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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Cara Mia - David Whitfield


How, When Or Where

Cara Mia
David Whitfield
With Mantovani and His Orchestra
London LL 1417

From the back cover: David Whitefield was born in Hull, England on February 2, 1926. He started singing as a choir-boy at the local St. Peter's Church. At 17 he joined the Royal Navy, staying for seven years. Whenever time and duties allowed, he would sing, entertaining his shipmates from England to Hong Kong.

In 1953 things started happening... fast! On free evenings and weekends he went on singing at local concerts in and around Hull, and in January 1953, he took the gamble of leaving Hull to appear in a London cabaret show. A talent spotter from London Records came in one night and, impressed by David's fine voice and superb range, arranged a record test the next day. His first record, "Marta", attracted immediate attention. This was followed by hit after hit, and finally, the over-a-million record seller, "Cara Mia".

David's fame spread from the national to the international field on July 24, 1953, when, at Europe's first International Festival of Popular Song at Knokke-le-Zoute. Belgium, he was awarded by a jury of all European nations the Grand International Prize for being the best singer of all nations represented at the Festival. Since David's fabulous rise in America, he has performed six times on Ed Sullivan's TV Show.

The songs included here are love songs, and David Whitfield sings them with warmth and understanding.

Credit a strong assist on six of the selections to Mantovani, hi arrangements and his orchestra, and then listen to the scintillating Whitfield style, with its faultless phrasing, its bright lilt, and its captivating poise. The result is music you'll enjoy hearing for a long, long time.

Lady Of Madrid
How, When Or Where
You Are Everywhere
Santa Rosa Lea Rose
Beyond The Stars
When You Lose The One You Love
I'll Never Stop Loving You
Open Your Heart
The Lady
Cara Mia

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