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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Everything Is Beautiful - The Living Strings And Living Voices

Dancing Queen (Voices)
Get Up And Boogie (Strings)
Everything Is Beautiful
The Living Voices And Living Strings
Produced By Ethel Gabriel
RCA Music Service R223651

Nobody Does It Better
I Honestly Love You
All By Myself
Everything Is Beautiful
Don't Give Up On Us
We're All Alone
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
If You Leave Me Now
Laughter In The Rain
Dancing Queen
Get Up And Boogie (That's Right)
You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Don't Go Breaking My Heart
Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady
Lyin' Eyes
Song Sung Blue
On And On
Theme From "Charlie's Angels"

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Jazz And Swing - Billy Lawrence

Jazz And Swing
Featuring Billy Lawrence And His Orchestra
Hollywood Records LPH 10

Hollywood reissue featuring the same catalog number but different cover art, title and artist (Barry English). Although, oddly enough... it may be that the disc with the "Barry English" credit was stuffed into the reissue jacket. At least, that what appears to be the case with my copy.

Begin The Beguine
Yes Indeed
C-Jam Blues
I'm Beginning To See The Light
Sweet Georgia Brown
Stomping At The Savoy
Take The "A" Train
Hawaiian War Chant
One O'Clock Jump

Hey, Lover - Johnny Guarnierei

All That Jazz
Hey, Lover
Johnny Guarnierei
His Piano And Orchestra
RKO Records SLP-1002

From the back cover: You take one great jazz pianist; 1 bass; 1 guitarist; 2 drummers; (Eddie Safranski - bass; Mundell Lowe - guitar; Cliff Leeman and Frank Garisto, Jr. - Drums) all of whom are tops in their field, mix well with a good interpretation and you have the solid combination featured in this album, Hey, Lover.

Johnny Guarnieri, whom RKO Records is fortunate to have as the jazz pianist, comes from a family of fine violin-makers. As a result he was exposed to classical music during his early years and due to his fine training and background, is equally at ease playing Mozart as well as popular music. Johnny's first love, however, has always been jazz. America's own musical creation. He employed all the elements of his vast talents into his jazz interpretations and stylings and it wasn't long before the name of Johnny Guarnierei was synonymous with smooth, rhythmical keyboard magic. Johnny worked with Benny Goodman and later join Artie Shaw, where he was a prime factor in setting the style of the popular Gramercy Five. "All That Jazz," contained in this album, is a fine example of the Guarneri mood set to his own musical composition.

From Billboard - March 9, 1959: This low price stereo disk contains some fine piano work by Johnny Guarnierei, accompanied by a talented group of jazz musicians. The tunes are mainly standards, including "More Than You Know," "Body And Soul," "Lover" and "Tea for Two." Stereo separation is good and the LP is a good buy for the money.

Anything For You
More Than You Know
It's A Swinging Thing
Body And Soul
All That Jazz
Keyboard Rhythm
Lover Classical Exercise
Tea For Two There's A Small Hotel

Friday, February 5, 2016

Hey! Dig That Crazy Band! - Gus Bivona

Dark Green
Hey! Dig That Crazy Band!
Gus Bivona And His Orchestra
Mercury Records MG 20157

From the back cover: Gus Bivona brings to his leadership of this great new orchestra the richness gathered up and assimilated from a most impressive history with the greatest bandleaders of our age. Add to this his experience in recent years as lead clarinet and alto sax soloist for M-G-M pictures, one of the most exacting assignments for a musical artist, and you have one of the most uniquely prepared musicians of our age for the demanding requirements of great band leadership.

Ever since Gus trekked westward as a member of Tommy Dorsey's rocking crew, and then decided to settle there because he loved the climate, he was destine to emerge as a bandleader of importance on his own. The climate that attracted him was not the kind you measure with thermometers and barometers. It was the musical climate he wanted, the climate of high craftsmanship, uninhibited experimenting and free creativity which pervades the musical world of the Californians. It was the excitement of the give-and-take and the friction of ideas which had shaped the brassy jazz of Stan Kenton and the soft intensity of Dave Brubeck. Now Gus Bivona's danceable rhythms and fresh harmonics fill out the western canvas by providing a musical bridge between the extremes in intensity between the Kenton and Brubeck schools.

From Billboard - November 17, 1956: Bivona's album debut on the label has every earmark of a click with the terping younger set. Here are great swing arrangements with masterful clarinet and alto sax leads, listening as sharp for sitting oldsters as for younger steppers. This is top craftsmanship in sound that packs originality and carries plenty of power for jock dancing spins. Can make a fine holiday package for families with young dancers in the house.

All Of You
My Ideal
Moten Swing
Una Mas
It's All Right With Me
Clarinet Parmesan
Chicago Cargo
Organ Grinders Swing
Dark Green
Stumbling Blocks
King Porter Stomp

Moody - Emil Stern

Street Car
Emil Stern And His Orchestra
Wing - Mercury Record Corporation MGW 12002

Smooth mid-50s "mood" package that features a set that nicely supports the cover art and title theme "Moody".

From the back cover: The master of melodies and memories presented for the first time in this country is Emil Stern, born in France. He began playing the piano when he was four years and was entered in the famous national Conservatory at nine. In the same class were other piano students, like Leo Chauliac, who have since also become famous.

When he was seventeen and a half, he heard one of his fellow students, Stephane Moujin, play jazz on the organ and form this moment, Emil had only one desire and that was to play jazz. However, in order to get his parents' consent, he felt he must win first prize for piano at the Conservatory. He managed to accomplish his aim the following year in Marguerite Long's class and, at this time, he also won the first prize for harmony while studying under Andre Block. For some time, after finishing his studies, Emil disappeared from his usual haunts and spent as much time as possible listening to every jazz record he could get his hands on. Within a year's time, he started playing with Dorsey's orchestra. Following the first engagement, he joined Ray Ventura's band where he remained for a year. For another year, he was accompanist for Maurice Chevalier and, during this time, managed to travel to practically all of the leading countries. At the termination of his engagement with Chevalier, Emil formed his first trio which gave him an opportunity of being heard as a jazz pianist. He has accompanied many of the leading singers such as Renee Leas and Jean Sablon.

In 1953, he won the grand Prix Du Disque De Danse (The Grand Prize for Dance Records). Besides his role as pianist, Emil Stern is a competent composure. His first song did not achieve great success in France since it was created for and recorded by Marlene Dietrich in America. It was called "Assez." Since this first effort, he has contributed to many French songs.

Out Of Nowhere
If I Had You
Love Is Here To Stay
The Nearness Of You
A Foggy Day
I Cover The Waterfront
Embraceable You
I Surrender Dear
Street Car
Love Walked In

The Riddle Of Today - Nelson Riddle

Theme From "Tarzan"
The Riddle Of Today
Nelson Riddle
Arranged and Conducted by Nelson Riddle
Liberty Records LST-7532

From Billboard - November 4, 1967: Nelson Riddle gets in a pleasant pop mood with "Don't Sleep In The Subway," "Goin' Out Of My Head" and "Sunshine Superman," "Cortege" and Chestnut Trees." He also treats the "Smothers Brothers" and "Tarzan Theme" with class.

Hurt So Bad
Sunshine Superman
Don't Sleep In The Subway
Goin' Out Of My Head
Hey, Girl
Up, Up And Away
Theme From "Tarzan"
The Smothers Brothers' Theme
Chestnut Trees
Amy's Theme

Monday, February 1, 2016

Melodic Magic - Henri Rene

I'm In Love Again
Melodic Magic
Henri Rene
RCA Camden CAL 353

Collection of mood instrumentals with the exception I'm In Love Again featuring vocalist April Stevens.

Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup
Speak To Me Of Love
Cielito Linda
Bye Bye Blues
Always You
I'll String Along With You
I'm In Love Again
The Hour Of Parting
Drago's Serenade

Saturday, January 30, 2016

I Swing For You - Vicky Lane

They Say It's Wonderful
I Swing For You
Vicky Lane
Orchestra Arranged And Conducted By Pete Candoli
RCA Victor LSP-2056

From Billboard - December 28, 1959: Lane is a new singer who could go far on wax. She handles a group of standards with a refreshing, jazz oriented style that is both novel and exciting. And the arrangements behind her by the Pete Candoli Combo are attractive. Selections range from "The Trolly Song" to "They Say It's Wonderful," and every song is a delight to hear. Watch this girl, she has talent.

Band credits: Pete Candoli - trumpet, Barney Kessel - guitar, Joe Mondragon - bass, Jimmy Rowles or Johnny Williams - piano and alternating on drums and the other percussion instruments – never more than four of them appearing at one time: Alvin Stoller, Larry Bunker, Milt Holland, Lou Singer, Ralph Hansell, Johnny Cyr and Gene Estes.

This was Lane's first and only album. She was married to Candoli from 1953 to 1958. She passed away in 1983 at the age of 57.

The Trolley Song
Our Very Own
My Romance
You Hit The Spot
Love Isn't Born
My Heart Stood Still
They Say It's Wonderful
The Song Is You
Long Ago And Far Away
I love You
Right As The Rain
This Heart Of Mine

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Fiesta! - Charles Magnate

Jungle Drums
Charles Magante His Accordion And Orchestra Go South Of The Border
Originated And Produced By Enoch Light
Art Director Charles E. Murphy
Command/ABC (Grand Award Record Co.) RS 869 SD

The quality of the (Command) engineering is promoted on the back cover: The World famous engineering techniques of Command Records which have kept Command the trail-blazing pioneer in the most advanced stages of sound recording.

The LP comes in a single jacket, not the typical Command gatefold. ABC acquired Command, a mention that is only printed as a combined logo on the disc label. ABC reduced printing costs by producing single jackets, although I have found ABC/Command gatefolds.

Charles Magnate produced fine space age accordion sets including: Percussion Italiano

El Cumbanchero
La Paloma
Jungle Drums
Brazilian Nocturne
Ritual Fire Dance
Carmen Opera Medley
Cielito Lindo
A Gay Ranchero

Saturday, January 23, 2016

At A Sidewalk Cafe - Ruth Welcome

At A Sidewalk Cafe
Ruth Welcome
The Milt Shaw Trio
Capitol Records ST 1209

Available from a few vendors so I will not be posting a sample.

Posted here to share the back cover. Another professionally presented zither concept album from Welcome's catalog.

From Billboard - July 15, 1959: A lot of charm here. Material is continental in flavor. Miss Welcome's zither is accompanied by the Milt Shaw Trip (violins, bass and accordion) – providing instrumentals redolent of Paris, Rome and Vienna.

From the back cover: Having spent her early childhood in Germany and Switzerland, Ruth Welcome is especially found of Continental music and, in particular, the old Viennese favorites...

Arrivederci Roma
Under Paris Skies
My Heart Is A Violin
Anema E Core
A Little Cafe Down The Street
Ja Ja Der Wein Ist Gut
Non Dimenticar
Im Prater Bluh'n Wieder Die Baume