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Friday, February 19, 2010

Martin Denny - Forbidden Island

Forbidden Island

The Exotic Sounds Of Martin Denny
Forbidden Island
Producer: Si Waronker
Engineers: Bob Land and Ted Keep
Cover Illustration and Design: Pate/Francis
Cover Photograph: Garrett-Howard
Liberty Records LRP 3081 & LST 7001

Liberty released this set in multiple printings featuring a number of front and back jacket designs. One design (with two rear jacket layouts) for the mono press (top image) and, apparently, two designs for the stereo release.

The stereo cover (bottom image) is printed on foil which was an expensive process requiring an extra run through the press, first to print a white ink base which laid the foundation for the subsequent four color run.

From the back cover: Who makes the sounds that have captured the imagination of Hawaii and the world? ...Martin Denny – Leader, composer, and gifted arranger; piano and celeste; originator of "exotica" music. August Colon - Latin instruments, special effects, bird calls; a "banging bongo-er." Julius Wechter - Only 22 years old, brilliant on the vibes; also marimbas, xylophone; doubles on percussion instruments. Harvey Ragsdale - Toured with Stan Wilson, who rates him tops on string bass. Big round time and unexcelled moving line.

To enrich this album of "Forbidden Island," Denny called on four guest specialists... Lew Panio - Percussion; Will Brady - Flute and musette; Bud Lee - Guitar and Japanese Samisen; Mike Garcia - Conga drum.

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Forbidden Island

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