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Friday, July 6, 2012

Love In Any Language By Anamorena

Love Me Or Leave Me (English - Italian)
Love In Any Language By Anamorena
Vik LX-1094

From the back cover: Anamorena is such a singer of songs. Even as a child in her native Argentina, where the exotic, ancient mysteries of the Andes were her fairy tales, she was attracted to words and sounds with a poetic adoration.

Sessions conducted by Marty Gold, Russ Case and Sid Bass.

Anamorena switches between English, French, German, Spanish and Italian in her unusual soft almost spoken word approach. This is her "first recording".  I can find no other online information on the artist. This is an odd LP that tries to be a more consumable period torch album.

A curious side note. The album jacket opens on the left hand side (the opposite side from normal) and when you flip the album over to read the notes (as you would normally)... the copy is totally upside down.

My Man
Made For Each Other
Come Closer To Me
I'll Be Yours
When All The Lights Are Low
What A Difference A Day Made
Besame Mucho
Autumn Leaves
Need Me
You Belong To My Heart
Love Me Or Leave Me
Auf Wiedersehen Sweetheart

Gloria A-Glo

Midnight In Moscow
Gloria A-Glo
Featuring The Instrumental Sounds Of Gloria Tracy
Arranged by Jud De Naut
Hanna-Barbera Records HLP-8501

Hanna-Barbera apparently "introduced" Tracy to the record buying public on this set.

From a 1964 Sarasota Herald-Tribune article: Unlike most harpists, Miss Tracy doesn't concentrate on classical music. She prefers jazz. "But it's not progressive jazz," she said. "It's music that people can understand. I'm trying to bring the harp down to where people can understand it."

Excellent early 60s light pop/jazz.

1965 press photo

Holiday In Rio

Holiday In Rio
Riviera R0035

Budget studio release featuring a colorful cover. The record may also have been released on Crown. The tracks are being sold online under the Crown label by a company that seems to have digitized the entire Crown catalog even if the pressing was creatively mediocre when originally released.

The music on this album is small combo lounge Latin that, for the most part, doesn't match the cover model's sparkle.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Computer Music - Realized In The Computer Centers Of Columbia & Princeton Universities

Computer Music
Realized In The Computer Centers Of Columbia & Princeton Universities
Nonesuch Records H-71245

From the back cover: Four different sound-synthesis programs were used to perform the works on this record: MUSIC IV (written by Max V. Mathews and Joan Miller at the Bell Telephone Laboratories) for Quartets in Pairs; MUSIC IVB (a greatly revised and expanded version of MUSIC IV) by Godfrey Winham and Hurbert S. Howe at Princeton) for Mudgett; a Fortran-language version of MUSIC IVB (written Godfrey Winham) for Quartensines and Changes; and MUSIC 360 (an assembly-language program for IBM/360 computers written by Barry Vercoe) for Synthesism. All of the works used a digital-to-analog converter at the Bell Telephone Laboratories, and all were computed at the Princeton Computer Center with the exception of Changes, which made use of the Columbia Computer Center as well. The vocal parts for Medgett were recorded at the Hebert H. Hagens studio in Princeton.

Side One

J. K. Randall (b. 1929)
1. Quartets In Paris
2. Quartersines
3. Mudgett: monologues by a mass murders (Melinda Kessler, soprano)
Barry Vercoe (b. 1937
4 Synthesism

Side Two
Charles Dodge (b. 1942)

Moonlight Dance Time By The Velvet Sounds

Velvet Theme
Moonlight Dance Time
By The Velvet Sounds
International Award Series AK-189

Budget label album sporting a pretty dull cover. Surprisingly, you'll music that has a "The Three Suns" vibe to it.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Come Sail With Me - 101 Strings

Malibu Sun
Come Sail With Me
101 Strings
Alshire S-5157

I've featured the sample track before (101 Strings - Guitars Galore), but the tune is a great light pop track and the best off this album. That's not to say the remaining tracks aren't fun easy/light pop fare. The LP plays through nicely.

Blue Hawaii
They Call The Wind Maria
Bahia De Acapulco
The Shadow Of Your Smile
Malibu Sun
Bali Hai
The Breeze And I
Mykonos Sunset
Puerto Vallarta