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Friday, September 18, 2020

The Girl From Ipanema - Buddy Collette

Blue Samba
The Girl From Ipanema
And Other Favorites
Featuring Buddy Collette
Crown Records STEREO CST 460

The Girl From Ipanema
I Left My Heart In San Francisco
Fly Me To The Moon
It Can Never Be
Noise Of The Night
Turtle Samba
Mischievous Love
At Midnight
Blue Samba
Skin Of Ivory

Thursday, September 17, 2020

June Christy Recalls Those Kenton Days

Willow Weep For Me
June Christy Recalls Those Kenton Days
Pete Rugolo backs June Christy with bright new orchestrations as she recalls her favorite songs from her days with Stan Kenton
Produced by Bill Miller
Capitol Records T 1202

From the back cover: These re-interpretations of June's greatest hits from the near decade she vocalized for the Stan Kenton Orchestra were tailored by her long time friend and arranger, and Kenton alum, Pete Rugolo. They strived, as June put it, "to be faithful to the spirit of the original while being true to what we all feel and do and like today. It's a tribute to Stan's early arrangements that so many of the original ideas in his scores could be retained.

In creating new orchestrations June and Pete settled on three different instrumental sounds:

A basic "big-band" – reeds, trombones trumpets and rhythm – adding only a tuba to give a new depth to the sound.

A lush, full orchestra for the ballads: harp, strings, woodwinds, French horns, and rhythm (including orchestra bells, marimba, xylophone, two tympani, glockenspiel).

And a smaller group (saxes, trumpets, French horn, trombones, tuba, rhythm) for the swinging, combo work.

The same care that was given to the orchestrations went into the choice of musicians to play on these tracks. Many Kenton alumni join June and Pete here. Among them are Bob Cooper, Shelly Manne, Milt Bernhart, Buddy Childers, Frank Rosolino, Bob Fitzpatrick and Kenny Shroyer. Other outstanding jazz stars heard here include Ollie Mitchell, Jim Hall, Red Challenger, Joe Mondragon, Paul Horn, Russ Freeman, Chuck Gentry and Don Fagerquist. (Shelly Manne appears through courtesy of Contemporary Records, Inc.)

Just A-Sittin' And A-Rockin'
A Hundred Years From To-Day
The Lonesome Road
She's Funny That Way
It's A Pity To Say Goodnight
Willow Weep For Me
Easy Street
Across The Alley From The Alamo
Come Rain Or Come Shine
How High The Moon

The Piano Wizardry Of Jan August

Song Of India
The Piano Wizardry Of Jan August
Photo by Pickow/Three Lions
Mercury MG 20276

From the back cover: The time-honored classics in modern dress are the delightful objects dealt here by the world's most popular pianist on Mercury's peerless high fidelity.

Simplicity, good taste, fidelity to the mood and respect for melody all comprise the delightful method of Jan August, starting with his very first treat here, Schedherazade, arranged in a kind of love duet shared by August's impeccable piano style with a wistful harmonica. Colors and tastes range to the exotic when Jan August's crisp fingerings are set against the tang of tambourines in Prince Igor (My Song) and insistent bongos in Song Of Lola.

Playfulness is the key in the simulated harpsichord re-arrangement of a Bach fugue in Rhumba Bells and in the prancing guitar chords that underlie the William Tell Overture in The Chase. There are comtemplative moments, too, Clair de Lune and a medley of Warsaw Concerto and Liebestraum.

Here is a varied but harmonious dish to delight your appetite for many moods at many times.

From Billboard - May 12, 1958: Inventive arrangements of classics "Clair de Lune" and "William Overture" and standards like "Warsaw Concerto," with a variety of percussion backing. "Bach Mambo" is a witty bit from August's top drawer. Sound is a feature. Keyboard fans will enjoy.

Prince Igor (My Song)
Jan's Czardas
Song Of India
Rhumba Bells
Bach Mambo
Warsaw Concerto and Liebestraum
Clair de Lune
Martha Habanera
La Golondrina
The Chase

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Aloha From Hawaii - The Diamond Head Beachcombers

Beyond The Reef
Aloha From Hawaii
The Diamond Head Beachcombers
Produced by Herman Diaz, Jr.
Recorded in New York City, April 1, 2, and 3, 1959
Recording Engineer: Bob Simpson
RCA Victor LSP-2059

From Billboard - August 3, 1959: Soft, dreamy instrumental wax here for jocks and Hawaiian guitar fans. Selections include "To You Sweetheart Aloha," "Song Of The Island," and "Lovely Hula Hands." Nice summer wax for deejays.

I'll See You In Hawaii
Beyond The Reef
Lovely Hula Hands
I Will Remember You
Blue Lei
For You A Lei
Song Of The Island
Across The Sea
Keep Your Eyes On The Hands
Love Song Of Kalua
A Song Of Old Hawaii
To You, Sweetheart, Aloha

Instrumental Imports - Joe Reisman

Mack The Knife
Instrumental Imports
Joe Reisman And His Orchestra
Produced by Joe Reisman
Roulette Dynamic Stereo SR 25114

From Billboard - June 6, 1960: A most listenable group of arrangements by Joe Reisman. Harpsichord, vibes, bells and other less familiar instrumentations are used to present a number of tunes with a Continental flavor. Underneath each melody there is a good, persistent rhythm figure that gives each a brand-new quality. Songs include "Petite Fleur," "Melodie d' Amor," "Third Man Theme," plus a couple of Reisman originals, "Joey's Song" and "chanson De Gail." Smart arranging thruout and it's worth hearing.

The Right Girl On The Left Bank
Petite Fleur
Maid In France
Mack The Knife
Melodie d'Amour
Chanson De Gail (Gail's Song)
Third Man Theme
Continental Capers
La Ronde
Joey's Song

Honeymoon In South America - Rio Carnival Orchestra

Honeymoon In South America
The Rio Carnival Orchestra
Produced under the direction of D. L. Miller
Cover Art: Joe Krush
Somerset Records ALBUM P-1900
Miller International Co.

Orchids In The Moonlight
Honeymoon Cha Cha
Tango De L'amore
La Paloma
Moon Over Montivideo
El Manicero
La Cumparsita

Echoes Of Latin America - George Feyer

Side 1
Echoes Of Latin America
George Feyer
Piano with Rhythm Accompaniment
Vox Production VX 670

From the back cover: George Feyer studied at the Budapest Conservatory under Dohnanyi, Kodaly and Szekely. Being recognized as one of the most promising young concert-pianists in his country, he caused quite a sensation when he suddenly shifted to popular music. In this field he very soon became one of the best known and best paid entertainers in Europe. He played in the plushest and most exclusive night clubs and hotels in Paris, Deauville, Nice, Monte Carlo, The Hague, Geneva and St. Moritz. Feyer also had a regular weekly radio program on Radio Paris.

He came to this country in 1951 and made his debut in New York's famous Gogi's La Rue where he captivated his new audiences with his inimitable style just as he did the old ones. Feyer's refinements and taste are the hallmarks of his arrangements in which Europe tradition blends skillfully with the best in Latin American music.

From Billboard - October 30, 1954: Vox is preparing a new de luxe package containing more of George Feyer's "Echoes" series. The three-disk (10-inch LP's) set will include a special booklet illustrated with scenes from the locales covered musically by the pianist. Records packaged in the set include the recent "More Echoes Of Paris," "Echoes Of Broadway" and "Echoes Of Latin - America. List price will be $10.95.

Side 1

Introduction (Malaguena)
La Cumparsita
Quizas, Quizá
Noche Di Ronda

Side 2

El Choclo
Linda Mujer
El Manisero (The Peanut Vendor)
Solamente Una Vez
Jarabe Tapatio (Mexican Hat Dance)
Cielito Lindo
Ojos Verdes (Green Eyes)
Mambo - Jambo
Tico - Tico

Echoes Of Italy - George Feyer

Side 1
Echoes Of Italy
George Feyer
Piano with Rhythm Accompaniment
VOX Productions VX 620

From the back cover: George Feyer studied at the Budapest Conservatory under Dohnanyi, Kodaly and Szekely. Being recognized as one of the most promising young concert-pianists in his country, he caused quite a sensation when he suddenly shifted to popular music. In this field he very soon became one of the best known and best paid entertainers in Europe. He played in the plushest and most exclusive night clubs and hotels in Paris, Deauville, Nice, Monte Carlo, The Hague, Geneva and St. Moritz. Feyer also had a regular weekly radio program on Radio Paris.

He came to this country in 1951 and made his debut in New York's famous Gogi's La Rue where he captivated his new audiences with his inimitable style just as he did the old ones. Feyer's refinements in which European tradition blends skillfully with the best in American music. His repertory is literally limitless, and he plays the classics with a touch of Broadway, and Broadway with a touch of the Continent.

From Billboard - December 5, 1953: Vox's latest in its "Echoes" series with pianist George Feyer is "Echoes In Italy," to be released next week. The discern will also package all three LP's in the series in a gift box, together with a 12-page picture booklet, which will be offered at a suggested list of $9.95.

Side 1

Anema a Core
Tic-ta, Tic-ta
O Sole Mio
Luna Rossa
Per Un Bacio d' Amore
Oh Marie

Side 2

Torna a Surriento
Santa Lucia
Viole ta
Ti Voglio Bene
Parla Mi d' Amore
Violino Tzigano
Operatic Fantasy

Echoes Of Hollywood - George Feyer

Side One
Echoes Of Hollywood
George Feyer
Vov Productions VX 800 (1955) & Vox VX 25.400 (1956)

From Billboard - June 11, 1955: Dealers who have latched on to the preceding volumes in Feyer's "Echoes" series should have no trouble prolonging the bonanza with this issue. The tunes include such as "Hi Lili," "Easter Parade," "Cheek To Cheek," "An American In Paris," and others – a total of 14 numbers, all played in Feyer's clean, breezy, pianistic style. Happily for dealers who stock Feyer, one album frequently sells the entire series.

Side 1

Easter Parade (from the film "Easter Parade")
Lili (Hi Lili, Hi Lili, Hi Lo from the film "Lili")
Cheek To Cheek (from the film "Top Hat")
Our Love Is Here To Stay (from the film "An American In Paris")
Lovely To Look At (from the film "Roberta")
An American In Paris (from the film "An American In Paris")

Side 2

The Carioca (from the film "Flying Down To Rio")
Isn't It Romantic (from the film "Love Me Tonight")
Third Man Theme (from the film "The Third Man")
Alexander's Rag Time Band (from the film "Alexander's Rag Time Time Band")
The Continental (from the film "The Gay Divorcee")
Terry's Theme (from the film "Limelight")
Cocktails For Two (from the film "Murder At The Vanities")
Donkey Serenade (from the film "Firefly")

More Echoes From Paris - George Feyer

Side 1
More Echoes Of Paris
George Feyer - Piano with Rhythm Accompaniment
Vox Productions VX 730

From the back cover: We received a letter from Hong-Kong yesterday which said in part "you Echoes are really excellent recordings – please accept our congratulations on your achievement." Since the issuance of Feyer's first record a little over a year ago (VX 500 – Echoes Of Paris) we have recieved letters from Egypt, Italy, Germany, India – in short from all over the world.

Feyer's sparkling playing and arrangements are now a household word. To give you an example: he walked into a New York City Post Office a few days ago and was recognized by the clerks. It seems that the Post Office employees had all chipped in to buy the entire Echoes series to play during work. At New York's fashionable Delmonico Feyer can be heard nightly playing the tunes and the arrangements that have made him famous. Each new Echoes is greeted with a greater enthusiasm than the one before, and the anticipation of records shops and customers throughout the world is really astonishing.

From Billboard - October 30, 1954: Vox is preparing a new de luxe package containing more of George Feyer's "Echoes" series. The three-disk (10-inch LP's) set will include a special booklet illustrated with scenes from he locales covered musically by the pianist. Records packaged in the set include the recent "More Echoes Of Paris," "Echoes Of Broadway" and "Echoes Of Latin America," List price will be $10.95

Side 1

Parlez-moi d'amour
Hymne a l'amour (If You Love Me)
Mademoiselle de Paris
Moulin Rouge
Grands Boulevards
La petite Tonkinoise (It's Delightful To Be Married)
Sous le ciel de Paris (Under The Paris Sky)
La sorella (La Matchiche)

Side 2

L'ame des poetes (At Last)
Debussy: Clair de lune
Sous les ponts de Paris
Offenback: Can-Can

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

In London, In Love - Norrie Paramor

The Touch Of Your Lips
In London, In Love
Music For Listening by Norrie Paramor
His Strings and Orchestra
Recorded in London
Cover Photo by Interstate Photographers
Capitol Records ST 10025

From the back cover: One of England's most popular musicians is Norrie Paramor, who came out of Trinity School in London as a fledgling dance orchestra leader and, as time passed, played piano with the Maurice Winnick, Jack Harris and Billy Gerhardt bands.

A halt to his career in popular music was abruptly experienced by Norrie in 1940 when he joined the gallant R.A.F. But even in service Norrie's superb musicianship became known to his fellow airmen. Norrie wound up as an R.A.F. musical director (with Ralph Reader's famed "Gang") and toured military bases as far as India. "I suspect," he says, "I played every N.A.A.F.I. piano in the world before the war ended."

Free to resumé's his civilian career in 1944, Norrie formed a brilliantly successful partnership with Harry Gold in a jazz combo called the "Pieces Of Eight," That lasted through '49 In May of the following year Norrie started recording regularly for the British Columbia label. Since then he has waxed more than 125 selections, and his name means good music on the B.B.C., Radio Luxembourg and in television.

But Norrie refuses to reveal the identity of the girl who sings so fetchingly on this record!
(Patricia Clarke)

The Nearness Of You
Stairway To The Stars
Embraceable You
Stars Fell On Alabama
The Touch Of Your Lips
All The Things You Are
I'll Get By
Deep Purple
Someone To Watch Over Me
Dearly Beloved
The Very Thought Of You

More Soul Sounds - WDAS

The Nitty Gritty - Shirley Ellis
WDAS Charities Presents
More Soul Sounds
22 Original Hits By The Original Artists
Produced by Buzz Curtis
Post Records

From the back cover: Hi! This is Butterball! You all know me as the over-loading', sound exploding' world's most adequate DJ on WDAS. But I would like to step out of character just for the time being to fill you in on the new WDAS Charities Album you've got in your hands. Just by checking the list you can see it's made up of 22 of the greatest soul sounds that ever hit Philadelphia. But what you can't see, and the most important part of this album, is all the good the WDAS Charities will do with the proceeds that come from the sale of this album... WDAS presents: More Soul Sounds

Mine Exclusively - The Olympics
Make Me Yours - Bettye Swann
Knock On Wood - Eddie Floyd
The Nitty Gritty - Shirley Ellis
Open The Door - Darrell Banks
Gotta Have Your Love - The Sapphires
Searchin' For My Love - Bobby Moore
I Know - Barbara George
She Blew A Good Thing - The Poets
I Wanna Love Him So Bad - The Jelly Beans
But It's Alright - J. J. Jackson
Hey Girl - Freddie Scoot
That's How Heartaches Are Made - Baby Washington
Lovers Never Say Goodbye - The Flamingos
All In My Mind - Maxine Brown
You Gave Me Somebody To Love - The Dreamlovers
The Love Of My Man - Theola Kilgore
Island Of Love - The Sheppards
Love Letters - Kitty Lester
A Message To My Babe - Billy Harner
When Love Slips Away - Dee Dee Warwick
Nothin' Takes The Place Of You - Toussaint McCall

The New Glenn Miller Orchestra In Hi-Fi - Ray McKinley

Hallelujah, I Just Love Her So
The New Glenn Miller Orchestra In Hi-Fi
Directed by Ray McKinley
Photo: Sy Friedman
RCA Victor LPM-1522

From the back cover: Ray McKinley at the head of the current Glenn Miller band is one of the most natural courses of events dancebandom could and should take. for when the Miller AAF band suddenly lost it's leader, Ray McKinley took over – not in rank, perhaps, but in spirit – not a soldier with a commission, but one with a mission – a mission to carry on the music, the spirit and the tradition of a very dear friend.

Back in the early Thirties, Glenn and Mac had become close friends as members of Smith Ballew's band. Together they joined and sparked the Dorsey Brothers' orchestra, working together, riding together on one-nighters, growing up together. Friends and mutual admirers they remained, apart as leaders of their own successful bands, reunited as Major Miller and T/Sgt. McKinley in one of the greatest musical outfits of all time.

When Glenn was lost, his bandsmen found a new leader in Ray. It was McKinley who led the great dance band; who fought for its rights with Army brass; who won the respect and affection of its soldier-musicians. And when, more than ten years later, the Miller band was reorganized, Helen Miller, Glenn's widow, asked Ray to assume the leadership of the new group.

The band's career has been most successful, both here and abroad. It has brought the music of Miller to many nations, including several behind the Iron Curtain. Its trip to Europe, where millions had heard the original Mill AFF band, was a resounding success, and upon its completion, the band settled into RCA Victor's Webster Hall studio for a series of recording sessions, the results of which are contained herein.

The band is mostly Miller-is. There is the warm reed sound with the familiar clarinet lead and the ooh-was of the brass in arrangements written by Joe Cribari and Deane Kincaide. But there is also a lot that is distinctly McKinley: his crisp, incisive, swinging drums; his witty, rhythmic vocals; his unending enthusiasm.

Ray's pulsating drums move as easy-going Don't Be That Way just as they did when Miller AFF band played it "in a medley that always thrilled me!" (End McKinley quote.) The trumpet solo is by Ed Zandy, a former Tex Beneke bandsman, who plays all trumpet solos on this record.

Don't Be That Way
I'm Thrilled
Whistle Stop
Hallelujah, I Just Love Her So
Anything Goes
I Almost Lost My Mind
Slumber Song
My Prayer
Accentuate The Positive
On The Street Where You Live
Lullaby Of Birdland

The Greatest Dixieland Ever - Jonah Jones

J J Special
The Greatest Dixieland Ever
Jonah Jones
Guest Star G-1420

From the back cover: Jonah Jones was born in Louisville, Kentucky on December 31, 1909. He has been playing trumpet ever since he joined a kid's band in his home town at the age of twelve. He stayed on for the next six years and sat in with Bill Beason, Russell Bowles, Dicky Wells and Robert Carroll. From 1929 on Jonah has been featured with various organizations such as Horace Henderson, Jimmy Lunceford, Lil Armstrong, McKinney's Cotton Pickers, Stuff Smith, Teddy Wilson, Lionel Hampton, Benny Carter, Billie Holiday, Adrian Rollini, Fletcher Henderson and Cab Calloway. In 1944 to 1946 he had his own combo and in 1952 he played with Joe Bushkin art the Embers nightclub in New York City. During 1952 and 1953 he toured with the Earl Hines Combo and the Porgy & Bess pit band in 1953. In 1954 he spent several months in Europe as a solo attraction. In the late 1950's his albums suddenly began to catch the public's fancy in a big way, and in conjunction with very frequent television exposure his career enjoyed a tremendous renaissance. In Jonah Jones you find a musician whose balance of warmth and volume in his tone is the result of great skill on his instrument, which allows him to articulate every note as he feels it.

J J Special
Bill Bailey
Delilah's Delight
Drowsy River
Flying Trapeze
Beale Street Blues
Lazy Trombone
Battle Hymn Of The Republic

Big Hot Rod Hits!

Night Rider
Bit Hot Rod Hits!
The Big Winners By Your Drag-Circuit Favorites
Produced by Jim Economides
Capitol Records ST 2024

From Billboard - December 21, 1963: The hot West Coast sound is offered in a sure-fire package. Four tracks are from the Beach Boys' current hit LP, "Little Duce Coupe." Dick Dale offers three strong tracks from his LP "Checkered Flag," and there are other tracks by the Cheers, Jimmy Dolan and the Super Stocks. A strong program, designed from heavy sales.

Custom Machine - The Beach Boys - Little Deuce Coupe (S) T-1998
Ho-Dad Machine - Dick Dale - Checkered Flag! (S) T-2002
Night Rider - Dick Dale - Checkered Flag! (S) T-2002
Hot Rod City - Super Stocks - Hot Rod Rally (s) T-1997
No-Go Showboat - The Beach Boys (S) T-1998
The Scavenger - Dick Dale - Checkered Flag! (S) T-2002
Our Car Club - The Beach Boys - Little Deuce Coupe (S) T-1998
Black Denim Trousers And Motorcycle Boots - The Cheers - Shut Down (D) T-1918
Hot Rod Race - Jimmy Dolan - Shut Down (D) T-1918
Little Street Machine - Hot Rod Rod - Hot Rod Really (S) T-1997
Cherry, Cherry Coupe - The Beach Boys - Little Deuce Coupe (S) T-1998

Sunday, September 13, 2020

All Through The Night - Julie London

All Through The Night
All Through The Night
Julie London Sings The Choicest Of Cole Porter
With The Bud Shank Quintet
Producer: Richard Bock
Arranger: Russ Freeman
Engineer: Richard Bock
Art Direction: Woody Woodward
Cover Photo: Fred Seligo
Liberty Records LST-7434

Bud Shank: Alto Sax and Flute
Russ Freeman: Piano
Joe Pass: Guitar
Monty Budwig: Bass
Colin Bailey: Drums

From Billboard - February 5, 1966: Julie London, with able backing of the Bud Shank Quintet, romps through some of the great Cole Porter songs – classics like "I've Got You Under My Skin," "Easy To Love" and "My Heart Belongs To Daddy," She's sultry and sophisticated, and she's great with the material.

I've Got You Under My Skin
You Do Something To Me
Get Out Of Town
All Through The Night
So In Love
At Long Last Love
Easy To Love
My Heart Belongs To Daddy
Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye
In the Still Of The Night

I Wish You Love - Carmen Cavallaro

Comme Ci Comme Ca
I Wish You Love
Fabulous French Songs
Carmen Cavallaro
The Poet Of The Piano
Piano Solos with Orchestra Conducted by Dick Jacobs
Decca Records DL 74566

I Wish You Love (Que Rest-T-ll De Nos Amours)
Danse Avec Moi
N'oublie Jamais
C'est Si Bon (It's So Good)
Tu Sais
If You Go (Is Tu Partais)
Comme Ci Comme Ca (Clopin Clopant)
If You Love Me (Really Love Me) (Hymne A L'amour)
Mine For The Taking
Padam... Radam (It Echoes The Beat Of My Heart)
Somewhere, Somehow, Someday (Chante)

Poetry In Ivory - Carmen Cavallaro

Autumn In New York
Poetry In Ivory
Carmen Cavallaro at The Piano
And His Orchestra
Decca Records DL 8326

From the back cover: It is as a poet that Carmen Cavallaro has combined grace and brilliance, beauty and dexterity. His ability as a performer was recognized while Carmen was still an undergraduate in De Witt Clinton High School. Reared on the music of the masters, he played in the school orchestra – and, since this organization was called on to play for school dances as well as social functions, he made the transition from the classics to dance music naturally. By the time he graduated, Carmen had developed his own unique style, already suggesting the brilliant keyboard agility and subtle underlying rhythms which he made famous.

After playing with various dance bands in the New York area, he joined the orchestra of Rudy Vallee and, later Al Kavelin's organization. In 1939, Carmen formed his own orchestra, acted as arranger and director, and revealed his now full developed piano virtuosity.

His recording were immediately successful. His record of the then little-known Cuban rhythm number, "Enlloro" evoked such acclaim the this rendition of it was featured in a Warner Brothers film. The sales of Decca's recording of this selection passed the million mark and created an immediate demand for further recordings. Following the release of Decca's now famous "Dancing In The Dark," Cavallaro has been represented by more than a half-dozen albums, including "All The Things You Are," "I'll See You In My Dream," "Strauss Waltzes," "Serenade," "Music At Midnight," "The Eddy Duchin Story," and others.

Cavallaro's first personal appearance engagement was at the Strand Theatre in New York. The ovation he received there was tremendous; it marked the beginning of a theatre tour which took him to every leading city in the country. The plaudits after his appearance as a concert pianist brought him offers for concert engagements in this country and South America, culminating in a nation-wide concert tour.

In 1950, Carmen Cavallaro decided to disband his orchestra and to perform exclusively as a soloist. Playing with a dance band had restricted him to the dance tempo; playing solo in his own way, he felt that he could attain a greater rhythmical flexibility as well as a freedom in interpretation. His judgment was sound. Once again he showed his personal versatility as well as the variety of his talent. He was as effective with jazz as with the gentler moods; he was equally at home with Brahms and Boogie Boogie. When "The Eddy Duchin Story" was produced, the choice of Carmen Cavallaro as the pianist was inevitable. Like Duchin, Cavallaro had performed at the most famous hotels and nightclubs in the brilliantly melodic manner common to both.

This new album is a renewed proof of Cavallaro's scope. It reveals the range which won countless audiences at New York's Waldorf-Astoria, Chicago's Palmer House and Los Angeles' Cocoanut Grove – and it also displays the dramatic jazz technique which thrilled his listeners at New York's "Embers,"

From Billboard - October 27, 1956: Cavallaro's playing on the "Eddy Duchin Story" hit sound track package has brought him maximum showcasing, and riding on that crest of popularity, this new LP, too, should come in for good retail activity. Re-issue includes some of his most requested readings, including, "Dream Of Olwen," "Just Say I Love Her," "Beyond The Sea," "Autumn Leaves," etc. Jocks will find much playable stuff here.

The Dream Of Olwen
They Can't Take That Away From Me
Autumn In New York
In Love
Shadow Time
Heaven Drops Her Curtain Down
Autumn Leaves
Beyond The Sea
Just Say I Love Her
Portrait Of Jennie

Whistle A Happy Tune - Fred Lowery

Easy Goin'

Whistle A Happy Tune
Fred Lowery
Decca Records DL 8995

From the back cover: Fred Lowery is one of the most amazing musicians in the world – he is a virtuoso without an instrument. An instrument, that is, in the generally accepted sense.

Fred Lowery whistles, a small accomplishment in itself, but through his lips pass some of the most delightful music ever heard. He has elevated the commonplace practice of "making a shrill sound by forcing the breath through the teeth of "lips" (Webster), into an acknowledged musical art form.

Born in Palestine, Texas, Mr. Lowery has been almost totally blind since early childhood. While attending a school for the blind, he met a bird imitator who encouraged him to take up the unusual hobby. "Before long," Mr. Lowery recalls, "I discovered to my delight there was more to whistling than bird calls."

Although he could not have imagined it as the time, his hobby was to become a highly successful career. After a series of initial professional engagements – radio shows in Dallas, several years with the Vincent Lopez Orchestra in New York, and so on, he attained national fame as a featured art of Horace Heidt's popular show. The popularity of his extraordinary artistry has since reached unprecedented proportion in every medium of entertainment.

Here, with beautiful songs such as the unforgettable The High And The Mighty, Over The Rainbow, Danny Boy and many others and accompanied by Anita Kerr Singers. Fred Lowery melodically urges you to Whistle A Happy Tune!

I Whistle A Happy Tune
Mockin' Bird Hill
Easy Goin'
Over The Rainbow
William Tell Overture
Red River Valley
Londonderry Air
Gypsy Love Song
Estrellita (Little Men)

My Fair Lady & The King And I - Al Goodman

I Have Dreamed
My Fair Lady & The King And I
Orchestra Conducted by Al Goodman
Promenade Records 2061

From the back cover: Al Goodman famous conductor and musician has devoted all his life to music. His love for music and his inherent musical ability were manifest at an early age when he sang soprano in his father's choir, became a musician in the pit of a local "movie house", and was awarded a scholarship to the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore.

In 1915 Al Goodman was selected by Earl Carroll to accompany him to California as arranger and conductor. That was Goodman's official entry into show business... the start of an illustrious musical career which brought him into personal contact with the all-time "greats" of show business... as the conductor of many shows and musical productions whose successes were due in great measure to his outstanding ability.

Al Goodman produced musical comedies with Earl Carroll... never-to-be director and composer of all Shubert musical productions. He later became associated with various Radio and TV Shows as musical consultant and director such as the Hit Parade and the Colgate Hour. In his wide and varied career he was associated arranger, conductor, recording artist or musical supervisor for about 200 famous musical shows and programs. He has worked with the biggest names in the history of Broadway: Earl Carroll, Al Jolson, George White, Sigmund Romberg, Jack Benny, Fannie Brice, George Jessel, Flo Ziefeld, James Melton, Max Gordon, Bob Hope and many, many others.

From Billboard - March 3, 1958: For the price this is a real bargain. The top hits from both of the Broadway classic are presented with charm and appeal by the artists with excellent ork settings. Miss Fisher, former understudy to Julie Andrews in "My Fair Lady," gives polished performances.

With A Little Bit Of Luck
Wouldn't It Be Lovely
On The Street Where You Live
The Rain In Spain
I Could Have Danced All Night
Get Me To Church On Time
Shall We Dance
I Have Dreamed
Getting To Know You
We Kiss In The Shadow
Something Wonderful

Friday, September 11, 2020

Someone Is Standing Outside - Bill Medley

Let Me Love Again
Bill Medley
Someone Is Standing Outside
Produced by Bill Medley - Medley Productions
Arranged and Conducted by Bill Baker
Engineer: John Neal
Director of Engineering: Jeremiah Bean
Art Direction: Sid Maurer
MGM Records SE-4640 STEREO

Let Me Love Again
Change Gonna Come
Love Me Tender
Hey Jude
Didn't We Girl
Little Green Apples
Blowin' In The Wind
Someone Is Standing Outside
For Once In My Life
My Way

By Myself - Julie London

The Thrill Is Gone
By Myself
Julie London
Produced Exclusively For The Columbia Record Club
A and R Coordinator: Lee Mendell
Art Direction: Woody Woodward
Liberty Records, Inc. SCR-1

You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
The Thrill Is Gone
It Never Entered My Mind
Where Or When
By Myself
They Can't Take That Away From Me
Love Is Here To Stay
A Cottage For Sale
I Love Paris

Julie Is Her Name - Julie London - Vol. 2

Spring Is Here
Julie Is Her Name
Volume Two
Julie London
Produced by Bobby Troup
Cover Design: Garrett-Howard
Engineer: Ted Keep
Liberty Records, Inc. LRP 3100

From the back cover: One's own success is always difficult to top. This is an old show business adage. Perhaps we're overly enthusiastic, but in this case we feel the good is followed by the better. "Julie Is Her Name – Vol. II" has all the sincerity and warmth of "Julie Is Her Name". The songs have the same tingling nostalgia. Howard Roberts' brilliant guitar work and arrangements capture every nuance of every mood. Red Mitchell's impeccable bass work couldn't possibly make a more musically marriage. And Julie's singing stature continues to grow and grow.

Blue Moon
What Is This Thing Called Love
How Long Has This Been Going On
Too Good To Be True
Spring Is Here
Goody Goody
The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else
If I'm Lucky
Hot Toddy
Little White Lies
I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plans
I Got Lost In His Arms

El Mejor Mariach Del Mundo - Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan

La Negra
El Mejor Mariach Del Mundo
Mariachi Vargas de Techalitlan
RCA Victor MKL-1156
Impreso en Mexico

La Negra
El Carretero
Camino Real de Colima
El Triste
El Becerro
El Son Del Gavilancillo
Las Olas
La Culebra
El Maracumbe
El Perico Loro
El Tirador
Los Arrieros

All The Hits - Chubby Checker

We Like Birdland
All The Hits
For Your Dancin' Party
By Chubby Checker
Cover Design: Miller, Boded & Rich - Philadelphia
Liner Notes: J. P. Byrne
Parkway P-7014

Twist And Shout
Havin' A Party
We Like Birdland
Dancin' Party
The Wah-Watusi
I Need Your Lovin'
Hully Gully Baby
Bristol Stomp
Limbo Rock
Mashed Potato Time

Here Comes The Bride - Virgil Fox

O Perfect Love
Here Comes The Bride
Virgil Fox - Organist
A DeLux Decca 2 Record Album
A complete program of music for Wedding Ceremony and Reception, as complied by Virgil Fox and the Editors of The Brides Magazine
Produced by Israel Horowitz
Cover photo courtesy The Bride's Magazine
Decca STEREO DXSB 7201

From the inside cover (double fold with extra page): Virgil Fox

Since the organ is often referred to as "the king of musical instruments," it is safe to refer to Virgil Fox as "a king among instrumentalists." For not only is he recognized by the largest audiences in the history fo organ music as one of the instrument's foremost virtuosos, but breaking the rules of generations, he has explored and developed a wholly new tonal spectrum and a totally new style of playing to give the organ hitherto undreamed of dimensions.

While he was for 19 years organist at New York's Riverside Church, Fox's greatest renown is in the concert and recording fields. He gives as many as 70 recitals a season, many of them in halls where the sound of an organ has never previously been heard. He was chosen to inaugurate the new organ at Philharmonic Hall, in New York's Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, and one month later earned a standing ovation for the first solo organ recital in Philharmonic Hall. He has appeared as soloist with the New York Philharmonic, the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Boston Symphony, the National Symphony, and the orchestras of Baltimore, Rochester, Detroit, Dallas, Los Angeles and Toronto, as well as with the orchestra of the Paris Opera. He has played 3 times at the White House, and performed 44 major organ works in a memorable series of 3 concerts at the Library of Congress under the auspices of the Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge Foundation.

Abroad, Fox has performed on practically every important organ in the world. These have included the instrument at the historic Thomaskirche in Leipzig, where Johann Sebastian Bach himself was organist, that of the Marienkirche in Lubbock, on which Buxtehude composed his organ masterpieces, and those of Notre Dame de Paris, Westminster Abby, Lincoln and Durham Cathedrals, the Kaiser's Church in Berline, and London's Temple Church, Royal Albert Hall, and Royal Festival Hall.

The Girard College Chapel Organ

The organ selected for this recording is situated in the non-sectarian Chapel of Girard Collage, Philadelphia – a unique elementary and secondary "school-home for fatherless boys" founded in 1848 under the will of Stephen Girard, the French businessman and banker who figured importantly in the American Revolution. The 4-manual, 102-stop, 6,587-pipe organ was built and installed by the Skinner Organ Company (now Aeolian-Skinner) of Boston in 1933, when the fan-shaped, 2,400-seat auditorium was dedicated. The organ has a novel installation 75 feet above the Chapel rostrum, where the main organ, in 2 chambers, and echo organ, in a separate chamber, are built around the 4 sides of a huge wedge-shaped mixing chamber, from which the sound is discharged through a perforated ceiling into the auditorium below.

Theme from Symphony No. 6 (Tchaikovsky)
Impatience (Schubert) (Ungeduld)
Silent as the Night (C. John) (Still wie die Nacht)
Theme from "Romeo and Juliet" (Tchaikovsky)
Bridal Chorus from "Lohengrin" (Wagner)
St. Anthony Chorale (Haydn)
Bridal March (C. H. Perry)
Trumpet Voluntary in D (Powell)
Rigaudon (A. Campra)
A Dream (Grieg) (Ein Traum)
O Perfect Love (J. Barnby)
Be Thou With Me (Bach) (Bist du bei mir)
Nocturne (Mendelssohn) (from "A Midsummer Night's Dream")
Theme from "Water Music" (Handel)
Praise My Soul (J. Goss)
Ode to Joy (Beethoven) (from Symphony No. 9)
Because (G. d'Hardelot)
I Love You Truly (C. Jacobs-Bond)
I Love You (Grieg) (Ich lid dich)
Through the Years (V. Youmans-E. Heyman)

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Rock Opera Mix - Gilbey's Gin

Everything's Alright - Superstar: Living Voices
Rock Opera Mix
Gilbey's Gin & Vodka
Production National Distillers Product Co.
Sales Manager: A. Joel Robinson
Design Production: Unigroup Inc.
Original Recipes: Tom Maloney
RCA Special Products STEREO PRS-403

Aquarius - Hair: Original Cast
Nature Boy - Joes Feliciano
Superstar - Superstar: Living Strings & Living Voices
Share The Land - The Guess Who
Everything's Alright - Superstar: Living Voices
Tommy Overture - Tommy: Henry Mancini Concert Orchestra
I Don't Know How To Love Him - Superstar: Living Voices
New Mother Nature - Friends Of Distinction
Let The Sun Shine In - Hair: Original Cast
John Nineteen Forty One - Superstar: Living Strings

Moods In Music - Herman Clebanoff

Moods In Music
The Clebanoff Strings
Featuring Herman Clebanoff and His Echoing Violin
Mercury Records MG 20270

From the back cover: This recording was made at Universal Recording Corporation, Chicago, with Bill Putnam at the controls. Recorded in Studio A, probably the largest studio in the world, extensive use was made of a series of 18 1/2 by 4-foot swinging all baffles to achieve the lush clarity of the strings and solo violin. A special miniature mobile band shell, equipped with multiple polycylindrical diffusers, covered the nine first violins. Microphones utilized to reproduce the various sections and instruments included: double standard bass (Altec 639); piano (RCA 77DX); strings (Telefunken M221); Clebanoff's solo violin (Telefunken U47); and drums (Telefunken 201). The entire session was taped at 15 its (inches per second) on an Ampex 350 Tape Recorder. The tape was mastered at Universal's studio on a Scully lathe equipped with a Cook feed back cutter head. (RIAA) – Malcolm Chislom , Universal Recording Corp.

Take Me In Your Arms
Birth Of Passion
Tango Orientale
Our Waltz
Forbidden Love
Noche De Ronde
La Seduccion
Wonderful One
Meditation (from "Thais")

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Manhattan - Mantovani

Harlem Nocturne
Mantovani / Manhattan
Mantovani and His Orchestra
Arranged by Roland Shaw
London MONO LL 3328

Give My Regards To Broadway
Autumn In New York
The Bowery
Harlem Nocturne
Slaughter On Tenth Avenue
Manhattan Serenade
Take The "A" Train
Manhattan Lullaby
West Side Story - Maria, Somewhere
Belle Of New York
Tenement Symphony

Graffiti Gold - 40 Original Hits

Kathy Young And The Innocents - A Thousand Stars 
Graffiti Gold
A Two Record Set 40 Original Hits By Original Artists
Dee-Jay Records VJ-2-9000

The Spaniels - Goodnight Sweetheart
The Crests - 16 Candles
Buster Brown - Fannie Mae
The Olympics - Shimmy Like Kate
The Cleftones - Heart & Soul
The Regents - Barbara Ann
Lee Dorsey - Ya Ya
Buddy Knox - Party Doll
Joey Dee & The Starliters - Peppermint Twist
Frankie Lymon - Why Do Fools Fall In Love
Little Anthony & The Imperials - Tears On My Pillow
The Heartbeats - 1000 Miles Away
The Flamingos - I Only Have Eyes For You
Bobby Freeman - Do You Wanna Dance
The Tempos - See You In September
Sonny Till & The Orioles - Crying In The Chapel
Johnny Bond - Hot Rod Lincoln
Joe Jones - You Talk Too Much
Joe Jones - California Sun
The Dubbs - Could This Be Magic
Big Wheelie & The Hubcaps - At The Hop
Little Anthony & The Imperials - Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop
Joey Dee & The Starliters - Shout
The Playmates - Beep Beep
Wilbur Harrison - Kansas City
J. Frank Wilson And The Cavaliers - Last Kiss
Doug Clark & The Hot Nuts Baby - Let Me Bang Your Box
Jimmy Clanton - Just A Dream
Jimmy Clanton - Venus In Blue Jeans
Frankie Ford - Sea Cruise
Jimmy Charles - A Million To One
Little Richard - Lucille
Jerry Butler - He Will Break Your Heart
Dee Clark - Raindrops
Gene Chandler - Duke Of Earl
The El Dorados - Crazy Little Mama At My Front Door
Kathy Young And The Innocents - A Thousand Stars
The Teen Queens - Eddie My Love
Dee Clark - Hey Little Girl
Betty Everett - The Shoop Shoop Song
The Olympics - Western Movies
The Spaniels - Goodnight Sweetheart

Subyugante - Los Hermanos Castro

La Palomita
Los Hermanos Castro
Y Su Conjunto Folkorico
Orion LP 25025
Industria Fonografica Ecuatoriana S.A.

El Conjunto Folkorico de Los Hnos. Castro, Lo Integran Juan y Gonzalo Castro (Arpas), Jose Castro y Juan Ruales (Violines), Pedro Chinga y Sergio Bedoya (Guitarras) y Ramon Alarcon (Bajo). Maximos Interpretes de la Musica Nacional.

The Folk Ensemble of Los Hnos. Castro, is made up of Juan and Gonzalo Castro (Harps), Jose Castro and Juan Ruales (Violins), Pedro Chinga and Sergio Bedoya (Guitars) and Ramon Alarcon (Bass). Maximum Interpreters of the National Music.

Subyugante - Carlos Bonilla
Cantares del Alma - Carlos Bonilla
Adoracion - Enrique Ibanez Mora
Ausencia - Bolivar Ortiz
Angustia de Vivir - Gonzalo Castro
Jaguay - Arturo Garcia
Pobre - Corazon - Guillermo Garzon
Consuelo Mio - Victor Salgado
Bajo el Cielo de Quite - Traditional
Dulce Mirada - Gonzalo Castro
Madrigal - Gonzalo Y Juan Castro
La Palomita - D.A.R.

A Taste Of Honey - The Mexicali Brass

When The Saints Go Marchin In 
A Taste Of Honey
The Mexicali Brass
Crown Records STEREO CST 487

A Taste Of Honey
El Relicario
Dark Eyes
When The Saints Go Marchin In
La Virgen De La Macarena
La Cumparsita
Bill Bailey
Careless Love

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

An Orchestral Portrait Of Nat "King" Cole - Nelson Riddle

Sweet Lorraine
An Orchestral Portrait Of Nat "King" Cole by Nelson Riddle
And His Orchestra
Produced by Sonny Burke
Art Direction: Ed Thrasher
Reprise STERE RS-6162

From the back cover: One day in March, 1950, Carlos Gastel, an agent, called me and asked me to meet his client, Nat Cole, that night at a downtown Los Angeles club called Tiffany's to discuss the arrangements for a forthcoming recording session that Nat would be doing. My wife and I dutifully showed up and were ushered into a dimly lit room where Nat Cole and his trio were playing to a packed house.

At this time and place began a wonderful musical and personal relationship that was to last from "Mona Lisa," one of the songs we discussed that evening, to March 1960, when Nat and I recorded an album called "Wild Is Love." It seemed that every recording session that Nat and I did in that ten years had its hits: "Too Young," "Unforgettable," "Pretend," "Somewhere Along The Way," "Ballerian," and so on, until it seemed that as a team we could do no wrong. But most important, while welding this unbroken chain of successes, I came to know a wonderful, sensitive, and gifted artist, and a warm gentle human being.

It seemed to me that he stood for all that was clean and decent and yet, he did not build for himself a righteous pedestal on which to pose. Rather, he reminded me of one of my early dance band buddies: quick with jokes, always ready to laugh, and with an innate, colloquial humor that was charmingly extemporaneous. He could find a chuckle in least likely situations.

Nat loved all sports, especially baseball, and could tell you the life history of many of his favorite players, among them Warren Spahn, Hank Aaron, and Willie Mays, to name a few. His devotion to his family and his home was ever-present and unmistakable. He was immensely proud of his children, and spent as much time with them as his busy life as an entertainer would permit.

One of Nat's last commitments was as an actor in a picture called "Cat Ballou," filmed at Columibia Studios in the Summer of 1964, A young lady, Lucille DeLoach, met him by chance in the course of her duties in the Columbia Music Department. Actually, she was a fan of many years standing, having followed his career on records and television with great pleasure. But it was this chance meeting that inspired her to compose the following poem, presented here to in its entirety. It seems to express the deep affection and sense of loss felt by millions of people who knew him through his efforts in the entertainment field. I thought you'd like to read it for yourselves, perhaps with some of Nat's wonderful music as a background. – Sincerely, Nelson Riddle

"A Man That Passed Our Way"
A Certain glow has left this earth
And reached the great above...
Another star now lights the sky
In brightness of its love...

It leaves us with such sorrow,
This dark and saddened day...
But the world is so much richer
For his having passed our way...

The happiness he gave us,
Through his music and song...
The memory of his cheerful smile
Will linger on and on...

For this man was a giant,
In a world – sometimes so small...
It make me wish, with all my heart
I could be half as tall...

So sleep in peace, Dear Mr. Cole,
We weep for you, in prayer...
We ask that God watch over you,
In special loving care...

For there is a special place for you,
In the hearts of young and old...
But there will never be – for me,
Another Nat "King" Cole

Straighten Up And Fly Right
Too Young
It's Only A Paper Moon
Nature Boy
Walkin' My Baby Back Home
Mona Lisa
Night Lights
Sweet Lorraine
Ramblin' Rose
The Christmas Song

These selections, with the exception of "Ramblin' Rose" are faithful reproductions of Nat Cole's arrangements, many of which I originally wrote myself. The piano soloist is Jimmy Rowles, a fine jazz pianist and friend of Nat's. The overall impression we have tried to create is that of Nat attending a rehearsal of his arrangements and, perhaps, sitting down at the piano and sketching out the vocal line with one finger – Nelson Riddle.