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Monday, February 13, 2012

Organ Magic - Al Bollington

Quiet Village
Blue Hawaii
Organ Magic
Al Bollington At The Wurlitzer Electronic Theater Organ
Concert Recording - Lynwood, California
CR E029

From the back cover: The cover shows Al seated at the Wurlitzer Electronic Theatre Organ at his home in Woodland Hills which is about 10 miles west of Hollywood, California.

Bollington made an album on Dot (Organ Hues In Hi-Fi) and one on Decca (Presenting Al Bollington At The Conn Organ). There is a reference on the back cover to another album titled What A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening, which is also on Concert Recording. I'm not sure how this LP fits into Bollington's timeline although this effort doesn't seem like Dot or Decca material.

The cover photo was worth the price of the album.


  1. I work in Wurlitzer's Advertising Dept. in mid-60's.
    I had this album given to me by Al at a sales
    convention in DeKalb, Il. Lost it in a flood, and
    would like to get it in CD.
    Anybody know if that is possible?

  2. Hi,

    I'm Al's grandaughter. I actually have this vinyl and have looked into getting it made into a CD. I loved seeing this...the picture on the cover is in the "play room" and studio at Granddad's home in Woodland Hills while he and Grandmum were still alive. It was full of organs and I was allowed to play any of them while he would smoke his pipe and throw his head back like he was hearing the most beautiful music. Good Times...thanks for the reminder.

    Jen Robb

  3. I don't know you,,I am his Grandaughter,,tell me who your Dad is to prove this.If your truly his Grandaughter you will know all the answers to my many questions.I have a lot of his Original Albums the Book he wrote and some of his music on CDs now.what say you??


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