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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Love Is Blue

Whiter Shade Of Pale
Love Is Blue
Academy Award Orchestra
Somerset SF-29900

This is the second budget album on Somerset I've found featuring the same photo, promoting the same studio group. See Gold Award Hit's 67.

The music is cobbled together from other sources. I recognized a tune titled Malibu Sun which is found on Guitars Galore and credited to Monty Kelly. Even though the record appears to be a collection and reissues from 101 Strings LPs it's sort of fun.

Polynesian Percussion

Tahitian Festival
Polynesian Percussion
Directional Sound
Premier Albums DM 5012

Budget percussion dressed up in a nice gatefold album jacket styled after the minimalist trend set by Enoch Light's label, Command. The album is light on "space age" percussion, but still energetic and fresh sounding "island" music for the time.

The only time the artist is mention, Chango And The Polynesians, is on the jacket notes found inside.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Impelling Dances Of Our Times - Enoch Light

And I Love Her
Impelling Dances Of Our Times
Enoch Light And His Orchestra
Command ABC RSSD 979-2

Here's a two record set released on Command after ABC purchased Light's label and started to cheapen the product. The jacket is a single pocket with the two records inside rather than a fancy gate-fold. The title is lackluster, especially for the early 70s and the cover art is dull and pointless. The music is probably reissue (Re-Produced for Two-Fer's by Don Thorn). All the tunes play as though they were recorded together for this issue, rather than cobbled together from various projects.

With all that said, the music is very good. As heard in the samples above, the collection features that 60s light pop Enoch Light touch that anyone who collects his works knows and loves. All good tunes from start to finish.