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Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Soul Of Harlem

El Bronx
The Soul Of Harlem
Orchestra Del Oro
Conducted By Juan Del Oro
Scores by Don Coasta
Session Supervision by D. L. Miller
Sonodor MOSON 100A

From the back cover: Harlem, the Blues – Harlem, the Cha-Cha. A polyglot lady expressing herself in guttural down home slang, hipsters jargon and three dialects of Spanish spawned from the Antilles to Mexico City... the quiet sophisticated bars where conversations drift from Bach to Bop... greasy chitlin' joints raucous with the sounds of too much cheap wine... from Ellington to Lecuona, soulful jazz to staccato bongos. Arriba to go man, go! These are chunks of pigment in an ever colorful, ever-moving mosaic framed in Harlem.

Enjoy the sample chunk of pigment... El Bronx.

The vibe is uneven, but the content is better than your average orchestrated budget light pop.

Check out this Sondor Del Oro LP featuring a questionable cover concept: Lolita

Headin' Home
Harlem Nocturne
Night Train
Yes, Oh Yes
Mood Indigo
Spanish Harlem
That Old Black Magic
El Bronx
Street Scene

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