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Saturday, March 20, 2010

An Evening With Chopin

B Side Track #2
An Evening With Chopin
Plantation Records PLP-502
1976 Meadow Properties

Sometimes an LP blindsides you and you just don't what to say.

I bought this LP because I like the horrible cover artwork. At least the art is worth $6 don't you think? I mean... Chopin snuggled up to a bar maid with some guys sitting in chairs (who in the hell are those guys?) and and why is some super hero figure shown barging through the door? That's worth $6! Now wait! There is a note on the cover that explains that the guys sitting in the chairs are historical figures: George Sand, Chopin, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Heinrich Hiene, Lord Byron, Novalis and Captain America. What?!! And wait... CAPTAIN AMERICA? That is NOT Captain America and I hope Marvel Comics didn't see that mention!  I have no idea what the cover means.  It must mean something...

Not be outdone by the cover, the music is a incredibly strange mix of orchestrated "Chopin" pieces mingled with "psych" tunes. Found on the B side, track 2, is sort of a mini rock opera that includes Prelude In A Minor – OP. 28#2, Waltz – OP. 64 #2 Part 1 and Waltz – OP. 64 #2 Part 3.

This track is actually groovy and maybe Benninghoff was on to something and rock operas where starting to "happen" in the 70s.

Korla Pandit - The Universal Language Of Music - Volume 3

Korla Pandit
The Universal Language Of Music Volume 3
INDIA Records
Recorded by Korla Pandit Production Co. 1969

This is a copy of Volume 3 with no printing on the back. Much to my surprise, when I opened the box I found that the jacket was autographed by Pandit. The autograph is in pencil. The pencil didn't imprint throughly, but it appears as if the autograph is written: Greetings Marc, Yours Korla Pandit 1977.

There is a great website you can visit to find out more about Pandit.

This LP is a lovely mix of traditional piano and organ tunes along with a few fun and funky period covers with drums and one exotica organ number.

I just found another signed copy of this album. This one is signed on the back of the jacket: Best Wishes Wilma & Elmer. Korla Pandit - 1972

And a third copy of the same release this one signed: Namaste! (Common spoken greeting or salutation originating from India and Nepal) Greetings! Doris. Korla Pandit - 1972 - Box 261 West Vancouver. B.C.

Bongos From The South

Bongos From The South
Edmundo Ros And His Orchestra
London Records SP 44003 1961

The engineering is incredibly good on this set.

Some of the music is exotica, some peppy "folk" and some cornball covers..

Apparently Decca also released this record at some point.

Friday, March 19, 2010

77 Sunset Strip

After Sunset
77 Sunset Strip
Frankie Ortega & Sy Oliver
Diamond Jubilee SDJLP 1106 1959

77 Sunset Strip was a popular Warner Brothers detective TV show. According to the jacket notes: Some of the melodies have been played on the show. The others were written by Frankie Ortega and Sy Oliver for this album and will probably be used in future episodes.

George Shearing - Black Satin

Black Satin
The George Shearing Quintet And Orchestra
Capitol Records T858

Thursday, March 18, 2010


You Really Got Me
H&L Records HL 69025-698 1979

Strange gimmick album practically lost to history (there is probably a good reason for that).

Track vocals are attributed to "monsters".  For example, You Really Got Me is attributed to "Frankenstein's Monster".

Of course... Frankenstein never sounded so good. You know, with all the throat surgery and all. And what this track has to do with "Monsters" I have no idea.

The tracks attributed to "Dracula" actually sounds a little like a cartoon Dracula singing.

It's hard to know who the target market was.  I don't think H&L had any idea either.

Exotic Dreams - Ethel Azama

Green Fire
Exotic Dreams
The Enticing Voice Of Ethel Azama
Liberty LRP 3104 1959

Ethel Azama was helped along in her career by Martin Denny. Azama was doing night club engagements in Honolulu and Denny wrangled a contract for with Liberty to make this LP. He also produced the LP. Denny is one of the "kings" of exotica. Readmore about Azama on wikipedia.

I can't say that this is my favorite exotica LP. The songs choices are uneven. Some songs don't promote the "theme".


Banja Je En Gay
All The Excitement And Mystery Of The Jungle In High Fidelity
Promenade Records 2125 195?

Little to be found on this project. Jacket notes indicate that this is a project of the CAWANDA'S Group.

Tennessee Saturday Night Fever

Disco Inferno
Tennessee Saturday Night Fever
Jimmy Dempsey
Plantation Records 1979

What a strange music treasure...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Music For Space Squirrels

Sweet Lorraine
Music For Space Squirrels
Al Caiola's Magic Guitars
ATCO 33-117

From the cover art, it is hard to believe this album was created in 1958. The illustration is by Milton Glaser.  The illustration seems more like something you might see produced in the late 60s or early 70s.

The back cover presents a story about the U.S. sending two squirrels (Stanley and Stella) into space (squirrels this time around because the "apes" were "such prima donnas").

Space age pop and squirrels? How could I resist? The music is sort of high pitched or high strung and frenetic. I got the squirrel thing... but not the SPACE thing.  I would have preferred more "space" than squirrels in my music. Anyway. There is only one slow or laid back track on the LP and that's the song I like. Sweet Lorranie.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Leis Of Jazz - Arthur Lyman

Leis Od Jazz
The Jazz Sounds Of Arthur Lyman

Lyman is known as terrific exotica artist. On this set he shows off his ability to play jazz.

White Goddess - Frank Hunter And His Orchestra

White Goddess
White Goddess
Frank Hunter And His Orchestra
Kapp Records KS-3019

The jacket notes indicate that Hunter used an "Ondioline, an electronic instrument designed in France, which issues a strange, vibrator sound when the entire keyboard is shifted." There are a lot of other-worldly sound in the mix. Like any good exotica recording you will find yourself transported to another world.

Ritual Of The Torch
Strange Echoes
Jungle Drums (Canto Karabali)
Lost Plateau
White Goddess
Temple Bells
Lost In The Stars
Mist Of Gorongoza
Jungle Fantasy


In A Mist
The Brilliant Sounds Of Leo Arnaud
Liberty Records LRP 3088 1958

This is a wonderful album with a jacket graced by the most exotic cover model, Anita Ekberg (who "can be seen with Bob Hope in United Artists' Paris Holiday").

Arnaud has a long list of film credits to his name and at least 4 albums, including this one. This project as a good as any exotica record I have yet to hear. Consistent, playful and exotic!

Martin Denny - Latin Village

Martin Denny
Latin Village
Liberty Records LST-7378 (stereo) 1964
Cover Design: Studio Five

Another great out of print Martin Denny jazz LP with world/exotica flavor.

Great cover art and fresh music.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Taste Of Honey -Martin Denny

Route 66
A Taste Of Honey
Martin Denny
Liberty Records LST-7237
Cover Design: Studio Five

Apparently this is one Martin Denny album that never made it to CD. So I'll post a sample above. You can easily download the entire LP elsewhere.

In this case, a jacket note says it all: The exotic sound is especially well suited to the influence of jazz.  I love Denny's lesser known small combo jazz stuff. This is a great album

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jungle Echoes

The Jungle Chase
Jungle Echoes
Chaino and his African Percussion Safari
Omega Records OSL 7 1959

Chaino is one of the elusive figures of space age pop. After growing up in Chicago, Leon Johnson left home and lived a fairly wild life, eventually taking up the bongos and making a name for himself as "Chaino" (taken perhaps from the great Cuban conga player, Chano Pozo?) on the "chitlins" circuit of black nightclubs. More at Space Age Pop

Great cover and wild exotica music, much of which is spiced up with grunts and groans. The B side leads off with a long and very funky track titled: Jungle Drum Variations. This is a cool recording.

Quiet Village - Martin Denny

Cover (model): Sandy Warner

Quiet Village
The Exotic Sounds Of Martin Denny
Liberty LRP 3122 1959

Great LP that invites you into a quite village for a few cocktails and a little tropical romance.

Hawaiian Sunset - Arthur Lyman

Hawaiian Sunset
The Sounds Of Arthur Lyman

This album is soooooo way smooth and soothing. Just sit back and close your eyes while the vinyl spins on your table and your feel like you are someplace tropical.