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Friday, December 6, 2019

I'm In The Mood For Strings - Ray Ellis

Secret Love
I'm In The Mood For Strings
Ray Ellis and His Orchestra
MGM Records SE3779

From the back cover: Besides being the sorcerer behind such evocative music making as that offered in this album, Ellis is the imaginative arranging-conducting talent responsible for the accompaniments to dozens of hit recordings by such a stellar and varied listing of vocal luminaries as Connie Francis, Jaye P. Morgan, Clyde McPhatter, Johnny Mathis, Billie Holiday, Tony Bennett, Frankie Laine, The Four Lads, Ivory Joe Hunter, Bobby Darin, Sal Mineo, Chris Conner, Mahalia Jackson, Guy Mitchell, The DeJohn Sisters and Brook Benton. Master of many a musical style, he could, by early 1959, point with pride to a quite fabulous accomplishment in the recording industry – over forty records which placed in the "Top Twenty" during a three year period. Mr. Ellis is Artists and Repertoire Director of the popular music division of M-G-M Records.

Secret Love
There Goes My Heart
The Nearness Of You
The Touch Of Your Lips
The Night We Met
Someone To Watch Over Me
If I Should Lose You
You're My Everything
I Get The Blues When It Rains
Very Much In Love
Melancholy Serenade
Don't Worry 'Bout Me

Jazz Meets The Folk Song - Paul Winter

Lass From The Low Country
Jazz Meets The Folk Song
The Paul Winter Sextet
Produced by John Hammond
Cover Photo: Columbia Records Photo Studio / Henry Parker
Columbia CS 8955


Paul Winter: Soprano and Alto Sax - Replaces Dick Whitsell on Lass From The Low Country, The Legend Of Lord Thomas and Gotta Travel On.
Jay Cameron: Baritone Sax, instead of Sam Brown on Greenwood Side, Blue Mountain, Repeat, John Henry and We Shall Overcome
Jose Cigno, Latin Drums on Aruanda and Guantanamera

From the back cover: Over the past two years or Sextet has been fortunate to visit and play in twenty-five countries of this half of the world. Probably the most notable contribution of these travels to our musical education was the exposure to a great variety of folk melodies and rhythms. Usually, after leaving a country, it was the folk music that lingered longest in our memories, and often, it was the most impressive music we heard.

During our visit to Haiti, in 1962, at the beginning of a tour of Latin America for the State Department, we heard a striking folk song in 5/4 time called "Papa Zimbi." We adapted it for the group, and it became one of our most distinctive concert numbers – it was included in our White House concert following the tour. ("Jazz Premiere: Washington," CL 1997/CS 8797.) Also on that program was the folk song "Shenandoah," which we've played since the formation of the group.

For a long time we had wanted to do an entire album of various folk tunes, and now we had that opportunity. Having had a brief experience in using folk material, our interest was stimulated buy our travels. I don't believe it would have come from attending current hootenannies.

In this album we did not want to restrict ourselves to tunes we heard in the countries we visited (We had already recorded an all-Brazilian album "Jazz Meets The Bossa Nova," CL 1925/CS 8725) We've done here ten folk melodies we like very much, plus two originals we thought appropriate.

While considering instrumental versions of these songs we thought about two questions: first, what really is a "folk song"? And second, what is the value of these "songs" without words?

Music that is branded "folk," is, to my mind, music that originated among the common people of a country, or is in the native musical style of those people. Lyrics, of course, often precede the musical elements, but when a song is well known the melody becomes the implied expression of the words. Those who love instrumental music can appreciate the melodies equally well without lyrics.

We saw this in Latin America, where we played to many audiences who knew no English. In Cochabamba, Bolivia, the people were wildly enthusiastic when we played the "St. Louis Blues." They knew the melody, but the words would have been of little value. (One well known U.S. folk-singing group that toured Latin America shortly before we did was hooted off the stage in Maracaibo, Venezuela by an audience shouting "Espanol! Espanol!" in reaction to their English lyrics.) In the same manner, when we heard their songs, it was the music alone that mattered.

From Billboard - May 2, 1964: The music is as provocative as the title, and both should attract new listeners as well as those who have already become fans of this continually publicized group. Both the folk and the jazz are treated first carefully and, then, experimentally.

Blue Mountain
Scarlet Ribbons
Greenwood Side
Lass From The Low Countrie
Waltzing Matilda
The Legend Of Lord Thomas
John Henry
We Shall Overcome
Gotta Travel On

Out Of Limits! - The Marketts

Other Limits
Out Of Limits
The Marketts
Arranged by Ray Pohlman
Produced by Joe Saraceno
Production Supervisor: Mike Gordon
Recorded at United Recorders
Engineer: Dayton (Bones) Howe
Warer Bros. Records W 1537

Out Of Limits
Love 1985
Collision Course
Other Limits
Bell Star
Twilight City
Bella Delena
Limits Beyond

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Jazz Voices In Video - Dave Pell

Holiday For Strings
Jazz Voices In Video
Dave Pell
Arranger: Bob Florence
Engineer: Dave Wiechman
Cover Design / Photography: Studio Five
Liberty LRP-3321

This Could Be The Start Of Something
Like Young
Sing Along
Over The Rainbow
Thanks For Dropping By
Moon River
Thanks For The Memory
Lively One
Dream Along With Me
Holiday For Strings
Melancholy Serenade
See The U.S.A.

Satin Doll - Shirley Scott

It Don't Mean A Thing
Satin Doll
Shirley Scott
Supervision: Esmond Edwards
Recording Engineer: Rudy Van Gelder
Notes: Les Davis (July 1963)
Prestige Records 7283

Shirley Scott - Organ
George Tucker - Bass
Mack Simpkins - Drums

From Billboard - November 16, 1963: Organist Scott is back with another light, easy album of swinging sounds. It's just a trio here, with George Tucker, bass, and drummer Mack Simpkins. The title tune, "Don't Mean A Thing," and "Perdido," give a clue to things – the LP is composed of music written by Duke Ellington.

Satin Doll
It Don't Mean A Thing
C Jam Blues
Mood Indigo
Things Ain't What They Used To Be

Surf City - The Lively Ones

Surf City
The Lively Ones
A Bob Keene Production
Del-Fi Records DFLP-1237

From Billboard - July 13, 1963: Sea or No, Chicago Goes Surf

The surfing craze has hit the city. Unfortunately there's no surf to go along. But this isn't bothering anyone. Least of all the teenagers.

They're dressing like surfers, talking like surfers, even looking and acting like surfers. They're also dancing like surfers and burying records like and about surfers.

Record stores are putting in special surfing promotions. Radio stations are pushing the surf sound.

Dick Kemp, popular teen-idol at WYNR, the big McLendon Corporation rocker, has been walking around with a surfboard for the past week. He carries it everywhere, into restaurants, offices, stores, on the street, and claims he even sleeps with it at his bedside.

Kemp has been asking the kids on the air to tell him where he can go surfing. Some of the replies are classic. It all boils down to "there's no surf in the Windy City," but so far nobody seems to care.

Win a Hearse

The radio promotion is all part of a "Win a Hearse" contest being sponsored nationally by Del-Fi Records. For those who don't know, a hearse or woodie, is the chick way for a surfer to arrive with his board.

Potter, the local Del-Fi distributor, is placing coupons in local records stores. Kids are being asked to fill in their names. In a few weeks, Kemp will announce the winners on the air.

First prize is a hearse, second prize a surfboard (in fact, there'll be a number of surfboards) and after that a number of Del-Fi surfing albums.

Kemp, like any good surfer, already owns a hearse, and is using it to drive around the city. He makes quite a sight pulling up at the London House, stepping out with his surfboard, and going inside to eat a surf-burger.

Reaction Excellent

Retail reaction to the surfing craze has likewise been excellent. Both Fred Sipiora at Singer One Stop and Russ DiAngelo at Music Box report strong action.

Hottest seller, according to both one-stops, are "Surfin' USA," the Beach Boys on Capitol, and "Surfing' With The Astronauts on RCA Victor.

Singer and Music Box also reported calls for "Surf Ciyt" LP by Jan and Dean on Liberty which hasn't even been issued. The album is a follow-up to Jan and Dean's "Surf City" single which is doing very well.

Sipiora reported good action on "Wipe Out" by the Surfaris on Dot (a single). DiAngelo, who last week kicked off a "Go With Surfing' for Summer Sales" campaign in his one-stop, also reported action on the following list of albums; "The Original Surfer Stomp," "Surf Stompers, Del-Fi; Surfin' Safari," Beach Boys, Capitol; "Wipe Out," Impacts, Del-Fi; "The Original Surfer Stomp," Bruce Johnston, Del-Fi; "Surf Rider," the Lively Ones, Del-Fi; and Surf Drums, the Lively Ones, Del-Fi.

But There's No Surf

Just how far the surfing kick will go is, at this point, anyone's guess. To be coldly practical, the biggest body of water in the area is Lake Michigan. It's known for swimming, fishing, sailing, big waves, but no surf. Not even a small one.

A surfboard might be used for paddling around, but that's about all. But then, who's coldly practical. Certainly not the teen-agers. They think it's all a great idea, and if there's no surf, so what? There'll always be other things they can do.

They dress like surfers (White duck pants and sport shirts have become very "in"). They dance like surfers. They dig the surfing records and music "the most." And as for the part about going to the beach, what else does anyone do in Chicago during the summer – especially if you're a teen-ager.

To sum it up, surfing seems to have a good, healthy appeal, and the betting is that the landlocked Midwest will get as much mileage out of it as any area.

Surf City
Telstar Surf
Heads Up
Malibu Run
Surf Rider
Soul Surfer
Sleep Walk
Crazy Surf
Forty Miles Of Bad Surf

Songs From Goldfinger And Other James Bond Favorites - The Cheltenham Orchestra And Chorus

Songs From Goldfinger And Other James Bond Favorites
The Cheltenham Orchestra And Chorus
Wyncote STEREO SW-9086

The James Bond Theme
From Russia With Love
Theme For Guitar
Chuck's Monster

Let's Dance With Tony Pastor

Let's Do It
Let's Dance With Tony Pastor And His Orchestra
Vocals: Tony Pastor, Guy Pastor & Beth Harmon
Forum F 9009

From the back cover: In any history of the dance band business, an important spot must be reserved for Tony Pastor. Tony's verve and vigor have never diminished, and as this album so aptly demonstrates, he is still a vivid vocalizer and a bandsman who delivers a solid, danceable beat. Tony's inimitable vocal styling comes through on such well known Pastor favorites as Robin Hood, Rosalie and Makin' Whoopee. There are also swinging vocal renditions by Tony's son, Guy Pastor and by Beth Harmon. Let's Dance with Tony Pastor puts the accent where it belongs... on infectious dance rhythms and melodic refrains. It's big band sounds at its best, presented by one of America's all-time favorites – Tony Pastor.

From Billboard - November 4, 1957 (Review of Roulette R 25024): Pleasant, plug-worthy dance set by Pastor's big band with vocals by the maestro, Beth Harmon and son Guy Pastor – all quite appealing. A couple of Pastor's old Artie Shaw vehicles – "Rosalie" and "Let's Do It," add appeal to the older fans. It's not the greatest band around, but Pastor's warmth still carries weight.

Robin Hood
Fools Rush In
This Is My Lucky Day
Let's Do It
Makin' Whoopee
Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries
Sweet Lorraine
You Make Me Feel So Young
I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter
Tony's Chance

Strange Enchantment - Vic Damone

Strange Enchantment
Vic Damone
Orchestra Conducted by Billy May
Produced by Dave Cavanaugh
Cover Photo / Capitol Studio / Ken Veeder
Capitol Records T 1691

From Billboard - April 14, 1962: Here's the rich-voiced Vic Damone in a selection of moody, haunting, far-away type songs. The orchestrations are lush as he sings "Hawaiian Wedding Song," "Beyond The Reef," Bali Ha'i," "Moon Of Manakoora," etc. An exotic set full of the percussion and flavor of the Islands. A lot of good music programming fodder here.

Strange Enchantment
The Hawaiian Wedding Song
Humming Waters
Beyond The Reef
You're Loveable
The Moon Of Manakoora
Bali Ha'i
Ebb Tide

Monday, December 2, 2019

Hawaii World's Fair Album

Pua Maeole
Hawaii World's Fair Album
Sounds Of Hawaii, Inc.

From the back cover: It's been estimated that the Hawaii Exhibit at the New York World's Fair will cost the state close to five-million, and you'll get about that much worth of enjoyment out of this special Sounds Of Hawaii album created especially to mark the big fair and the 50th State's entry into it.

This is a prized record album in every respect of the word. Here, in one complete package, are the 16 songs most requested by Mainland people who visit Hawaii; these are the songs they enjoy the most and by some of the top recording artists Hawaii has produced.

You'll note that many of the melodies are very familiar. But you'll also note that only about a half dozen have soloists singing lyrics. But as we said before, the soloists singing the lyrics are tops in their fields.

Such long-time favorites as Beyond The Reef, Little Grass Shack, Hilo March, Red Sails In The Sunset, Lovely Hula Hands, the ever-popular Hawaiian War Chant, Sweet Leilani, Blue Hawaii and Aloha Oe are included in this rare album.

On the first side is the plaintive Hawaiian Wedding Song – long a melody people could identify with Hawaii. The vocal end of this unusual rendition of the traditional Hawaiian favorite is handled most ably by Bill Kaiwa. It is truly one of the finest versions of the song we have ever heard.

These are Hawaiian songs sung the way they should be.

Another outstanding example of the rendition of Paua Maeole by a family of Island singers, the Ii Sisters. These three women impart a special meaning to the music that was composed by veteran Island songwriter John "Squeeze" Kamana. This is truly an outstanding version fo the song.

It's all here – the best of Hawaii – to mark a special occasion, the 1964 World's Fair. It's another offering of Hawaii to its sister states and to American sister national that make up the world family.

And it's natural that the top musicians in the 50th State should be represented on this album, which is bound to become a collectors item in the years to come . – Jack Williams, Honolulu Star Bulletin

Hawaiian Wedding Song
Malihini Mele
Beyond The Reef
Kai Mana Hila
Little Grass Shack
Pua Maeole
Hilo March
To You Sweetheart, Aloha
Hukilau Song
Red Sails In The Sunset
Lovely Hula Hands
Hawaiian War Chant
Sweet Lelani
Pidgin English Hula
Blue Hawaii
Aloha Oe

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Presenting Si Zentner

Back In Your Own Backyard
Presenting Si Zentner
His Trombone and Orchestra
Big Band Music Smash Records
Monaural MGS 27007
Distributed by Mercury Record Corporation

From Billboard - February 17, 1962: Zentner's Liberty album is doing well saleswize and this package – apparently recorded before the ork leader's current Liberty pact – should cash in on his present popularity. If features tasteful, swinging instrumental treatments of oldies and originals – "Siboney," "The Nearness Of You," "Alone Together," etc. Attractive cover gives package good display value.

I Start To Miss You
Alone Together
Hollywood Freeway
The Nearness Of You (Vocal by Lynn Franklin)
Russian Lullaby
Everything I've Got (Belongs To You)
Little Boy Blues
Love Is The Thing
Back In Your Own Backyard (Vocal by Lynn Franklin)

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Adam Wade's Greatest Hits

Adam Wade's Greatest Hits
Produced by Joe Rene
Cover Photo: Columbia Photo Studio - Henry Parker
Epic LN 24019

From the back cover: The story of Adam Wade's rise to success is, in its own way, just as fascinating as the Wade voice itself.

About three years ago, when he was 22, Adam Wade left Virginia State University to return to his home town, Pittsburgh. There, as a biochemist, he joined the staff of the Dr. Jonas Salk Polio Research Center at the University of Pittsburgh. One evening, after Adam had been with a group a year, a composer friend asked him to go along on a trip to New York. This friend had written some songs and, being aware of Adam's exceptional gifts as a vocalist, wanted him to demonstrate them for several music publishers and record companies.

Although the songs were the principal purpose of the audition, Adam's song stylings immediately caught the fancy of record producers. Intrigued by Adam's vocal potential, they asked to hear more. And Adam obliged – with a dozen of the two hundred songs he had memorized in his leisure hours. Within a few minutes Adam Wade, former biochemist, was signed to a recording contract.

Tell Her For Me and Ruby were among Adam's first, and biggest, hits. Immensely successful appearances in nightclubs and theaters and a number of television shows quickly followed. Today, he is one of the most sought-after song stylists in the business. Epic Records is proud to welcome Adam Wade to its label and foresees as even more brilliant future for this young man with a truly exciting voice.

From Billboard - July 7, 1962: Here are Adam Wade's fine hits from the Coed Label, which were transferred to Epic along with Wade's singing by the firm. And fine listening it makes. Fans will readily remember such titles as "Ruby," "Tell Her For Me," "The Writing On The Wall," etc. A dozen titles all told and the set seems a natural for brisk action.

The Writing On The Wall
Tell Her For Me
As If I Didn't Know
I Can't Help It
Speaking Of Her
Take Good Care Of Her
The Prisoner's Song
I Had The Craziest Dream
Tonight I Won't Be There
Sleepy Time Gall

Gettin' Any Feed For Your Chickens? - Del Reeves

Gettin' Any Feed For Your Chickens
Del Reeves
Produced by Kelso Herston
Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee

From Billboard - August 27, 1966: Del's single "Gettin' Any Feed For Your Chicken?" leads off this package which is made up of new material coupled with solid country standards. Reeve's style is relaxed and breezy, and this package will be a strong one.

Gettin' Any Feed For Your Chickens
Take Good Care Of Her
Labrador Retriever
Laugher Keeps Running Down My Cheeks
All Together
On Sunday Afternoon
Gotta Leave You Light On
Swinging Doors
Skin Your Own Polecat
Plain As The Tears On My Face
Talkin' To The Wall


I Can't Say No
Words & Music by Rodgers & Hammerstein
Coronet Records CX-46
A Division of Premier Albums, Inc.

Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin'
The Surrey With The Fringe On Top
Kansas City
I Can't Say No
People Will Say We're In Love
Many A New Day
Out Of My Dreams

The Shearing Touch

The Shearing Touch
Magnificent Performances Of Great Piano Favorite
String Choir Conducted by Billy May
Produced by Dave Cavanaugh and Tom Morgan
Piano by Baldwin
Capitol Records ST 1472

Autumn Nocturne
Canadian Sunset
Autumn Leaves
Like Young
Sunrise Serenade
Honeysuckle Rose
Tonight We Love
One O'Clock Jump

Music Of Cole Porter - Andre Kostelanetz

Begin The Beguine
Music Of Cole Porter
Andre Kostelanetz and His Orchestra
Columbia CL 729

Begin The Beguine (from "Jubilee")
All Through The Night (from "Anything Goes")
I Concentrate On You (from "Broadway Melody of 1940")
I Love You (from "Mexican Hayride")
Night And Day (from "The Gay Divorcee")
In The Still Of The Night (from "Rosalie")
I've Got You Under My Skin (from "Born To Dance")
Blow, Gabriel, Blow (from "Anything Goes")

Friday, November 29, 2019

Dance To South Pacific - Les Brown

Bali Ha'i
Dance To South Pacific
Les Brown and His Band of Renown
Frank Comstock through courtesy of Columbia Records
Sonny Burke through courtesy of Decca Records
Capitol Records ST 1060

From the back cover: The result is one of the most danceable albums of all time. It's one which is filled with not only satisfaction buy also surprise. Here is Billy May's arrangement of Bali Ha'i played as a bright cha-cha-cha. Here is Frank Comstock's tongue-in-cheek treatment of Bloody Mary, a swinging thing that brings back memories of Lunceford. Here, in fact, is the score of South Pacific in unique, varied, but always designed-for-dancing arrangements.

From Billboard - November 3, 1958: Les Brown's swingy, dance tempo treatments of the memorable "South Pacific" score are a stereo delight. Standouts are Billy May's cha-cha arrangement of Bali Ha'i" and an exciting Lunceford-styled treatment of "Bloody Mary." A solid buy.

Honey Bun
Happy Talk
The Loneliness Of Evening
A Wonderful Guy
Bloody Mary
Bali Ha'i
Younger Than Springtime
The Nearly Was Mine
There Is Nothing Like A Dame
I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair

A Tribute To The Fabulous Dorseys - Fontanna

Green Eyes
A Tribute To The Fabulous Dorseys
Fontanna And His Orchestra
Masterseal Hi-Fi No. 69

Boogie Woogie
Swing Low Sweet Chariot
Breeze And I
Battle Hymn Of The Republic
Swanee River
Opus No. 1
I'll Never Smile Again
Song Of India
So Rare
I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
Green Eyes

3 Great Bands - Mancini, Hirt & Prado

3 Great Bands
Henry Mancini, Al Hirt & Perez Prado
RCA Victor - LSP-2722
Made in Germany

From Billboard - August 17, 1963: Here's a triple-header that should have great appeal for dance band music buffs. It displays the arranging and conducting talent of these dissimilar bands, Henry Mancini, Al Hirt and Perez Prado. they come through with four tracks each of top-styled arrangements of standard tunes, and the set offers a wide variety of music for dancing or just listening.

Henry Mancini and His Orchestra
Tender In The Night

Al (He's The King) Hirt and His Band
Blueberry Hil
Pick Your Up

Perez Prado and His Orchestra
I Only Have Eyes For You

Henry Mancini and His Orchestra
Till There Was You
In A Mello Tone

Al (He's The King) Hirt and His Band
It's A Long Long Way To Tipperary
The World Is Waiting For The Sunshine

Perez Prado and His Orchestra
Para Mi

Queen Of Honky Tonk Street - Kitty Wells

Cincinnati, Ohio
Queen Of Honky Tonk Street
Kitty Wells
Cover Photo: Hal Buksbaum
Decca Stereo DL 74929
Decca Records, A Division Of MCA Inc.

From Billboard - October 28, 1967: A solid, beautiful country hit in the old tradition of "Back Street Affair" is offered here by Kitty Wells – "Queen Of Honky Tonk Street," a tune that hit the chart hard and stayed there long. Miss Wells also performs outstanding versions of "If I Kiss You (Will You Go Away?)" and "Need You."

Queen Of Honky Tonk Street
Walk Through This World With Me
If I Kiss You (Will You Go Away?)
Wasting My Time
Need You
Cincinnati, Ohio
All The Time
I Can't Get There From Here
It's Such A Pretty World Today
Paper Mansions
I'll Never Find Another You

Kabakevsky Suite - Gustave Stern

Kabalevsky Suite
The Comedians, Op. 26
The International Philharmonic Orchestra
Conducted by Gustave Stern
Tops Records L1619

Humoresque (Tchaikovsky)
Gavotte (Prokofieff)
Grand Polonaise (Chopin)
Piano Concerto No. 1 In E Flat (Liszt)

Thursday, November 28, 2019

For Dancing - Harry Marshard And His Orchestra

Bali H'ai/Happy Talk/Honey Bun
For Dancing
Harry Marschard And His Orchestra
A High Fidelity Recording
Cadence Records, Inc. CLP 4010

From the back cover: The background story of Harry Marshard is as warm, vigorous, colorful and outstanding as his music.

It wasn't just one long jump from drummer in his high school orchestra to America's foremost society dance band leader. There was time out for World War II, where he enlisted as a private, served in the 42nd Infantry, Rainbow Division, and came home, after the Battle Of The Bulge and the European Campaign, an Infantry Major. This is typically Harry Marshard. There is a happy determination about the man that would have put him at the top of whatever field he might have picked. We can only be grateful he chose the wide field of music, where his contagious joy can be shared with so many.

The demand for Harry Marshard's music has grown by such leaps and bounds that he is now a big business. Marshard Music with headquarters in Boston, is one of the biggest music enterprises of its kind in America. With close to 300 top musicians and a many as 21 units under the Marshard banner, he can now furnish a dance orchestra of from 5 to 50 pieces for just about anywhere on the North America continent, south of the DEW line, and does.

Hello Young Lovers
Something Wonderful
Shall We Dance

Getting To Know You
We Kiss In A Shadow
I Whistle A Happy Tune

Bali H'ai
Happy Talk
Honey Bun

Some Enchanted Evening
Younger Than Springtime
Bloody Mary

On The Street Where You Live
With A Little Bit Of Luck
I Could Have Danced All Night
I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face
Wouldn't It Be Loverly
Get Me To The Church On Time (Vocal by Bill Dooley)

People Will Say We're In Love
Surrey With The Fringe On Top
Oh, What A Beautiful Morning

Christmas Favorites - The International Choristers

Deck The Halls
Christmas Favorites
The International Choristers
George Mather At The Mighty Console
Golden Tone Hi-Fidelity C 4025

Silent Night
Deck The Halls
Good King Wenceslaus
Joy To The World
It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
Hark, The Herald Angels Sing
The First Noel
'Twas The Night Before Christmas
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Away In A Manger
O, Come All Ye Faithful
Jingle Bells

Boss Baroque - The Carmel Stings

Prelude To An Evening
Boss Baroque
The Carmel Strings Featuring Larry Knechtel
Arrangers: Billy Strange & Buddy Prima
Producer: Any DiMartino
Engineer: Bruce Botnick
Art Direction: Woody Woodward
Cover Photo: Ken Kim
George & Sons, Fine Antiques, Hollywood, California
World Pacific WP-1838

I Hear A Symphony
Rhapsody In Blue
The Endless Sea
A Lover's Concerto
When We Were Young
Prelude To An Evening
Concerto For Young Lovers
As Tears Go By

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Songs From Golden Boy And Ben Franklin In Paris - The Wyncote Orchestra

Lorna's Here
Songs From Golden Boy & Ben Franklin In Paris
The Wyncote Orchestra & Chorus
Cameo Parkway Records, Inc.

Lorna's Here
Night Song
Now Laughable It Is
Look For Small Pleasures

¡Senor Swing! - Peter Galladoro

Harlem Nocturne
¡Senor Swing!
Pete Galladoro With The Surrey Latin Brass
Cover Design and Photo by George S. Whiteman
Surrey SS 1029

Harlem Nocturne
La Paloma
Midnight Sun
Prelude To A Kiss
Bei Mir Bist Du Schon
Pueblo De La Paz

Italian Sing Along - The Gondoleers

Italian Sing Along With The Gondoleers
Design: Sam Suliman
Coronet Records CX 124
A Division of Premier Albums, Inc.

Veni Sul Mar
Santa Lucia
La Donna Mobile
Oh Marie
Arrividerci Roma
La Paloma
Oh Sole Mio

And So To Bed - Herbert Rehbein

Welcome To My Heart
The Love Music Of Bert Kaempfert
And So To Bed
Herbert Rehbein and His Orchestra
Recording Engineer: Peter Klemt
Recorded in Europe
Cover Photo: Hal Buksbalm
Decca Records DL 75107

Lonely Is The Name
Spanish Eyes
Malaysian Melody
Welcome To My Heart
The Times Will Change
The World We Knew (Over And Over)
Manhattan After Dark
I Can't Help Remember You
(You Are) My Way Of Life
On My Lonely Way
Our Street Of Love

Young And Foolish - Somerset Strings With Dick Willebrandts

Young And Foolish
Somerset Strings with Dick Williebrandts
Epic LN 3392

I'll Never Stop Loving You
If You Were The Only Girl In The World
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Ecstasy Tango
Young And Foolish
Mon Coeur Est Un Violin
In The Still Of The Night
You Stepped Out Of A Dream
The Breeze And I
Walk Hand In Hand

For Lovers - The San Sebastian Strings

You Wonder Why I Love You
For Lovers
The San Sebastian Stings
Rod McKuen & Anita Kerr
Produced by Rod McKuen and Anita Kerr
Arranged and Conducted by Anita Kerr
Recorded at Western Recorders, Hollywood, California
Engineered and Mastered by Lee Herschberg
The words in this album are from For Lovers by Rod McKuen
Narrated by Joey Benson
Photography and Art Direction: Ed Thrasher
Warner Bros. - Seven Arts Records, Inc. - 1795

I'll Carry Home An Orchard
Looking Up Through Wednesday's Silence
Dancing In The Kitchen
The Haunted Mansion On The Hill
Love Hasn't Any Windows
Love Me Slowly
Make A Bigger Circle, With A Softer Touch
Why I Follow The Tigers
Lovers Too Have Lullabies
You Wonder Why I Love You (Vocal solo by Rod McKuen)
Foreign Movies
No Loving Without Losing
Growing Old Together
For Lovers (Vocal by The San Sebastian Singers)

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Patti Page On Stage

Intro/Soft Lights And Sweet Music
Patti Page On Stage
A Recording of an Actual Performance at The Famous Dunes in Las Vegas
Mercury Hi-Fidelity
Mercury Records MG 20758

From Billboard - January 12, 1963: Patti Page, recorded live at the Dunes in Las Vegas, is an exciting singer, and that excitement comes across on this new waxing. The tunes range from her hits like "Old Cape Cod" and "Left Right Out Of Your Heart" to "The Boll Weevil Song" and "Night and Day." And it contains such Page faves as "Doggie in the Window" and "Tennessee Waltz." A strong set for the new year.

Soft Lights And Sweet Music
Night And Day
The Boll Weevil Song
Medley: Little White Lies, It's Been A Long Long Time, Don't Worry About Me
I Love Ya, I Do
With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming (From "Shoot The Works")
I Went To Your Wedding
(How Much Is) That Doggie In The Window
All My Love
Old Cape Cod
Left Right Out Of Your Heart
Allegheny Moon
Mockin' Bird Hill
Cross Over The Bridge
Tennessee Waltz

Sketches By Skitch - Skitch Henderson

Sketches By Skitch
Skitch Henderson and His Orchestra
Photo: Jon Abbot
RCA Victor LPM-1401

From the back cover: Skitch has been moving toward this productive utilization of his mixed musical background for a long time. In the beginning he was a "longhair." He studied piano with Roger Aubert in Paris. His instructors in conducting were Albert Coates and Fritz Reiner. He learned harmony from the twelve-toned Arnold Schonberg. Then, with this unremitting classical background, he plunged into the world of dance bands and studio work.

His association with popular music, Skitch now says, was simply the result of a succession of events, the most compelling of which were his appearances as piano soloist on both Bing Crosby's and Frank Sinatra's radio shows, appearances which led him to form his own dance band under the urging of Crosby and Sinatra. After touring with this band with great success for a couple of years in the late Forties, he joined the National Broadcasting Company and, as a consequence of his work on the TV program "Tonight," he is now known not only as a conductor and pianist but also as a comedian and the possessor of a set of blonde, bristling mustachios of piratical proportions.

Meanwhile he was determinedly getting back to his first love, classical music, by making guest appearances as a conductor with such orchestras as the New York Philharmonic and the Minneapolis Symphony. His split musical personality is still going merrily on its separate ways – recently he was guest conductor with the Houston Symphony and immediately afterwards hopped a plane for Cleveland where he played at a dance the next night for the Heart Fund – but these Sketches By Skitch are a step, he hopes, toward healing the rift and solidifying his musical soul.

From Billboard - June 10, 1957: Bewitched Skitch Henderson glows out from this cover with a pixieish and salable smile and the contents are no letdown. The label's June S-R-O bargain package contains some of the classic standards in a listenable new dress of experimental woodwind scoring. Sound is tops. Interesting added color comes from a trio of French horns, and spot of the maestro's piano. One of the sharp mood sets of the day. Can do very well.

All Through The Night
All The Things You Are
Farewell Armanda
In A Sentimental Mood
As Long As I Live
East Of The Sun
Dancing On The Ceiling
Mood Indigo
If I Love Again

First Light - Freddie Hubbard

Lonely Town
First Light
Freddie Hubbard
Arranged by Don Sebesky
Produced by Creed Taylor
Cover Photograph: Pete Turner
Liner Photograph: Dean Brown
Album Design: Bob Ciano
Recorded at Van Gelder Studios - September 1971
Engineer: Rudy Van Gelder
CTI Records CTI 6013


Trumpet: Freddie Hubbard
Drums: Jack DeJohnette
Bass: Ron Carter
Piano: Richard Wylands
Guitar: George Benson
Percussion: Airto Moreirat
Vibes: Phil Kraus
Flute: Wally Kane, Hubert Laws, George Marge & Romeo Penque
Bassoon: Wally Kane & Jane Taylor
English Horn / Oboe: Romeo Penque
Clarinet: George Marge & Romeo Penque
French Horn: Ray Alonge & James Buffington
Harp: Margaret Ross
Violin: David Nadien, Paul Gershman, Emanuel Green, Harold Kohon, Joe Malin, Gene Orloff, Matthew Raimondi, Tosha Samaroff & Irving Spice
Viola: Alfred Brown & Emanuel Vardi
Cello: Charles McCracken & George Ricci

Frist Light
Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
Moment To Moment
Yesterday's Dream
Lonely Town

The Big Bands Are Back! - Joe Rene

Back Home Again In Indiana
The Big Bands Are Back!
The Joe Rene Orchestra
Tops L1681

Sentimental Journey
Muskrat Ramble
Back Home Again In Indiana
Beer Barrel Polka
Habanera (Carmen)
When Johnny Comes Marching Home
Londonderry Air
Anitra's Dance
Volga Boatmen
Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair

Monday, November 25, 2019

Dance Atop Nob Hill - Ernie Heckscher

Pa-Ran-Pan-Pan (Guarache)
Dance Atop Nob Hill
Ernie Heckscher and His Orchestra at The Fairmont
Cover Photo Courtesy of The Fairmont, San Francisco
Verve MG VS-6001

From the back cover: Ernie Hechscher, is what was originally intended to be a three week engagement, is presently in his tenth year at the Venetian Room of the fabulous Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. Born in England of American parents, Ernie was brought into this country at the age of three. His father was the distinguished Philadelphia author, Robert Valentine Heckscher, and his grandmother, Celeste Heckscher, was a past president of the Philadelphia Operatic Society and very active in Philadelphia social and musical circles. With this background, Ernie lost no time in becoming more interested in music than in school, and in his junior year in high school toured the R.K.O. circuit as a banjo soloist. At Stanford University he formed his orchestra in his freshman year and played his first hotel engagement at the Palace Hotel in the summer of 1939. He then turned to piano as his instrument and became one of the few leaders to use two pianos as a distinguishing feature.

During his long tenure in the Venetian Room, Ernie has accompanied and directed for nearly all of the top stars of the entertainment world. Nat Cole, Peggy Lee, Tony Martin, Ella Fitzgerald, Frankie Laine, Jimmy Durante, Harry Belafonte, Lena Horne, Edith Piaf, The Andrew Sisters, The Mills Brothers, Danny Thomas, Gogi Grant, Vic Damone, The Ames Brothers are but a few of the stars with whom Ernie has appeared.

Often call the "Meyer Davis of the West Coast", Ernie Hecksher has played for almost every important social event and debutante party from over twenty years. A columnist once described a rugged Heckscher week-end schedule where he not only led his Fairmont band, buy also played for three debutante parties within the same day. For such a special and discriminating audience, he has had to develop a style that would be most conductive to maintaining the proper gaiety, spirit and enthusiasm that are absolutely essential in making these gala parties a smash success. He played for high school graduations, college proms, hotel dancing and swank society parties with the same enthusiastic reaction. In fact, it is unthinkable for a deb in the Bay area to "come out" without Heckscher at the party, and doting mothers first consult Heckscher as to his availability and then fix the date of the party. His advance book shows major social functions three years in advance.

But Not For Me
Sunny Disposish
The Lady Is A Tramp
Just One Of Those Things

Tea For Two

Alexander's Ragtime Band

Blue Danube Waltz

The Siren Song
Mama's Gone Good-Bye
When By Baby Smiles At Me

Pa-Ran-Pan-Pan (Guarache)

Toot, Toot, Tootsie (Good-Bye)
Charley My Boy

I've Got A Crush On You
Of Thee I Sing
Should I Be Swift
'S Wonderful

Around The World (In 80 Days)

Let's Fly Away
I Get A Kick Out Of You
Anything Goes
All Dressed Up (Spic And Span)
Give It Back To The Indians

Falling In Love With Love

When You Wore A Tulip And I Wore A Big Red Rose
Oh, You Beautiful Doll
Darktown Strutters Ball
Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home

Bluegrass Banjos On Fire - Homer And The Barnstormers

Beverly Hillbillies Theme
Bluegrass Banjos On Fire
Down Home Pickin' By Homer And The Barnstormers!!
Somerset ALBUM P-19500
Manufactured by Miller International Co.

Beverly Hillbillies Theme (Ballad Of Jed Clampett)
Fire On The Mountain
Stay All Night
Arkansas Traveler
Careless Love
Grandfather's Clock
Cumberland Gap
Goin' Up Cripple Creek
Ole' Joe Clark Camptown Races
Ole' Dan Tucker
Blue Grass Blossoms

A Salute To The Great Singing Groups - The Clark Sisters

A Salute To The Great Singing Groups
The Clark Sisters
Vocal Quartet with Orchestra Directed by Charles Bud Dant
Coral Records CRL 757364

From Billboard - June 23, 1962: The Clark Sisters come through nicely on this salute for great singing groups. The gals sing songs made famous by the Mills Brothers, the Andrew Sisters, the Merry Macs, The McGuire Sisters, etc. Good listenable wax could grab air play.

My Blue Heaven
Until The Real Thing Comes Along
Bei Mir Bist Du Schon
Paper Doll
I'll Get By (As Long As I Have You)
I've Got A Gal In Kalamazoo
I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles
When I Take Sugar To Tea

Mad About The Boy - Andre Previn

Mad About The Boy
Andre Previn
Cover: David B. Hecht
Gown Courtesy of David Morris Company
RCA Camden CAL-406

From the back cover: For a musician who will not reach his thirtieth birthday until 1959, Andre Previn has already mastered a fantastic amount of musical territory. First trained in the classics, than a successful composer and conductor in the twilight zone of film music, later a skilled exponent of jazz-edged performances of show-tunes and most recently acclaimed as a full-fledged modern jazz pianist, Previn has moved on from the conquest of one area to the next despite the fact that he might have had a very successful and, in some ways, rewarding career in his Hollywood studio work alone.

But it does not appear to be in the nature of this young Berlin-born pianist to rest content with any one aspect of music. He seems to treasure a challenge and if a challenge does not readily present itself, he will go out and look for one. Son of a Berlin piano teacher – where he was born on April 6, 1929 – and nephew of Charles Previn, well known as a conductor of Hollywood musical scores, he came to this country in 1938 and settled in Beverly Hills.

The classical music atmosphere that he knew at home was tempered by the American popular music that surrounded him at Beverly Hills High School. This taste for the music of his new homeland was amplified when he discovered the work of Teddy Wilson and Art Tatum and began to acquire some of the feeling of their playing. He moved straight out of high school to the movie studios but he continued to develop his talents as a polished piano soloist who could draw on both a legitimate background and the subtle refinements of American Jazz.

Anything Goes
My Shining Hour
Mad About The Bou
You Took Advantage Of Me
Just One Of Those Things
You're The Top
Thinking Of You
Who Cares (So Long As You Care For Me)
I'm Old-Fashioned

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Claudine Longet

Claudine Longet
Producer: Tommy LiPuma
Arranger: Nick De Caro
Engineer: Bruce Botnick
Album Design: Peter Whorf Graphics
A&M Records M&M 121

A Man And A Woman (Un Homme Et Une Femme)
Here, There And Everywhere
Meditation (Meditacao)
Tu As Beau Souriere
A Felicidade
Hello, Hello
Sunrise, Sunset
Until It's Time For You To Go
My Guy

Sunday In New York - Peter Nero

The Philosopher
Sunday In New York
Peter Nero
Music Composed, Conducted, Arranged and Performed by Peter Nero
Associate Conductor: Jack Pleis
Orchestrations by Peter Nero and Bobby Van Eps
Album Produced by Jack Somer
Pianos by Steinway
RCA Victor LSP-2827

From Billboard - April 4, 1964: Peter Nero who has seven hit albums under his belt at RCA Victor, is now casting his eyes toward the singles field. Nero, who was in New York recently for a college date and to sign a new long-term contract with Victor, feels that the singles market is now ripe for his type of material and he's now looking into the possibilities of turning out more singles product during the course of the year.

The Nero drive into the singles field will not affect his album production, however, Nero says that he'll continue putting out three LP's a year as he had been doing under his pervious arrangement with Victor. The material for the singles, he says, will be original, and not culled from album tracks.

Meanwhile, Nero is hitting the college trail with a vengeance. He played about 200 campus dates tin 1963 and reports that this year he's well ahead of the 1963 pace. Of the college scene, Nero said, "I'd have to do 20 years of one-nighters to cover all the colleges."

In addition to his campus concertizing, Nero is also extending his efforts into composing for the movies. His initial effort was "Sunday In New York" and he's under contract for three more pic scores to Seven Arts Productions.

The "Sunday In New York" album is his current click release for Victor. His previous LP's were "Then Colorful Peter Nero," "For The Nero Minded," "Hail The Conquering Nero," "New Piano In Town," "Young And Warm and Wonderful" and "Peter Nero In Person."

Sunday In New York
More In Love
The Cookie Crumbles
Hello Hop
Don't Speak Of Love
The Philosopher
Eileen's Theme
Wonderful You
On Frantic Fifth