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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Music To Help Clean Up Stream Pollution By

Music To Help Clean Up Stream Pollution By
Columbia Special Products CSM 480
Created Exclusively For Union Carbide

This is an interesting compilation LP produced by Columbia Records by request. All of the tracks have something to do with water, including My Dirty Stream, by Pete Seeger and Stranger On The Shore by Anita Bryant.

At quick glance I assumed that this record project was a way for Union Carbide to paint a happy face on some bad publicity they may have received when waterway pollution was grabbing the headlines. But, no... this record is some sort of promotion for a chemical "Tergitol S (surfactants). Apparently this chemical is biodegradable while other surfactants of the time were not. The surfactant was used in the production of paper, leather, textile and detergent products.

The jacket notes indicate that "...the problem is ugly foam in our water resources." And Tergitol S will cure that.

All said... I still do not yet know how these exclusive specialty albums were distributed. Who would buy, at a record store, an album like this? This record must have been seen at the time as an advertisement. Additionally, the title is so weird and the songs so divergent that I can see little appeal even as a give-away.

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  1. LOL that has to be a rarity. I bet not may were produced (or survived!!I bet many of them were tossed out, if they were advertisment)


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