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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Street Of Dreams - Jan Garber

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Street Of Dreams
Jan Garber And His Orchestra
Decca DL 74191

From Billboard - April 21, 1962: The many Jan Garber followers will enjoy this new set. It spotlights the ork playing a well chosen selection of tunes. The stereo recording is well made and the ork is in fine form.

Street Of Dreams
Dancing In The Street
On The Street Where You Live
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
All I Do Is Dream Of You
I'll See You In My Dreams
It Looks Like Rain In Cherry Blossom Lane
A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet
Basin Street Blues

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Intimately Yours - Jacques Foti

Man'selle/My Funny Valentine

Intimately Yours
Jacques Foti
Signature SM1016

From Billboard - December 21, 1959: Romantic semi-talk warbling by continental charter Foti.

From the back cover: Foti retains the debonair charm which seems automatically a part of a Parisian born. Having spent his life in Budapest, the youngster absorbed his feeling for the continental atmosphere and the moving music of the gypsies. Musically inspired, Foti shone brightly as a student at the Commercial Academy. He became a piano prodigy and popular entertainer of his fellows.

The holocaust of World War II soon enveloped young Foti, who found himself in a Nazi labor camp loading coal in a steel plant, when he refused to join the Hitler Legions, with whom Hungary had allied herself. At an opportune moment, Foti escaped to join the underground only to be tricked into giving himself up with a number of others during the infamous "40 minute amnesty." Slated for a firing squad, Foti was spared when the Nazi penal forces elected to shoot only every tenth man. In the crazy game of firing squad roulette which followed, Foti stood at attention while the man next to him crumpled.

Years later, after a series of harrowing story book episodes with the Nazis and later the occupying Soviet forces, Foti found his way to his lifelong goal, America. His first employment here was anything but the elusive, starring role in front of the spotlights at the grand piano. Instead he became a dishwasher at Bickford's cafeteria in New York City. Fortunes ebbing, Foti had $1.50 left in his pocket when he was hired to appear in the Town Room, Milwaukee, not as a dishwasher, but as featured entertainer. He remained for six months.

Foti's admirers and abettors have been numerous since then. He has been befriended and helped along the hard road to success by such luminaries as Mr. and Mrs. George Liberace, Jack Webb, and the mother of George Feyer, popular Hungarian pianist who is now a top recording artist here.

Since that early Milwaukee engagement, he has had successful engagements in the best clubs in Minneapolis, Denver, Chicago, Montreal, Miami Beach, Hollywood, Palm Springs, Dallas, New Orleans and Houston where he also had his own late night TV show "Rendezvous with Jacques" on KGUL-TV for six months.

Man'selle/My Funny Valentine
I Love Your Lips
You Go To My Head
Holding Hands
I'd Like It
Autumn Leaves
Intimately Yours
You're My Thrill
How Old Are
When I Fall In Love
You Make Me Feel So Young
When The World Was Young
For All We Know

Monday, October 5, 2015

On A Caribbean Cruise - Jimmie Thurston

Johnny Cake (vocal by Lord Rad)
On A Caribbean Cruise
Jimmie Thurston And His Orchestra
Featuring George Moxey At The Piano
From The Fort Montague Coral Room
Actually Recorded In Nassau, Bahamas
Decca Records DL 8601

From Billboard - October 7, 1957: This is a potpourri of society-tinged dance music and calypso material by a group well known in Bahama circles. Tho there is a great deal of calypso on the market to fill a lessened demand, this can still achieve some action due to its inclusion in the label's current "Around The World," multi-album promotion. As part of this group, it will receive extra display and promotion which can bring at least limited action.

Oh, The Underground Train
Conch Ain't Got No Bones
That Glamour Girl
Ron-Con-Cay Banana
Oye Nigra/Nague
Why, Uncle Joe
Governor Gate
Pretty Boy
Johnny Cake
Push! Push!
Old Fowl

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Love Letters From Maureen O'Hara

You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
Love Letters From Maureen O'Hara
RCA Victor LPM-1953

Recorded in Hollywood, California, July 22, August 18 and 25 and September 26, 1958. Arranged and conducted by Bob Thompson. Produced by Simon Rady.

My Romance
You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
The Nearness Of You
Yours Sincerely
Dearly Beloved
The More I See You
I Only Have Eyes For You
My Shining Hour
Love Letters
All Through The Day
My Love Is Forever

MUZAK Stimulus Progression 5

Last Tango In Paris
Muzak Stimulus Progression 5
Specialists In The Physiological And Psychological Applications Of Music

Nick Perito, who is featured on the back cover, is given credit for arranging the entire set and is featured: Mr. Perito writes to fully accomplish the musical objectives MUZAK has set. While each instrumental is given a specific assignment, he enjoys sufficient scope to play to the best advantage of his talents. A totally buoyant interpretation of each arrangement is thus realized.

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
How Little We Know
C'mon Smile
I Am Woman
It Never Rains In California
Dynamite Dan
He's My Guy
Last Tango In Paris
Living Together, Growing Together
I Believe In Music
The Last Happy Song
Let's Have A Party


Tower Of Strength
Stimulus Progression
A Unique Programming Concept

From the back cover: Move the needle of your record player from one selection to the other. Listen a few seconds to each. Feel the change in mood as the stimulation increases from the first selection to the last. The effect is both psychological and physiological: proof that MUZAK is more than music.

Star Eyes
Lady Blue
Kate Mc Shane
This Is My Country
Dance With Me
Teach Me Tonight
3 Day Of The Condor
When Things Were Rotten
Tower Of Strength

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Stimulus Progression Number Two

Temptation Eyes
Stimulus Progression Number Two
SAAB 270 & 271

Arrangers include: Mel Davis, Frank Hunter, Dick Hyman, Al Caiola, Phil Bodner and Nick Perito

From the cover: The selections on each side of the record are placed in an ascending order – from lowest to highest stimulation value. Stimulus Progression produces a psychological and physiological effect – a sense of forward movement which combats monotony, boredom, tension and fatigue.

The concept has been visualized above by artist Raymond D. Harrow who was commissioned to create an original oil painting, reflecting the programming concept and contemporary spirit of this album. With colors, forms and values, he has achieved visually what MUZAK achieves with sound. Appropriately, he has named his work STIMULUS PROGRESSION.

It's Impossible
I Think I Love You
Rose Garden
Temptation Eyes
Black Magic Woman
Love Story
I Really Don't Want To Know
Two By Two
How The Web Was Woven
Keep It Happy

Friday, October 2, 2015

Conversations With The Guitar - Laurindo Almeida

Distribucao De Flores 
Conversations With the Guitar
Laurindo Almeida - Guitar
Martin Ruderman - Flute
Mitchell Lurie - Clarinet
Sanford Schonbach - Viola
Salli Terri - Mezzo-Soprano
Capitol Records P 8532

From Billboard - October 17, 1960: A most classy and artistic production with a cover to match. Almedia shares the spotlight with an inventively conceived ensemble which includes mezzo-soprano voice (Salli Terri), a viola, flute and clarinet. The programs follows its title idea with considerable ingenious musical repartee between the instruments and the voice. Selections are taken from Spanish and Mexican folk lore as well as from the catalog of Villa Lobos and Almeida himself. Cover shows painting of the interesting ensemble at work. Imaginative packaging.

From the back cover: Lauindo Almeida obtained the manuscript of "Distribucao De Flores" from the Office of Ministry of Culture in Brazil. Dated 1932. Rio de Janeiro, it is noted as a "Dance Based Upon Greek Motifs," employing the rhythmic and modal devices of antiquity expressed in contemporary fashion. The flute suggests the pastoral quality of the Pan pipes in the curvaceous, plaintive melody while the guitar recalls the sound of an ancient lyre.

Outstanding set that features the artists working in harmony to create an engaging sonic journey from beginning to end. Thematically solid and a touch experimental for the period. Fantastic!

Vito (Spanish Folk Song)
Distribucao De Flores
Choro E Batuque
Modinha (Seresta No. 5)
Medley: The Frog Song (Sapo Na Toca) / Bia-ta-ta / Benedito Pretinho / First Arabesque
Two Mexican Folk Songs
La Frescobaida For Viola And Guitar
A Dormir Ahora Mesmo (Spanish Cradle Song)

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Strings Over Tahiti - Don Tiare

Stings Over Tahiti
Don Tiare And His Enchanting Violins
Arranged And Conducted By Heinz Kiessling
Warner Bros. Records W 1434

Lush strings album featuring stronger tracks on side one that play through with a slightly more space age sound.

Pagan Love Song
Moy A Tangi Tahiti
Hiro E
Manu Rere
The Moon Of Manakorra
My Tane
E'Tiare O Tahiti
Beautiful Moorea
E Hina

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Blue Hawaii - Roberto Delgado

Pagan Love Song
Blue Hawaii
Roberto Delgado Orchestra
Peters International/Polydor International
PLD 1002
1977 (Date on disc label)

This set, apparently first released in 1965, features an uneven mix of more "traditional" "island mood"/ German polka blend and one more "space age" sample as featured above.

Sweet Leilani
Hawaiian Wedding Song
Pagan Love Song
Hawaii Tattoo
Polynesian Waltz
Blue Hawaii
Sun Of Hawaii
Flower Of Hawaii
Wini-Wini Wana-Wana
My Tane
Hawaiian Blue Beat Baby
Honolulu Ragtime Doll
Maori Farewell Song