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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sounds Terrific - The Chorus And Percussion Of Keith Textor

The Wind And The Rain In Your Hair
Sounds Terrific
The Chorus And Percussion Of Keith Textor
Stereo Action
RCA Victor LSA-2365

First, I have to apologize for the die-cut on my cover image. It cut missing a piece of the cover. Maybe I'll find a better example in the future.

I've also seen this cover with the RCA "Loving Stereo" banner at the top. This album is stereo as you might expect. But that wasn't always the case, even with "stereo demonstration" records. I've found mono versions of stereo demonstration records.

Anyway, the RCA Stereo Action series was assembled to help promote stereo for RCA. The jackets in the series all featured heavy white cardboard covers with an inner cardboard sleeve featuring abstract art that peeks through the die-cut.

Some records are better than other when it comes to demonstrating stereo. This one isn't so well done. There is too much pointless wandering of sound from one channel to the next. And at times, a channel just seems to go dead. Not good. But the music is a fun blend of light percussion that was trendy at the moment and the easy listening vocals are somewhat ahead of their time. You would be hearing vocals like this all the way into the early 70s.

The sample above is a lot more dreamy then the rest of the bouncing light pop heard on the album.

If you want to listen to some great stereo, check out a few Enoch Light's Command Label recordings from the same period.


  1. sorry, but, how do I download the album...

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I infrequently upload entire albums. For space and time reasons, generally only a sample.

  3. I like it! Easy light bachelor pad tunage!


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