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Sunday, May 31, 2020

The Flying Platters Around The World

My Old Flame
The Flying Platters
Around The World
Photo by Herman Leonard
Mercury Records MG 20366

From the back cover: Jules Verne's "Around The World In 80 Days" has nothing on the fabulous Mercury Recording Stars – The Flying Platters. They many have taken a little longer, but their reward has been a host of friends in every country visited. They have been in such great demand these past two years, that it was useless for them to own cars for transportation – thus their name – The Platters have automatically been changed to The Flying Patters.

In January, 1957, they were in Australia, Singapore and The Philippines; then returned to the United States to do a rush picture for American International and several TV appearances – Ed Sullivan, Perry Como, Jackie Gleason, etc. then off again to England where they toured ten weeks hitting Scotland and Ireland and ending with a triumphant debut at the London Palladium.

Returning from England in May – by June they were in South America as stars of a gigantic stage show at the Opera Theatre in Buenos Aires. The show was so successful it was extended for twelve more weeks and then taken on tour to Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Montevideo and other cities and countries. Wherever they went, it was impossible for them to appear on the streets either as a group or individually for they were recognized and swamped for autographs.

Upon the close of the tour in October they flew direct to Paris for three weeks at the Olympia Music Hall where they broke all existing attendance records with complete sell-outs every night. Before the engagement was half finished, Empressario Burno Coquatrix had signed them for five months tour through 22 cities in at least 12 countries on the continent starting April 17th of this year.

From the first day the idea of "The Flying Platters Around The World" album was conceived, much thought and planning has gone into its creation. The influence of their world travels have been shown clearly with the selection of each song, and the cover was planned in the same manner. The picture for the cover was shot in Paris by Mercury Photographer Herman Leonard where he and Buck Ram – Musical Manager of The Platters took into careful consideration the individual personality of each "Platter" before choosing the costume he should wear. The final result was well worth every effort and is bound to do much to sell the album.

Although a little reluctant at first, Tony Williams looks perfectly at home in his "Scotch Kilt"; David Lynch suits his French Policeman's outfit to a "tee"; Paul Robi could be an authentic "Maharaja" in real life, and of course – young Miss Zola Taylor represents the "Dish of the World" – Sophisticated Personified" in her beautiful white beaded French Chemise – designed for her by one of the leading designers of Paris and presented as a gift for this particular picturesque "Goucho". The charm and originality of this attractive cover should make it a prize for every album collector.

From Billboard - April 7, 1958: The Platters' current disk "Twilight Time." (included in this LP) is stirring up some action in singles field right now, which should help this album sales-wise. The group registers strongly on a group of standards and effective international selections – "I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen," "My Old Flame," etc.

Whispering Wind
It's Raining Outside (Chove La Fora)
I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen
For The First Time (Come Prima)
My Serenade
But Not Like You
My Old Flame
Don't Blame Me
Sleepy Time Gal
That Old Feeling
Try A Little Tenderness
Twilight Time

The Swingers - The Four Freshmen

Lullaby Of Birdland
The Swingers
12 Jazz Favorites By The Four Freshmen
Arranged and Conducted by Bill Holman
Produced by Bill Miller
Cover Photo: Capitol Photo Studio / Ken Veeder
Capitol Records T1753

From the back cover: The orchestra accompaniment isn't merely accompaniment. It is, rather, a smooth integration of instrumentals and voices; a device which has long typified the Four Freshmen approach. In this case it's the talent of Bill Holman, friend of the Kenton days, wedding voices to instruments with a brilliant set of arrangements. A good case on trumpet and Bob Flanigan on trombone, while the two remaining members of the group, Bob Barbour and Bill Comstock, do their parts vocally. Bob and Ken, incidentally, contribute their usual fine jazz solo work throughout the album, but here, instead of being restricted to short passages, they've been given entire choruses in which to exhibit their remarkable instrumental skills.

From Billboard - September, 15, 1962: The Four Freshmen prove it again on this fine new disking that they are one of the brightest and most imaginative of the vocal groups around today. On this new album they show off both their fine vocal techniques and their cool instrumental work on such tunes as "Lulu's Back In Town," "Let's Take A Walk Around The Block," "Satin Doll" and "I'm Gonna Go Fishing'," Fine wax.

Lulu's Back In Town
Li'l Darlin'
Let's Take A Walk Around The Block
Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me
Spring Isn't Spring Without You
Taps Miller
When My Sugar Walks Down The Street
Satin Doll
This Could Be The Start Of Something
Lullaby Of Birdland
I'm Gonna Go Fishin'

Impact - Buddy Morrow

Richard Diamond from the TV Series "Richard Diamond"
Orchestra Under The Direction Of Buddy Morrow
Arranged by Ray Marton
Produced by Herman Diaz, Jr.
Recorded in Webster Hall, New York City, March, 1959
Recording Engineer: Bob Simpson
RCA Victor LPM-2042

This Is The Naked City from the TV Series "The Naked City"
Rawhide from the TV Series "Rawhide"
Riff Blues from the Mickey Spillane-Mike Hammer TV Series
Richard Diamond from the TV Series "Richard Diamond"
Perry Mason Theme from the CBS-TV Series "Perry Mason"
Parade Of The Chessmen from the TV Series "Racket Squad"
M Squad from the TV Series "M Squad"
Sea Hunt Theme from the TV Series "Sea Hunt"
Black Saddle from the TV Series "Black Saddle"
Waterfront from the TV Series "Waterfront"
Highway Patrol from the TV Series "Highway Patrol"
Peter Gunn from the NBC-TV Series "Peter Gunn"

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Swingin' On Broadway - Jonah Jones

Just My Luck
Swingin' On Broadway
Hit Songs From Great Broadway Shows
The Jonah Jones Quartet
Capitol Records T963

From the back cover: For Jonah Jones, trumpeter and vocalist, has a way with a tune. He treats it with an understanding for the essence of the melody itself. But he is above all a swinging musician, and the sound of his quartet – rakish, driving, jaunty – is unlike any around today.

After an almost legendary career – from riverboat entertainer to toast of European society – Jonah Jones has reached the status of major musician, and his appearances throughout this country, Canada and Europe have become standout attractions.

Baubles, Bangles And Beads
The Party's Over
You're So Right For Me
Just My Luck
The Surrey With The Fringe On Top
You're Just In Love
Just In Time
Hey There
I Could Have Danced All Night
Whatever Lola Wants
Till There Was You
Seventy-Six Trombones

Spectacular Accordions - Charles Camilleri

Jungle Fantasy
Spectacular Accordions
Charles Camilleri
Produced by Eddie Heller
MGM Records E3856

From Billboard - August 8, 1960: MGM Records, as part of its fall program of close to 30 new releases, has included a blockbuster sound "spectacular" series, which is sure to create new fuss and feathers in the growing market for disks with the accent on what has been referred to as the "ultimate" in sound.

Unlike several other companies, which have started separate label identification for their super-sound packages, MGM sticks to its own mother logo, using the "spectacular" tag as a cross identification.

Initial release in this group consists of five all-instrumental sets, each one which is keyed to a specific school of instrumentation. Certainly one of the most colorful of these is the "Spectacular Brass" set and one number alone. "Let Me Entertain You," from Gypsy,' with a flock of swaggering, full-blown brass sounds, is worth almost the price of admission itself. Another interesting set features a colorful harmonica ensemble. Robert Maxwell, harpist extraordinaire, also contributes fine listening via his "Spectacular Harps" album. The group is rounded out with sets featuring accordions and percussion. The latter, tho well made, will find a highly competitive market.

Vet a.&r. man, Eddie Heller, is to be commended for producing the line-up.

Jungle Fantasy
The Hot Carary
Kiss Of Fire
Summertime In Venice
Just Because
Under Paris Skies
Maltese Polka
The Petite Waltz
Bolero (Mediterranean Suite)
La Cucaracha

The Original Surfer Stomp - The Surf Stompers

The Original Surfer Stomp
The Original Surfer Stomp
The Surf Stompers
Del-Fi Records DFLP 1236

Last Night
The Original Surfer Stomp
What'd I Say
Something On Your Mind
Surfer's Pajama Party
Kansas City
Mashin' The Popeye
Gee But I'm Lonesome
Green Onions

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Malaguena - The Three Suns

The Three Suns
Cover Photo: David B. Hecht
RCA Victor LPM-1220

From the back cover: The Three Suns are, as it happens, a pair of brothers and their cousin. Al and Mortie Nevins are the brothers; Artie Dunn is their cousin. It was Al and Mortie's mother who gave them their professional name. Watching them walking toward her house one day to pay her a visit, she greeted them with, "Here come my three sons." Which a slight switch in spelling to give it more color, the name stuck.

One of the most popular and individual of all instrumental combinations. The Three Suns base their appeal on music designed for the average listener. Though they get upward of a thousand fan letters a week, the majority of their mail comes from such cites as Waco, Texas; Stillwater, Oklahoma' and Mason City, Iowa. This wide-spread popularity didn't just happen. It's the result of a carefully worked-out formula for making music, something the boys have thought about for years.

Al, who plays guitar; Artie, the organist; and Mortie, who handles the accordion, were the first to employ their particular combination as a trio. In describing the unique instrumental effect that made the Piccadilly Lounge and later the Roosevelt Grill a mecca for their fans from all over America, Mortie says: "The accordion take the cross figures and single note melody, which is easy to listen to, then Al on guitar plays a steady, rotating, rolling beat; while Artie, on the organ, when not swinging an unusual kind of accompaniment against the melody, keeps up a sustained background.' With that formula as a basic, the boys have worked out an infinite number of fresh, individual variations that are the delight of their listeners – and the despair of their almost countless imitators.

During their record-breaking run at the Piccadilly Lounge in New York City and later at the Roosevelt Grill – and, in fact, wherever they make a public appearance – the boys make as big a hit as entertainers as they do as musicians. They're born comedians who put on act that makes everyone feel at ease.

In addition, they're composers, and their tunes have sold, on records, well into the millions. They penned their theme song, Twilight Time, for example, which is not only a favorite of thousands of their fans, but is even credited with promoting new romances and renewing old ones. Among their many other tunes are Beatrice, It's Dawn Again and Everybody Loves My Baby, Baby.

The boys are great sports fans and have a large following of athletes, including hockey and baseball stars, who drop in whenever they are in town. The Suns recorded V-discs during the War, and servicemen still make a bee-line for whatever they are playing, to renew found memories of hearing them on the air at Iwo Jima or some other Pacific out-post. A party of fourteen Marines practically took over the Piccadilly Lounge one night, after vowing they would meet there after their discharge to see as well as hear Twilight Time played.

Dancing Tambourine
Dizzy Fingers
The Doll Dance
Canadian Capers
Jalousie (Jealousy)
Hora Staccato
The Wedding Of The Painted Doll
The Syncopated Clock

Drums! Drums! A Go Go - Hal Blaine

Land Of 1000 Dances & Drums A Go Go
Drums! Drums! A Go Go
Hal Blaine
Arranged by Gene Page
Produced by Phil Sloan & Steve Barri
Supervision: Lou Adler
Engineers: 'Bones' Howe & 'Chuck' Britz
Cover Design and Photo by George S. Whiteman
Dunhill D-50002

From the back cover: Anyone who knows and likes pop music will tell you that the most important ingredient in a hit record is "the beat" and on the West Coast, "the beat" means Hal Blaine. Hal creates the exciting feel on all Jan & Dean records. He's the booming sound behind The Ronettes and Crystals. He's the drummer of such instrumental groups as The Tiajuana Brass, The Markets and The Routers. Hal has played on the hits of Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Johnny Rivers, Shelly Favares, etc., etc., etc.

Topsy '65
Wooly Bully
Whiskey A Go Go
La Bamba
California Sun
Oo Poo Pah Doo
Midnight At Pinks
Land Of 1000 Dances
Drums A Go Go

Sleepy Serenade - Eddy Howard

Street Of Dreams
Sleepy Serenade
Featuring Eddie Howard and His Orchestra
Mercury Records MG 20111

From the back cover: It isn't unusual for a bandleader to do a little singing and composing on the side, but Eddy Howard excels in all three departments, and has the awards to prove it. Last year, for instance, he was elected to nation's "Number One Singing Bandleader" by the Ballroom Operator's Association in a Downbeat Magazine poll. At the same time he placed third in the poll's "Sweet Band" category.

From Billboard - April 14, 1956: Howard plays a relaxed, pleasantly "sleepy" brand of music on this LP, which shapes up as fine mood music for late night jocks. Selections - 12 warmly therapeutic ballads - include "Be Anything, Be Mine," "Now I Lay Me Down To Dream," (Howards' own composition) "What Will I Tell My Heart," and "You've Got Me Crying Again." Cover – a four color job – spotlights a shapely night dress, which should help sales display-wise.

Be Anything, Be Mine
Call Me Darling
I Don't Know Any Better
Tahiti, My Island
Kentucky Babe
Street Of Dreams
Auf Wiedersehen Sweetheart
You've Got Me Crying' Again
What Will I Tell My Heart
Till We Two Are One
Now I Lay Me Down To Dream

Guitars Go Country

Mountain Dew
Guitars Go Country
A-R-A Records ST 11
America Recording Artists
3 Disc Box Set

I Can't Stop Loving You
Red Wing
Salty Dog
Under The Double Eagle
Valley Of Tears
Midnight Special
12 Strings 4 Fingers
Silk Stockings And Jeans
Mountain Dew

I Walk The Line
John Henry
Flint Hill Special
Crawdad Song
Mountain Dew
Columbus Stockade Blues
Wreak Of Ole 97
Frankie And Johnny
Red River Valley
Fireball Mail

Room Full Of Roses
Wabash Cannon Ball
Tennessee One Step
I'm A Happy Man
The Richest Child Is Poor
Poor Pilgrims Of Sorrow
Wabash Blues
Pecken's Fun
Confectionery Woman
Careless Love