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Monday, August 19, 2019

Mandolino Italiano - Iller Pattacini

Mandolino Italiano
Mandolino Italiano
Iller Pattacini
Conducting The Ricordi Orchestra
Recorded In Italy
Vesuvius Records - Union City, New Jersey
LP NO. 4407/ST
Distributed by MGM Records

From the back cover: "Mandolino Italiano", our opening selection, was written expressly for this album by the brilliant Maestro Iller Pattacini, who not only conducts the famous Ricordi Orchestra, but who has so ably and tastefully arranged all of these selections hereon, as well. "Mandolino Mandolino", successfully presented at the 1961 San Remo Festival, follows. The next four songs are inspired respectively by Rome, Venice, Florence and Naples. We dedicate side two in its entirety to Naples in recognition of its "know-how" of presenting these melodies, both sad and gay, that are among the most beautiful songs that this musical city has ever been able to express.

Mandolino Italiano
Mandolino Mandolino
Canta Se La Vuoi Cantar
Gondoli' Gondola'
Mattinata Fiorentina
Anema E Core
Napule Ca Se Ne Va
Voce E' Notte
Duje Paravise
Spingule Frangese
Fenesta Ca Lucive

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Listen To The Quiet - Joe Bushkin

Street Of Dreams
Listen To The Quiet...
Joe Bushkin
Arranged and Conducted by Kenyon Hopkins
Produced by Andy Wiswell
Capitol Records T 1165

From Billboard - April 30, 1959: Pianist Bushkin and an ethereal-sounding chorus provide easy listening with dreamy, smoothly paced treatments of standards keyed to the title theme – "Two Sleepy People," "Street Of Dreams," "Good Night Sweetheart," etc.

Listen To The Quiet
Two Sleepy People
In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning
Dream Along With Me
Street Of Dreams
Three O'Clock In The Morning
Moonlight Becomes You
Sleepy Time Gal
The Party's Over
Put Your Dreams Away
Let's Put Out The Lights And Go To Sleep
Good Night Sweetheart

Brazen Brass New Sounds In Folk Music - Henry Jerome

Green Fields
Brazen Brass
New Sounds In Folk Music
Henry Jerome and His Orchestra
Produced by Henry Jerome
Arrangements by Dick Jacobs
Chief Engineer: Charles Lauda, Jr.
Mixing Engineer: Lawrence McIntyre
Decca Records DL 74344

From Billboard - November 24, 1962: Having given the "Brazen Brass" treatment to Hollywood tunes, Latin favorites, and the big-band oldies, Henry Jerome travels the Ray Charles route, and applies the arrangement technique to a nice collection of international folk favorites. Tunes include "Tom Dooley," the South African "Wimoweh." "Blue Tail Fly," "Red River Valley," among others. The sound is big, bright and brassy, and Jerome fans and deejays will like it.

Tom Dooley
The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Across The Wide Missouri (A-Roll A-Roll A-Ree)
Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
Green Fields
Red River Valley
The Blue Tail Fly
Goodnight, Irene
On Top Of Old Smokey
Careless Love

Norman Plays Novello - Fred Norman

Norman Plays Novello
Fred Norman & His Orchestra
Featuring Nickelodeon Rag & Heather Hill
Produced by Tony Tamburello
Glenn Productions - GP Records GPN 5004

From the back cover: "The Black Man's Mancini."

That's what veteran arranger Fred Norman could be called after his new album, "Norman Plays Novello," a lushly swinging instrumental collection with more than a pinch of timely nostalgia.

One-time big band "charts" expert Norman is graduated on this LP to orchestral arranger and, for the first time on record, leader of his own orchestra – with honors. But the occasion is momentous for other reasons, too. The songs are all by Gene (no-relation-to-Ivor) Novello, some old, mostly new, all melodic and often recalling a time when the popular song was a more gentle, bittersweet medium of universal communication; a time when hearts yearned mainly for other hearts and far-away places. Norman playing Novello revives this sweeter age with a rich, freshly "now," even occasionally jazz-tinged approach to the material.

New Jerseyan Novello has been in the construction business full-time since 1930, but as he puts it (and his tunes back him up), "Music is my first love. Whenever possible I take time out to compose." In 1937 he met and worked with Norman for the first time at, appropriately, that Mecca for big bands during their Golden Age, Frank Dailey's Meadowbrook in Cedar Grove, N.J. They have teamed often since then and, according to Norman, "This new album is the culmination of our friendship and the abilities of both of us.

"I feel 'Norman Plays Novello' is meaningful for another reason," Novello says. "It's unique within my experiences for a black man to arrange and conduct an album like this, one that fits into what is today called the 'easy listening' category. And I don't think anyone could have done as fine a job as Fred Norman.

Norman has proved his versatility time and again over the years. Born in Leesburg, Fla. in 1910, his mother was a pianist in a local church and introduced him early to music. At 14 he took up the trombone and later studied music at the Fessenden Academy, where he boarded. He played in the school band and afterward with professional aggregations that led hi to New York, his current base of operations.

"Up to then, I had never taken any lessons in arranging." Norman reveals, "but I used to go to the Library of Congress in Washington to study what books on orchestrations I could find. Believe me, I learned a lot there. I used to go to listen to the best bands that came to town, too, and also paid close attention to their records... The first arrangement that I wrote was "Penthouse Serenade" for the Elmer Calloway Band, for which I was playing trombone. (Elmer was Cab's brother.) I was very happy to see it included in the permanent repertoire of the band and to notice that the musicians liked to play it."

Norman's arrangements have been recorded by, among others, Claude Hopkins and His Orchestra, Etta James, Damita Jo, Jimmy McGriff, Sonny Stitt and the late Dinah Washington. "The most fantastic experience was working for Dinah Washington," he notes. "What temperament! Dinah always made loud entrances, accompanied by dozens of people and a good stock of brandy. She would announce 'Tea Time!' and distribute the brandy. Then she would start recording saying, 'I'll only do each selection once and you have to get it the first time.' She was terrific. Dinah! She never had to repeat. She only asked to have the introduction played, that's all. When she 2as in shape she recorded a dozen selections in one hour like nothing."

Norman has worked in radio, TV and films, too, although he hasn't played his trombone now for years.

He has arranged and written for big band leaders such as Harry James, Gene Krupa, Glenn Miller, Artie Shaw, Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey, Charlie Spivack, Jack Teagarden and Bunny Berigan. His new album, therefore, which brings back the big band sound with a contemporary orchestral bang, seems a natural evolution. – Doug McClelland - Editor, Record World Magazine

Let Me Tell You 'Bout Suzanne
Nickelodeon Rag
Heather Hill
Sunset At Sanibel
Echoes Of Rome
Milano Rose
Apple Turnover
The Secret

I Pretend - Des O'Connor

Never My Love
I Pretend
Des O'Connor
Accompaniment by Alan Ainsworth and His Orchestra
Recording Produced by Norman Newell
Recording Engineer: Peter Brown
Odeon (EMI) SCX 6295
Made and Printed in Great Britain

From the back cover: Most comedians merely sing songs to finish their act but if Des wished, he could just sing and never crack another joke. For proof one only has to listen to this LP. His singing voice compares with the best and one only has to hear the great variety of songs presented here to know Des rates with the top singers of the day. My Cup Runneth Over, The Other Man's Grass, Didn't We are all first class examples of vocal sincerity. Also included is the magical I Pretend, a song that has lasted longer in the 1968 Hit Parade than any other and must always be classed as Des O'Connor's song. – Patrick Hess

My Cup Runneth Over
Dream A Little Dream Of Me
You No-One But You
Just In My Dreams
The Other Man's Grass Is Always Greener
I Pretend
This Guy's In Love With You
Sunshine Of Love
Thinking Of You
All I Need Is You
Happiness And Heartaches
Didn't We
Never My Love

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Lonely Harpsichord Memories Of That Rainy Night - Jonathan Knight

Going Out Of My Head
Lonely Harpsichord
Memories Of That Rainy Night
Jonathan Knight
Produced by Al Capps
Arranged buy Al Capps
Engineer: Greg Venable
A Snuff Garrett Production
Viva Stereo V 36016
Distributed Nationally by Dot Records, Inc.

Going Out Of My Head
Over You
Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You
It Must Be Him
My Special Angel
Look Of Love
A Man And A Woman
Chances Are
I Say A Little Prayer
I Will Wait For You
Turn Around, Look At Me

Street Scene - Felix Slatkin

Lonely Street
Street Scene
The Fantastic Strings Of Fleix Slatkin
Producer: Si Waronker
Engineer: Eddie Brackett
Cover Design: Pate/Francis & Associates
Photography: Garrett - Howard, Inc. - Marty Newton
Liberty Premier Series
Visual Sounds Stereo LSS 14008

Street Scene
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Easy Street
On The Street Where You Live
Street Of Dreams
Lullaby Of Broadway
The Streets Of Laredo
Standing On The Corner
Lonely Street
On The Sunny Side Of The Street
The Lonesome Road

The Sky - Anita Kerr & Rod Mckuen

When Winter Comes
The Sky
Music by Anita Kerr
Words by Rod Mckuen
The San Sebastian Strings
Narrator: Gene Merlino
Produced by Rod McKuen and Anita Kerr
Arranged and Conducted by Anita Kerr
An Anor Production for Warner Bros. - Seven Arts Records
Recorded in London at Olympic Studios
Engineer: Keith Grant
Remastered in Hollywood by Wally Heider
Vocal solo on "When Winter Comes" by Anita Kerr
Some of the material in this album is from the book "Lonesome Cities" by Rod McKuen
Cover Photo: Joseph Muench
Art Direction: Ed Thrasher
Warner Bros. - Seven Arts Records, Inc WS 1720

From the back cover: Seven years ago when I conceived "The Sea," I hadn't met Anita Kerr, nor had I though of sharing my work with anyone else. It was to be an extension of myself and my feeling about love, using the sea as a canvas.

The many false starts my "Sea" project had, and the events that led to my meeting with Anita and asking her to compose music for my words, have been detailed on the jacket of "The Sea" album, so I won't go into them again here. The collaboration did take place, producing for the two of us a best-selling album, a sequel entitled "The Earth," and now the final set of the trilogy, "The Sky," all in the space of a year.

The year had ended as has the collaboration. For Anita and myself there are many memories left. For you, three shiny, black records... they are filled with a woman's feelings about how music should be written and a man's ideas about life. – Rod McKuen, January 1968

How Many Colors Of Blue?
The Butterfly Is Drunk On Sunshine
A Walk With The Angels
So Little Sun
Night Talk
When Winter Comes
My Dog Likes Oranges
The Forehead Of The Morning
A Patch Of Sky, Away From Everything
Mr. God's Trombones
Buy For Me The Wind
A New Lullaby (For Suzie and Kelly)
It Summing Up
Who Has Touched The Sky

Great! - Murray Arnold

He Sings Great!
He Plays Great!
He Is Great!
Murray Arnold and Trio
Recorded at Wilbur Clarke's Desert Inn, Las Vegas
Decca DL 74442

From the back cover: The Murray Arnold talents won early applause. He was playing the piano in vaudeville when barely ten, and soon after was demonstrating a surprisingly well-developed baritone while billed alongside the likes of Gus Kahn.

Right before World War II, the Arnold career got a big break when he was signed on as pianist for the Skinnay Ennis orchestra, and did a national tour for the Bob Hope Show.

After leaving the service, Murray joined the Freddy Martin Band, and for six years was featured pianist and vocalist. On his own ever since, Murray Arnold and Trio have won steadily increasing popularity via appearance in top clubs.

My Kind Of Girl
I Wanna Be Around
Alley Cat
I Left My Heart In San Francisco
Lazy River
The Look Of Love
Mack The Knife
I'm A Fool To Want You
At Long Last Love
Cry Me A River

Up Up And Away - Jim Webb

Webb Of Blues
Up Up And Away
Hits By Jim Webb
The Soul Symphony
Under The Direction Of D. L. Miller
Manufactured By Haddon Record Corp. - Somerdale, N. J.
Gold Award GA-18

Up Up And Away
By The Time I Get To Phoenix
Careless Love
Wichita Lineman
MacArthur Park
Happy Song
Webb Of Blues