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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Evening In The Islands - The Maile Serenaders


Whispering Lullaby

Evening In The Islands
The Maile Serenaders
Producer: Don McDiarmind, Jr.
Engineer: Bob Land
Writer: Jean Sullivan
Artist: Lee Born, Nieman Advertising Agency
Cover Photographer: Werner Story, Camera-Hawaii
Recorded in Hawaii for Hula Records
Warner Bros. W 1584

From the back cover: The Maile Serenaders are consistent in only two respects: they are heard only on record, and each musician is the best of the best. The membership varies according to the requirements of the project at hand... and is drawn from the major performing groups in the islands. Slack-key guitar? Gabby Pahinui, of course, from the Sons of Hawaii. Solo ukulele? Eddie Kamae, from the same aggregation. Bass? Kaipo Miller is one of the regulars of this group... live, he's heard at Duke's and the Royal. Conducting and arranging he shines, too, as this album testifies. Sol Kamahele of the Village Men is another who's almost always present with his guitar when the Maile Serenaders meet. Hard to choose which... Eddie Pang or Barney Isaacs... so include both... the twin steels of Hawaii Calls. Six top men from five top groups... make this a collector's item when it's brand new.

Lei Of Stars
Hula Breeze
Soft Green Seas
Whispering Lullaby
White Ginger Blossoms
Evening In The Island
Hawaiian Wedding Song (Ke Kaki Nei Au)
Pearly Shells (Pupu O Ewa)
Blue Hawaii
Love Song Of Kalua
Hawaii Calls

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