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Thursday, March 18, 2010


Banja Je En Gay
All The Excitement And Mystery Of The Jungle In High Fidelity
Promenade Records 2125

Little to be found on this project. Jacket notes indicate that this is a project of the CAWANDA'S Group.


  1. Love it. True exotica. Another Taboo. lol. a common title theme. I got my Taboo II yesterday with the shrunken heads. I was happy. But this track you are playing here is REALLY great and unusual. Now that is tribal drumming :-)

  2. I have the album as well, and the song that you have posted is actually from side 1 and is Fakiiya. My mother bought it thinking is was similar to another album she had also called Taboo, but of course this was much different. I have enjoyed it forever, the drums are fantastic on it, and the sound is different from all on the radio. Elunde is a wonderful song as well. You can reach me at,


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