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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Passport To Romance - Pipe Organ Plus

Passport To Romance
Pipe Organ Plus
Monty Kelly Orchestra
Guest Organist Bob Hunter
Audio Spectrum (Alshire) AS-610

I found few references to this album online. One reference dated the album to 1973, but graphics in the front and back cover look more early 60s.

I found two "Pipe Organ Plus" albums, so there may be more in the series. I picked it because Kelly was a very good house arranger for D. L. Miller (who wrote the liner notes for this album). Kelly arranged some good stuff for 101 Strings. Also, three space age staple tunes are covered, including Brazil, Granada and Midnight In Lisbon. This album, even though the cover suggests the record is a passport to "Dullsville"... has it's perky space age moments.

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