Sue Allen, Lee Gotch, Allan Davies and Clark Yocum
Recorded in Hollywood under the supervision of Dave Pell

From the back cover (Tops L1570): To mention the Pied Pipers is much like invoking the names, Frank Sinatra, Jo Stafford, Johnny Mercer, et al. The perennial Pipers share exciting musical history with these illustrious names and represent the most of the very best, guaranteed quality entertainment.

One October evening in 1940, the late great Tommy Dorsey opened his broadcast over the unrivaled in the wide realm of American popular music: "Good evening, everyone. Well, folks, Frank Sinatra, Jo Stafford, Ziggy Elman, Buddy Rich, the Pied Pipers and yours truly all want to say hello from Youngstown, Ohio. So kids, suppose we both aside the formalities and say it with music. Greet'em gang."

The greeting was a swinging rendition of the oldie Margie, with the famed Pied Pipers out front at the mike riding the tune in their inimitable manner. It was just one evening and one more broadcast, but the Pied Pipers, as always, gave it their very best. This vocal group, numbering four – three guys and a doll – from the West Coast was an integral part of the fabulous Dorsey organization, helped to give it the polish and identifying sound that kept the orchestra right on top through the Forties.

In this Tribute to Tommy Dorsey, the Pied Pipers reprise a program of the great tunes they sang, not only with the Tommy Dorsey band, but on national radio shows such as, the Bob Crosby Old Gold Show, the Chase and Sunburn Program, the Johnny Mercer Music Shop for Chesterfield, the Frank Sinatra Old Gold Show, the Lucky Strike Hit Parade, Club 15, the Revere Camera Show and countless others.

In films and television, too, the Pied Pipers serenaded their way to further fame, including the Abbot and Caotello Colgate Comedy Hour for three consecutive seasons. Currently, they are seen weekly in the filmed television series, This Is Your Music, with Nelson Riddle.

Featured film credits for the Pipers include the MGM musicals, "Luxury Liner" and "Dubarry Was A Lady"; "Sweet and Lowdown" for 20th Century Fox; "Make Mine Music" for Walt Disney Studios; and several films for Columbia and Universal-International.

This youthful vocal group has won numerous popularity polls fore their unique song arrangements, climaxed by their six consecutive victories in Down Beat magazine's Annual Readers Poll.

First coming into prominence with the Dorsey Orchestra when they recorded with Frank Sinatra, I'll Never Smile Again, the Pipers later waxed their now immortal arrangement of the Johnny Mercer ballad, Dream. A top seller then, it has since become trademark and theme song for the group.

Other best selling records which built a tower of fame from the Pied Pipers are The Trolley Song, Mamselle, My Happiness and On The Atcheson, Topeka and The Santa Fe.

Sue Allen, a native Californian, with background in pictures, modeling, dancing and singing, is the newest member of the Pipers. This lovely lass replaced June Hutton, who was the feminine fourth of the group from 1944 to 1950. Jo Stafford, the original lead voice, rose to stardom as a soloist in her own right while the Pipers were with the Dorsey Orchestra.

I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
On The Sunny Side Of The Street
I'll Never Smile Again
Heat Wave
The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else
These Are Such Things
Let's Get Away From It All
Oh! Look At Me Now
Taking A Chance On Love

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