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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Return Of James Bond In Diamonds Are Forever

Diamonds Are Forever
The Return Of James Bond In "Diamonds Are Forever"
And Other Secret Agent Themes
Roland Shaw And His Orchestra
London Records 2 BSP 24

This album was the last in a series of "spy" albums made by Roland beginning with Themes from the James Bond Thrillers in 1964. That record was released to coincide with the American release of the film Goldfinger. This record led to More Themes from the James Bond Thriller and Themes for Secret Agents.

Side one gets off to a slow start, but the secret agent business soon picks up and by the end of side two I found it hard to choose a sample.


  1. FABULOUS!! I love the Secret Agent records. They are nearly always FABULOUS!

  2. I was the Phase 4 Stereo secretary working for producer Tony D'Amato between 1971 and 1973 and I well remember Tony calling the album cover designer into his office to discuss what he wanted as the end result. I can't remember what Roly Shaw thought of it but presumably he was happy! Tony was a sweetheart to work for, a highly intelligent, charming and generous guy who is sadly missed in the industry. He was one in a million, trust me!

  3. the photographer was Ethan Russell- check out his other stuff (Beatles, Stones, etc)


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