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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Love Me With All Your Heart - The Charles Raymond Singers

Imposible Lovers
Love Me With All Your Heart
The Charles Raymond Singers
Wyncote Cameo-Parkway Records
SW 9018

Budget label Wyncote group vocal set featuring The Charles Raymond Singers, not to be confused with The Ray Charles Singers...

Love Me With All Your Heart
Remember You're Mine
You're The Greatest
Groovy Baby
Will You Wait For Me
Let's Make Love Tonight
Impossible Lovers
Summer Day
Bird Of Paradise
View From My Window

The Young Sound 68

The Young Sound '68
Out Of Sight Hits For The Now People!
Recorded Under The Direction Of D. L. Miller
An Alshire Production
Somerset SF-31500

A compilation mix of lush strings, tunes that few kids living in 1968 might find "out of sight" and a few groovy tunes by The Animated Egg, Little Joe Curtis that are currently available from online vendors so I will not be posting the best "now people" track above. However, there is a nice guitar bridge buried in the selected sample, Guantanamera! Enjoy!

Mac Arthur Park
Sure Listen
C. C. Rider
Do You Know The Way To San Jose
I Said, She Said, Ah Cid
Your Mini Skirt
Frankie And Johnny
Guantanamera - Strings For Young Lovers

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Swingin' High - Francis Bay

Rusty Dusty Blues
Swingin' High
With The Bay Big Band
Conducted by Francis Bay
Featuring Compositions of Count Basie, Lester Young, Harry Edison and others
Recorded at The Brussels World Fair
Artistic Direction: Peter Plum, Elite Musical Productions
Produced by Dave Hubert
Product Design by Leon Mc Fadden
Cover Photography by Ray Avery
Liner Notes: Cy Schneider
Omega OSL 26

Armand Van De Walle: Drums
Freddy Saunder: Guitar
Francis L'Eglise, Jef Verhaegen, Benny Courdyer, Pres Creado and Guy Dossche: Saxophones
Jean Evans: Piano
Clement De Mayer: Bass
Edmond Harnie, Louis De Haes, Charlie Knegtel, Jean Cortois: Trumpets
Albert Merteng and Paul Annee: Tombones

The somewhat budget Omega label did release a number of packages that featured creative cover design. This example offers us a photo of the Atomium, a giant model of a unit cell of an iron crystal from The 1958 Brussels World's Fair (Expo 58). The set, itself, is one of Bay's swinging best for Omega.

From the back cover: The Bay Big Band salutes to the great American and English big bands at the Brussels World's Fair astounded and impressed all who heard their regular performances at the fair. Francis Bay, the leader and an extremely versatile musician and arranger, organized the Bay Big Band in 1954 to become the first regular Radio Dance Band after the end of World War II. The Bay Big Band recently won the highly coveted "Golden Gondol" trophy in a battle of the bands at Venice, Italy. the precision section work and fluid jazz improvisation of the soloists are a product of years of rehearsal and development shared by the same group of musicians without the constant changes in sidemen that have plagued our American bands in recent years. The musical rapport between sections of the band and between soloists is amazing. Francis Bay plays trombone, clarinet, alto saxophone and flute with equal ability and his regular programs on the Brussels N.I.R. Radio conceived by program manager Bob Boon can be heard weekly on the powerful station throughout England, France, Belgium and surrounding countries. – Dave Hubert

April In Paris
Bust Dusty Blues
One O'Clobk Jump
Jive At Five
Lester Leaps In
The Mad Boogie
Fiesta In Blue
Taps Miller
Lady Be Good

Friday, May 26, 2017

Cha Cha Cha - Raoul Martinez

On The Street Where You Live Cha Cha
Cha Cha Cha
Raoul Martinez And His Orchestra
Produced by Dave Pell
Tops Mayfair 9659S

Mary Tyler Moore cover photo featuring jacket die-cut to display colored vinyl.

On The Street Where You Live Cha Cha
There Is Nothin' Like A Dame Cha Cha
I Love Paris Cha Cha
Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White Cha Cha
Scampion Cha Cha
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes Cha Cha
Old Man River Cha Cha
In Old New York Cha Cha
Teach Me Tonight Cha Cha
La Cucaracha Cha Cha
I Talk To The Trees Cha Cha

Missa Koongo - Missa N'Kaandu

Processional (Gungula)
Missa Koongo (recorded August 6, 1970)
Missa N'Kaandu (recorded August 23, 1970)
Cover Drawing by George Morrissette
A Recorded Edition Of Serenus Corporation
General Music Publishing, Co., Inc.

From the back cover: Here are two masses of the Bas Congo, of the kind customarily sung in the region of Kisantu, about 100 kilometers to the south of Kinshasa (formerly Leopoldville), the nation's capital.

Tropicales De Pegue

El Manicero - Rumba Moises Simons Canta Estela Rey
Tropicales De Pegue
Sonora Monumental
Cantan: Alfonso Jimenez, Esterla Rey y Los Hnos. Vasquez
Discos San Miguel

La Mentira - Bolero Alvaro Carrillo Canta Estela Rey
El Nero Choforo - Cha Cha Cha Emilio Marir R. Canta Alfonso Jimenez
Un Poco Mas - Bolero Alvaro Carrillo Cantan Hnos. Vasquez
El Manicero - Rumba Moises Simons Canta Estela Rey
La Bola - Guarracha A disposición del Compositor Canta Alfonso Jimenez
El Brindis - Bolero Homero Aguilar Cantan Hnos. Vasquez
Luceros Que Se Van - Bolero Cha Eloy Saldivar Valdespino Canta Estela Rey
Lanza Tus Penas Al Viento - Tropical Guaraldi Herber
Mil Cosas - Bolreo Cha Fco. Corchado V. Cantan Hnos. Vasquez
La Rueda - Guaracha Simon Robles Canta Alfonso Jimenez
Bailan Bien - Cumbia Arnulfo Guerreo Canta Estela Rey
El Cuento - Guaracha Simon Robles Canta Alfonso Jimenez

Thursday, May 25, 2017

A Touch Of Today - Nancy Wilson

A Touch Of Today
Nancy Wilson
Produced by David Cavanaugh
Capitol Records T 2495

From Billboard - May 7, 1966: Miss Wilson's warmth, feeling and musical understanding highlight new dimensions of today's pop hits. The album features the melodious "Yesterday" "Call Me" and "The Shadow Of Your Smile," to which the stylish songstress give exceptional interpretations. Sure to delight the deejays, the package will also appeal to the consumer of the retail level.

You've Got Your Troubles
And I Love Him
Uptight (Everything's Alright)
Have A Heart
Before The Rain
The Shadow Of Your Smile (Love Theme from "The Sandpiper")
Call Me
Wasn't It Wonderful
You're Gonna Hear From Me
No One Else But You
Goin' Out Of My Head

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Dixieland Volume 2 - Jimmy McPartland

Pebbles On The Beach
Volume 2
Jimmy McPartland
Palace 751

Budget set sold with McPartland credited for material heard on side one (including the not-so-Dixieland sounding sample presented above) and The Dixie Rebels who are credited for tracks featured on side two.

There'll Be Some Changes Made
Jingling Tingling
Hula Twist
Good Time Baby
Stepping High
Pebbles On The Beach
When The Saints Go Marching In
Down Dixie Way
Daddy, Give
Georgia Blues
Magnolia Tress

Pal Joey - Bill Seymour

My Funny Valentine
Pal Joey
Bill Seymour And His Orchestra
Palace Record Co. SP-3

Budget label package Includes a number of stock tracks to help fill the disc.

I Didn't Know What Time It Was
Do It The Hard Way
There's A Small Hotel
Plant You Now Dig You Later
The Lady Is A Tramp
My Funny Valentine
Rock It Around
I Could Write A Book

Businessman's Bounce - Eddie LeMar

Businessman's Bounce
Eddie LeMar
Cover photo by Hall Adams
Warner Bros. Records 1238

Available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample. Presented here to share the cover art which may not be featured with the downloads.

From the back cover: Eddie LeMar is a veteran of this kind of music ("grown-up dance music"). For years his transcribed dancing parties have been featured on hundreds of radio stations throughout the country. In the past, and in keeping with the unusual tonal qualities of a "society band," Eddie has always featured violins and accordion. Now, updating his group to a more modern sound, he has four bass, four saxes, a rhythm section and himself featured at the piano.

It's Only A Paper Moon
I'll String Along With You
The Very Thought Of You
With Plenty Of Money And You
Ev'ry Day
Remember Me
Sweet Madness
Why Shouldn't I
You're An Old Smoothie
Love Is The Sweetest Thing
I Only Have Eyes For You
You Oughta Be In Pictures

Monday, May 22, 2017

Sweet And Lovely - Buddy Cole

Lullaby In Rhythm
Sweet And Lovely
Buddy Cole And The Mellowaires
Tops Records

A set that seems to mix Cole's funky small combo lounge tunes and separately recorded swinging harmonies of The Mellowaires.

From the back cover: Certainly the vocal stylings of The Mellowaires are bound to delight. For 15 years they have been titillating the musical palates of America's radio and television audiences. This popular group has appeared in front rank theaters and night clubs the country over; their affiliations with the nation's top name bands have kept this tight, harmonies singing team on a lofty perch in the esteem of America's record buyers.

Helmsman Buddy Cole has long been familiar to fans of Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney. The identification with Der Bingle has been over a much longer period, of course, as Buddy served as the crooner's accompanist for many years on network radio.

Fall of 1957 welcome back to CBS Radio a world-beating trio sometimes dubbed "The Three C's" – Crosby, Clooney and Cole. Lord Crosby, and Lady Clooney perform alternately on these daily "Ford Road Shows," and always at the tiller for Bing and Rosemary during the solid soirees is every-popular Buddy Cole and his group. Augmenting Buddy's sharp accompaniment on piano, organ or celeste are ace Hollywood sidemen Don Whittaker, bass; Vince Terry, guitar; and the celebrated Nick Fatool, drums.

Not only is Cole a longtime personal friend of Crosby, but he perennially arranged and directed the music for Rosie and Bing when they sang on their own CBS radio program, before the Ford Show ever hit the ground

Starting in show business as a teenager, Buddy toured as traveling pianist with the Gumm Sisters in the waning era of vaudeville. Most vocal and vivacious of the sisters was a child who in later years was to captivate the nation with her performance as Dorothy in The Wizard Of Oz. Her name? Judy Garland, of course.

Like most of today's skilled studio musicians, Buddy Cole really got his "beat" wet in the band business in Mr. Cole's case, his first break with a band came when Alvino Rey hired him for the ivory chores. When the Rey band broke up, most of the sidemen headed back to New York, home base for touring name bands. Buddy, however, having had a taste of sun-spattered Hollywood, elected to return to that glamor land. This was one decision that worked out well for everyone.

Today Buddy Cole may be seen in Movietown's recording studios, working with such bright lights as Doris Day and Frankie Laine. Or you may chance to meet him in any of the lavish Las Vegas resort hotels. No, you won't find Buddy at the gambling tables; most likely you'll catch him rehearsing backstage with some top liner heading the bill at one of Vegas' glittering supper clubs.

Lullaby In Rhythm
Saturday Night Is The Loneliest Night In The Week
La Cinquantine
I'm Beginning To See The Light
Yes, We Have No Bananas
Bicycle Built For Two
Tabby The Cat
Sweet And Lovely
Mémoires Of You
Rocking The Blues

Adventure In Sound - Danny Guglielmi

Out Of Nowhere
Adventure In Sound
Multiple Instrumentation By Danny Guglielmi
Vocals By Dena
Tops Musical Enterprises
Jackets fabricated by Globe Albums, New York, N.Y.

Sweet concept package, solid from jacket art through the creatively arranged and engineered set.

From the back cover: On the morning of October 8, 1955 Danny and Dean Guglielmi were awakened by the insistent jangle of the telephone in their San Fernando Valley home. Still befogged with sleep, Danny lifted the receiver and mumbled, "Lo, who is it?" He was convinced he was still dreaming when the voice at the other end identified itself as that of Col. Robert L. Schult, military aide to Dwight D. Eisenhower, President of The United States. Expressing the enthusiastic appreciation of the President himself and those in attendance on the chief executive who was bedded after a serious heart attack, Col. Schultz confided to the dumbfounded Danny, "Everybody... has been enjoying your music. We've played it over and over. Ti's very soothing to President Eisenhower".

That this experience was far from a dream fantasy had been confirmed by the arrival of the following letter:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Guglielmi,
It was indeed kind of you to think of the President with a gift which I know will be most welcome to him.
Your tape recording arrived safely, and I am sure it will bring much pleasure and relaxation to the President.
With many thanks, and best wishes to you,
(signed) Mamie Down Eisenhower

The tape gratefully acknowledged in the First Lady's letter consisted of eleven multi-tape recordings arranged and played by Danny Guglielmi, with vocals by his wife, Dena. In this Tops album, Adventure In Sound, the same exciting multiple process is employed by Mr. Guglielmi in a selection of cherished standards and clever original compositions showcasing his superb musicianship and electronic wizardry.

In layman' terms, the multi taping process consists simply of recording one "track of sound on top of another, all on the same strip of tape. It's like a lofty layer cake with the different layers applied one atop of another to make up the entire concoction (or shall we say, confection). Thanks to the marvel of tape recording, and the great talents of Danny Guglielmi, we have a finished product of orchestrated music – an entire band, if you will – with every instrument played by the same musician.

In Danny's case, however, "every instrument" consists in toto of bass, guitar, piano and violin. Yet, with these four instruments he manages with the aid of electronic trickery to achieve the sound at times of a 40 piece orchestra. When one considers that the bass and guitar are played by Guglielmi for rhythm alone, the piano figures only for purpose of occasional color, it's nothing short of a new wonder of our age that the rest of the orchestra is comprised solely of one violin.

In the hands of Danny Guglielmi, the violin is a eloquent voice indeed. Though he plays all the string family, the violin is his main instrument and has been since he started playing at the age of seven years. When it became obvious that music was the only career for Danny, he quickly mastered the violin, supplementing his technical work with courses in arranging and composition. As he became more and more involved in the writing end of music, he forsook the violin and concentrated on arranging.

It was as arranger that Danny broke into the musical Big Time. As staff writer for the Lucky Strike Hit Parade, he remained three years with Al Goodman's orchestra. Prolific Danny arranged for the famous Glenn Miller Army band; for Carl Hoff (who bestowed on him the name of "Danny Gool") with whom his stayed six years.

Danny's other arranging credits include stints with Harry Sosnick, Buddy Clark, Lenny Ross, Johnny Green and his MGM Studio Orchestra, Kay Thompson, Connie Boswell, Kay Starr, Dinah Shore, Tony Martin, Ray McKinley, Jerry Gray, Eddie Cantor and Frank Sinatra.

Dena has become almost as well known for pipe smoking as for singing. When the Eisenhower -Guglielmi story broke in the nation's newspapers, a picture of Dena, pipe in mouth, inevitably accompanied the news account of the Guglelmi's gift to the President. Dena is most certainly one of the world's loveliest pipe smokers and, as singer, who is second to none. For years a "ghost " voice for some of Hollywood's most glamorous stars in many motion pictures, she also has to her credit considerable experience in radio work with NBC and CBS. During that period, incidentally, she was known as Berna Deane". This was after she had served an auspicious term with the orchestra of Rudy Valee. Dena is a native of Kansas City, Missouri.

For the record, Danny cites as his earliest violin idols Joe Venuti and Stuff Smith. Indeed, their influence is apparent in the solo segments of the tunes in this album and accounts for his very definite latter, don't miss the humorous dialogue between Danny and himself. Again, on the Shiek Of Araby, Danny reflects yet another influence – Stefan Grappelly of the quintet of the Hot Club of France. This is especially noticeable in the first chorus why the rhythm bass and guitar (played by Danny, of course) manage to achieve a very definite "Hot Club" feel.

It's So Peaceful In The Country
I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance
Georgia On My Mind
I'll Remember
Mosquito Festival
Out Of However
Firelight Reveri
Hot Scottish
The Sheik Of Araby

The Big Bossa Nova - Bob Freedman

The Big Bossa Nova
Bob Freedman And His Group
Coronet Records
CXS 185

Energetic sound but featuring little variety in the arrangement approach from track to track.

Tell Me
Blue Eyes
Why Not
I Wait For You
Golden Star
Black Moon

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Leisurely Loveliness Of Neal Hefti

The Leisurely Loveliness Of
Neal Hefti And His Orchestra
Featuring Two Dozen Violins, Troops Of Flutes & A Hip Harpsichord
All songs composed by Neal Hefti
Budd Grandoff Productions, Inc.
Movietone Records
MTM 1006

The liner notes suggest that Hefti wrote lyrics for these tunes: You'll get the chance to hear the words in future recordings, when some of the well-known singers for whom Neal has conducted and arranged in the past stop fighting over Who records What first. – Atra Baer

Should I Or Shouldn't I
Late Date
Li'l Darlin'
Pensive Miss
Sunday Mornin'
Nice To Be With You
Rose Bud

Friday, May 19, 2017

Easy - Nancy Wilson

Love Is Blue
Nancy Wilson
Produced by David Cavanaugh
Capitol ST 2909

From Billboard - May 18, 1968: This should be another big one for Miss Wilson. Her slow, bluesy treatment of "Love Is Blue" is one of the treats. And there are others, Jobim's "Wave," a romantic "When I Look Into You Eyes" and a sprightly "Face It Girl, It's Over."

Make Me A Present Of You
Gentle On My Mind
When I Look In Your Eyes
Love Is Blue
Walk Away
Face It Girl, It's Over
The Look Of Love
One Like You
Make Me Rainbows
How Insensitive

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Calypso Dance - Joe Loco

Calypso Dance
By The Joe Logo Band
Mercury Records
MG 20302

Available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample.

Included here to add the bio information from the back cover: Joe Loco was born in New York City in the early twenties. What he knows about bathtub gin, the Charleston, Flappers, or Texas gunmen we don't know. But we do know that at eight years of age Mister Loco, through the courtesy of Mrs. Loco, his mother, was given lessons on the violin and in the dance. He cheerfully gave the violin back to Heifitz after enough lessons persuaded him his talent at that time was in his feet. At thirteen he went on an extended vaudeville tour hoofing up there along with the best of them. After several years he returned to New York to continue his study of music. After all, he mused, Heifitz might be right. After several years of studying musical orchestration, arrangements and learning to be better than good at the piano and trombone he began playing with and arranging for Cugat, Will Bradley, Madriguero and others.

After a stint in the Army Air Force, during the second world war, Joe returned but with a difference, he was on his own and he had a mission. He wanted to popularize in his own country the lush and fascinating Latin rhythms that had so intrigued him. He was sure his fellow Americans would feel the way he did about them. How well he succeeded is now musical history.

From Billboard - October 28, 1957: Good beat has fine rhythm section plus live recording make this one of Loco's most successful efforts. Variety of tempos maintain interest throughout session. Recommended for dancing or listening.

Pick Your Poison
Bongo Bob
Never Let A Woman Get The Best Of You
La Bomba
Honeymoon In Trinidad
Faith Is Stronga Medicine
De Bonbo Mon
Smile, Smile Your Way
Tappin' Joe
Cha Calypso

Sil Austin Plays Pretty For The People

Summer Time
Sil Austin Plays Pretty For The People
Mercury Records
SR 60096

From Billboard - November 16, 1959: Here's a new Sil Austin. The honking sound is subdued, and the result is a pop LP with strong commercial appeal. Rich sax solo work by Austin is spotlighted on a group of soulful standards with a nice assist from a choral group. Fine Jockey wax.

Danny Boy
Summer Time
My Foolish Heart
Call Me
I Can't Get Started
My Mother's Eyes
Prisoner Of Love
It's The Talk Of The Town

In My Little Corner Of The World - Anita Bryant

Autumn In New York
Anita Bryant
In My Little Corner Of The World
With The Lew Douglas Orchestra and Chorus
LP 12/132

From Billboard - January 9, 1961: Anita Bryant, one of the strongest of the newer female vocalists on the scene, and the month of January go together with the declaration by Carlton Records that January is Anita Bryant Month! To celebrate the occasion, Carlton has tow new albums releases by the form Miss Oklahoma: In My Little Corner Of The World and Hear Anita Bryant. They contain her hits, Paper Roses, Wonderland By Night, etc.

In My Little Corner Of The World
Moon Over Miami
I Love Paris
Get You Kicks On Route 66
Autumn In New York
Bali Ha'i
Danny Boy
Hawaiian Wedding Song
Foggy Day In Londen Town
Canadian Sunset
Arriverderri Roma

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Big Big Movie Themes - Geoff Love

The Big Big Movie Themes
Geoff Love, His Orchestra & Singers
Produced by Norman Newell
Sleeve Design: David Wharin
A Supertones Production
Printed in Great Britain by Garrod & Lofthouse International LTD.
Music For Pleasure, LTD.
MFP 50321

The James Bond Theme
The Big Country
Somewhere My Love
The Way We Were
A Man And A Woman
Lawrence Of Arabia
The Magnificent Seven
What'll I Do
A Summer Place
Colonel Bogey
Love Story
Warsaw Concerto

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

In The Night - George Shearing with Dakota Staton

In The Night
The George Shearing Quintet with Dakota Staton
Cover photo: Charles Stewart
Capitol Records T1003

Available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample.

A creative and a competitive jazz/pop market late 50s release, one of Shearing best efforts.

From Billboard - May 19, 1958: Success of Miss Staton's previous LP, "The Late, Late Show," plus the powerful lure of the "Shearing" sound makes this a likely click in both the pop and jazz marts. Six tracks' feature the combined talents of the artists, the other six spotlight the group in instrumental treatments of new and old tunes. Attractive cover shot of the artists.

From the back cover: Six of the sides of the set are by the Shearing Quintet alone. The group, which by now rates institutional prestige, tip-toes through inspired, velvety swing – always palatable, of highest musical calibre, and tops in ear appeal. Joining Shearing are Emil Richards, vibes; Jean "Toots" Thelma, guitar; Al McKibbon, bass; Percy Brice, drums; Armando Peraza, bongos and conga drums.
* Featuring Dakota Staton

From Rags To Riches
I'm Left With The Blues In My Heart*
Pawn Ticket
In The Night*
I Hear Music*
Senor Blues
Confessin' The Blues*
The Thrill Is Gone*
The Late, Late Show
I'd Love To Make Love To You*

Golden Strings Around The World

Oriental Melody
Golden Strings
Around The World
Created by Curtis L. Carison
Produced by Al Sheehan, Inc.
Directed and Arranged by James McLeod
Conductor: Clifford Brunzell
Recar Records, Inc. 2070

The Strings:
Clifford Brunzell
Edward Novak
Ishaq Arazi
Walter Targ
R. Sorensen
Allen Pravitz
John Noennig
Paul Askegaard
Douglas Overland
John Lineman

Peter Warren
Gary Sipes

John Fisker

Back cover photo possibly taken at the "Flame Room, Radisson Hotel"

Arrivederci Roma
Theme From Motion Picture "Z"
Hora Staccato
April In Portugal
Oriental Medley/Stranger In Paradise/Oriental/Baccanale/Finale From Polovetzian Dances
Spanish Eyes
Swedish Rhapsody
Wine, Women and Song
Brazilian Sleigh Bells
Under Paris Skies

Lopez Playing - Vincent Lopez

Lopez Playing
Vincent Lopez, His Piano And Orchestra
Starring At The World Famous Hotel Taft Grill Room
Columbia Special Archives Series
CS 8229

From the back cover: After a quick transition from monastery life (where he studied for the priesthood) to the role of piano player at a series of bars and restaurants in Brooklyn, Lopez made his bid for a chance at the big-time at Manhattan's famous Pekin Restaurant on 47th Street and Broadway, where auditions for piano players were conducted the hard way – before a live audience often packed with celebrities. Young Lopez dazedly heard himself introduced as "The Piano Kid from Brooklyn," to a crowd that included Diamond Jim Brady, David Lamar of Wall Street, and Death Valley Scotty from the fabulous West! Nervously stumbling against the piano stool he first drew a laugh, but it changed to a wave of applause with his rendition of Ragging The Scale.

Sleepy Serenade
Ragging The Scale
Doll Dance
Autumn Leaves
The Poor People Of Paris
Canadian Capers
Kitten On The Keys

Monday, May 15, 2017

Tops In Pops

Tops In Pops
Played And Sung Just As You Hear Them On The Radio

Multiple catalog numbered discs a found issued inside this jacket with the track list most likely hand stamped on the cover.

Bird Dog
It's All In The Game
Born Too Late
Devoted To You
Are You Really Mine
Rock-In Robin
Volare (Nel Blu De Pinto De Blu)
Little Star
My True Love
Willie And The Hand Jie
Just A Dream

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Gunn! Number One! - Henry Mancini

Silver Tears
Number One!
Music from the Film Score Composed and Conducted by Henry Mancini
Produced by Joe Reisman
Engineer: Dick Bogert
Recorded in RCA Victor's Music Center of the World, Hollywood, California
Liner Notes: Burt Nelson
RCA Victor LPM-3840

Paramount Pictures presents A Blake Edwards Production

Featured Artist:
Bass: Ray Brown
Drums: Shelly Manne
French Horn: Vincent De Rosa
Guitar: Bob Bain
Piano: Jimmy Rowles
Saxophone, Flute: Ted Nash
Saxophone: Bud Shank
Saxophone, Selmer Varitone Electric Sax, Baritone Sax: Plas Johnson
Trombone: Dick Nash
Trumpet: Pete Candoli
Vibraphone: Larry Bunker

Bud Shank appears through the courtesy of World Pacific Records
Shelly Mann appears through the courtesy of Atlantic Records

From the back cover: Hank and I had discussed the music for the "Gunn" film throughly and he confessed to me that this was to be one of his most difficult assignments. The six years that had passed since the TV "Peter Gunn" went off the air had seen sweeping changes, not only in jazz, but in all phases of the pop music spectrum. – Blake Edwards

Mancini succeed in leaving his magic "touch" on this package even though he expressed anxiety over producing arrangements that he felt would satisfy what he considered to be period market expectations.

Peter Gunn
A Quiet Happening
Sky Watch
A Bluish Bag
Theme For Sam
The Monkey Farm
A Lovely Sound
I Like The Look
Silver Tears
Night Owl
Bye Bye

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Super Hits Volume 6

Back Off Boogaloo
You Could Have Been A Lady
Super Hits
Volume 6
Played & Sung Like The Original Hits
Pickwick International

Studio group: King's Road

Back Off Boogaloo
The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face
Tumbling Dice
Old Man
How Do You Do
A Horse With No Name
Speak Softly Love
Morning Has Broken
You Could Have Been A Lady
Song Sung Blue

Friday, May 12, 2017

Songs Of The Open Range - The Texas Troubaduors

Freight Train Blues
Waltz Of The Winds
Songs Of The Open Range
The Texas Troubadours
Promenade 2078
Manufactured by Synthetic Plastics Co., Newark, N.J.

Union Pacific Color Photo: Rhonda Fleming and Guide Crossing Mountain Stream

This set features a fine collection of country/swing/hillbilly tunes by Leon Rhodes and Buddy Charleston (an assumption on my part because there is no artist credit found on the jacket or label to confirm).

The vocals throughout sound especially fresh and natural.

Freight Train Blues
The Letter Edged In Black
Cattle Call
Old Step
The Little Mohee
Waltz Of The Winds
Precious Jewel
Red River Valley
Jesse James
Yellow Rose Of Texas
When The Work's all Done This Fall
Mary Of The Wild Moor

Shearing Today! - George Shearing

Love Is Blue
Shearing Today!
With The Great New Hits
Arranged by George Shearing
Orchestrations by Julian Lee
Produced by Al De Lory
Cover photo by Capitol Photo Studios/RIck Rankin

Diverse period easy/pop Shearing arrangements backed by Lee's energetic orchestration.

From Billboard - April 20, 1968: Happily, time has not dimmed George Shearing's sparkling talents. On the contrary, those who recall his last appearances here more than seven years ago, at Birdland and Basin Street East, will find, however brief, his unaccelerated style with its exciting understatements very much intact and stronger than ever.

Opening at the Rainbow Grill for the start of an 18-day engagement, the Capitol Records artist led a quintet in a section of wide ranging tunes accented by his broad and witty arranging.

Unhappily, in accordance with the Grill's policy, the jazz pianist geared his material purely to dancing. This smacked of compromise, not in performance but in the type of type of chosen. This is especially so when one also remembers that unswerving "pure" jazz innovator who made simply listening both a pulsating and pleasurable experience.

He did get an opportunity, however, to spotlight in old fashion, "Lullaby of Birdland," "I'll Never Smile Again" and "The Continental," all of which gained applause. Other tunes were from his latest album, "Shearing Today!" and were departures from those on the LP, which featured a Latin Beat, chorus, strings, etc.

Next stop for Shearing should be the concert scene or in a small club, where the jazzman's rhythmic metaphors can be heard, not used. – Robert Sobel

Goin' Out Of My Head
A Time For Love
I Say A Little Prayer
Echoes In The Night
Don't Sleep In The Subway
By The Time I Get To Phoenix
Love Is Blue
Theme From "Valley Of The Dolls"
Never My Love
Here Comes The Morning
Morse Mode

Monday, May 8, 2017

Bridge Over Trouble Water - Paul Desmond

Feelin' Groovy
Bridge Over Trouble Water
Paul Desmond
Produced, Arranged and Directed by Don Sebesky
Photography by Kessel / Brehm Photography
A&M Records SP 3032

Alto Saxophone – Paul Desmond
Art Direction – Tom Wilkes
Bass (Fender) – Jerry Jemmott
Bass (String) – Ron Carter
Drums – Airto Moreira, Bill Lavorgna, Joao Palma
Electric Piano – Herbie Hancock
Guitar – Gene Bertomcinni, Sam Brown

Fantastic jazz inspired arrangements of Simon's pop classics. Gatefold jacket.

From Billboard - November 7, 1970: Alto saxophonist Paul Desmond here takes a whole set of Paul Simon tunes and aided by a soft rhythm gives them quite a workout. Desmond's alto picks daintily at the title tune, "Mrs. Robinson" and others, weaving around them. This approach plus the familiarity of the material should broaden the album's appeal.

El Condor Pasa
So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright
The 59th St. Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)
Mrs. Robinson
Old Friends
For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her
Scarborough Fair
Bridge Over Trouble Water

Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Dedication Series Vol. II Three Dimensions - Oliver Nelson

The Dedication Series
Vol. II
Three Dimensions
Compositions and Arrangements by Oliver Nelson
Produced for release by Michael Cuscuna
Tape transfers: Al Schimitt Jr., ABC Recording Studios, Los Angeles
Concept design and illustration: Vigon Nahas Vigon
Art direction: Stuart Kusher and Richard Germinaro
Production coordinator: Phil Alexander
ABC Impulse Records AS-5

From Billboard - July 29, 1978: ABC's Impulse line has bowed a nine volume "Dedication Series" of modern jazz sessions recalling blowing dates from 1956 through 1972. Michael Cuscuna has put the series together, extracting cuts produced originally by such as Creed Taylor, Bob Thiele, Stewart Levine and Caiphus Semenya

The series is a retrospective peek at mainly East Coast jazzsters who have retained their solid position within the jazz community. No fly-by-night acts here.

The two disk LPs (gatefold) have a uniform black jacket and color illustration of the headlining artist.

On Sides A & B:
Oliver Nelson - tenor saxophone, alto saxophone
Eric Dolphy - alto saxophone, flute
Freddie Barrow - baritone saxophone
Bill Evans - piano
Paul Chambers - bass
Roy Haynes - drums
Recorded on February 23, 1961 at Van Gelder Studio in New Jersey
Engineer: Rudy Van Gelder
Original session produced by Creed Taylor

On Sides C & D
Oliver Nelson - soprano saxophone
Steve Kuhn - piano
Ron Carter - bass
Grady Tate - drums
Recorded on September 7, 1966 at Capitol Studios, New York City.
Engineer: Bob Simpson
Original session produced by Bob Thiel

Stolen Moments
Hoe Down
Butch And Butch
Teenie's Blues
Elegy For A Duck
Example 78
Straight, No Chaser
The Shadow Of Your Smile

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Cal Smith Sings

Margie's At the Lincoln Park Inn
Cal Smith Sings
Produced by Walter Hayes & Paul Cohen
Knapp Records KS-3608

From Billboard - August 16, 1969: A strong package containing outstanding performances and solid tunes. Included is the hot single, "It Takes Me All Night Long," as well as "I Come Home A Drinkin'," "Margie's At The Lincoln Park Inn" and "When Two Worlds Collide." Excellent production by Paul Cohen.

I Come Home A Drinkin'
Ballad Of Forty Dollars
Margie's At The Lincoln Park Inn
Life Of The Party Charlie
When Two Worlds Collide
At The Sight Of You
It Takes Me All Night Long
Darling, You Know I Wouldn't Lie
She's Looking' Better By The Minute
I Don't Get No Better Without You
Old Faithful

Friday, April 28, 2017

Music For Clarinet And Tape - Phillip Rehfeldt

Renascence For Clarinet, Tape Delay System And Pre-Recorded Tape
New Music For Clarinet & Tape
Phillip Rehfeldt, Clarinet
Jonathan Kramer, Mixer
Gene Kimball, Electronics
Album Concept: Abramson Studio
Album Design: Frederick Myers
Grenadilla Records GS-1017

Saucedo: Ran I.X. for Solo Clarinet and Tape (1976)
Horvit: Antiphon II for Solo Clarinet and Tape
Kramer: Renascence fo Clarinet, Tape Delay System and Pre-recorded Tap (1974)

Roger Desormiere

Valse, Op.64, No. 2
Chopin Les Sylphides
Ibert Divertissement
Roger Desormiere
Paris Conservatory Orchestra
A Product Of London Records

From Billboard - December 1, 1958: Nice cover shot of ballerina Alicia Markova enhances jacket of this album. It's a true, ballet-style reading a la the 19th century, with Desomiere offering quiet, graceful and piquant interpretations rather than orchestral flash and brilliance. Altho the conducting is a little careless at times, there's no competition in its price bracket, and disk should pull in coin.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Pedro Flores - Daniel Santos

Daniel Santos
Interpreta: Lo Mejor: de Pedro Flores
Volume 4
Odessa Records Co. - Bronx, N.Y.
Designed and printed by Progressive Label & Litho Co.
Fabricated by Record Albums, Inc.

Diverse Bolero arrangements, excellent orchestral presentation and quality vocal artistry backed by top-notch engineering.

From the back cover: The Odessa Record Company has spared no costs in issuing this long playing record, in which we present to all lovers of Latin Music the best of Pedro Flores: "the best Puerto Rico, and President of the Odessa Records gives us Daniel Santos singing the best Boleros of Pedro Flores; - Querube, Ciego de Amor, Que Culpa Tengo Yo, Si Tu Me Quisieras and other Hits from the Hit Parade of the Americas.

Daniel Santos proves over again that without any question it is "The Voice of All Times" of Puerto Rico, and proof of it is the magnificent interpretation which the restless Puerto Rico Artist gives to the 12 musical jewels. Last among the numbers of this LP record are also the boleros Mi Fracaso and Carmen by our Director and Composer Juan Nibor Matta.

Nunca Sabre
Un Poco Mas
Ciego De Amor
Mi Fracaso
Que Culpa Tengo Yo
Si Tu Me Quisieras

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Cowboy Songs - Slim Clark

Cowboy Songs
Yodeling Slim Clark
Masterseal MS-57

This collection can be had from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample.

A fine set of Slim Clark tunes from budget label, Masterseal. There is no cover notes confirming, but that appears to the Clark holding the guitar in the cover photo.

From the back cover: Considered by many to be the best of the authentic cowboy singers, Slim has won many awards for his delightful voice and currently holds the title "Champion Yodeler of New England." Known throughout New England for his radio and television work, Slim is rapidly becoming a favorite in the United States.

Rye Whiskey
I Miss My Swiss
Big Rock Candy Mountain
Rocky Mountain Yodeler
Yodeling Mad
Stampede The Outlas
Old Chisholm Trail
My Calgary Home
Sweet Betsy From Pike
Just One More Yodel
The Old Rugged Cross
The Cat Came Back