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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Music From Close Encounters Of The Third Kind - Electric Moog Orchestra

Music From Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
Electric Moog Orchestra
Musicor Records/Springboard- MUS-8803

This album is available by digital purchase download. So I won't be posting a sample.

This album was a bit of a surprise! This recording was made some ten years after Wendy Carlos commercially successful Switched On Bach LP which paved the way for many more moog albums. So this album is a bit late to the moog party if you ask me. However, I love this album because it reminds me of early university sound lab experimental electronica that I've collected. The retro science fiction sound appeals to me. This isn't cartoony sounding moog stuff. The music is rich and serious.

The album also plays nicely from song to song, holding your interest while painting a terrific soundscape.

Because of that I would have to recommend the LP so that you can (or will be more or less forced to) listen to the work the way it was intended to be heard (rare than by-the-track download)

Main Title And Mountain Visions
Nocturnal Pursuits
The Abduction Of Barry
The Arrival Of Sky Harbor
Galatic Force
The Conversation
The Appearance Of The Visitors
Resolution And End Title
Space Symphony

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind - The Wonderball Orchestra

I Can't Smile Without You
Space Out Disco Fever
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
The Wonderball Orchestra
Wonderland Records - WLP-315

The covers of Close Encounters, Star Wars and Star Trek aren't that spaced out and the rest of the tracks were left begging for alien intervention of some sort.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Quietly Wild - Billy Vaughn

St. James Infirmary
Quietly Wild
Billy Vaughn
DOT Records SLP 25857

Apparently this is a Mono copy (sticker applied to the cover) with a stereo catalog number.

Vaughn made records for decades. Most of his efforts, if you are into the "space age" sound, won't appeal to you. I've picked up copies of a few albums that he released in the 60s that are very cool. This is one of those "groovy light pop" albums.

Check out this great Vaughn album: The Windmills Of Your Mind.

Honey And Other Hits - Living Trio

Lonely Is The Name
Honey And Other Hits
Living Trio
Camden CAS 2265

Shades of The Three Suns. Pleasant light pop with a touch of space age. Although not mentioned on the jacket, I believe the guitarist is Al Caiola.