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Monday, October 12, 2020

Billy Eckstine & Sarah Vaughan Sing The Best of Irving Berlin



Billy Eckstine & Sarah Vaughan
Sing The Best Of Irving Berlin
Mercury Records Custom High Fidelity MG 20316

From Billboard - October 28, 1957: Fans of the two artists will go for this set in a very big way. Their styles of singing complement each other very well. Tasteful orking is by Hal Mooney. Berlin favorites include "You're Just In Love," "Cheek To Cheek" and "Always." Fine set for either pop or jazz followers.

Alexander's Ragtime Band
Isn't This A Lovely Day
I've Got My Love
To Keep My Warm
All Of My Life
Cheek To Cheek
You're Just In Love
Easter Parade
The Girl That I Marry
Now It Can Be Told

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