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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Red Roses For A Blue Lady - The Symbols

Blue Hour

Red Roses For A Blue Lady
The Symbols
Compose 98013

From the back cover: The Symbols - Five youngsters ranging from 16 to 21 years of age. Respective instruments: Amplified Bass Guitar, Fender Guitar, Electric Guitar, Drums and Hammond Organ.

Budget release on which the tracks butt up against one another to make room for "Over One Hour Of Music".

The cover art is misleading. The recording is made up of a curious blend of easy listening, heavy on the steel guitar which gives some of the music a "country/Hawaiian" vibe. But there are a number of good tracks on this album with a 60s groove (not to mention the surprise blues track... hope I selected the correct track title above).


  1. Goldfinger & Blue Hour I recognize as having been released on Diplomat as the "Sleepwalk" Guitars Of Dan & Dale. I have the Togetherness track on a "no artist credited" dance LP set. A good LP.

    1. Good ear! I looked in the archives and found Blue Hour posted as a sample from Diplomat DS 2395 "Somewhere My Love" - The Sensational Guitars Of Dan And Dale. Thanks!


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