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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lucky Little Bird

Happy Sunrise
Lucky Little Bird
Country-Studio, Schmallenberg

There is a Deutsche Mark price sticker on the cover. Some of the songs titles are in German and some in English. I don't know why.

I think I'm safe in stating that this album contains the most hellish recordings ever created in the history of everything. The music could be weaponized and used to drive terrorists insane (well... more insane).

It is so bad that I only had the nerve to listen one side at the lowest possible audio levels to keep myself from spontaneously combusting!

And look at that duck illustration... AWFUL

It's a wonder that America didn't break off the planet and float out into space when this LP was imported into the country!

Stan & Doug Yust Go Nuts At Christmas

Stan and Doug yust go nuts at Christmas
Golden Crest Records - Date?

Ethic accented vocals. A one "yoke" LP.

Grim dark and scary album cover.

Mrs. Miller's Greatest Hits

Mrs. Miller's Greatest Hits
Capitol Records

John Dote - A Hero From Zero

The Joke Is On You
John Dote
A Hero From Zero
American Artist Records - 198?

This is an amazing oddball record. First, John is still working. And during his career he has rubbed shoulders with a number of major stars including Michael Jackson. Apparently he helped Michael buy a Rolls for his Grandmother... who, in return for the favor, bitched about the color... so Michael and John drove the piece of crap gift back to the dealer to exchange it for a more appropriate color. Really... I'm not making this up.

And don't let the HORRENDOUS get up fool you. Dote was (is) a fan of Liberace and took wardrobe cues from him. In fact... it may be that one of the rings he is wearing on the album cover was given to him by Liberace.

Gotta love this guy.

Anyway... in addition to the great cover image and kick ass song... I found it interesting to note that NO WHERE on the LP is the song "Stakeout"... apparently the cover was printed and then the contents of the LP changed before the pressing (A recent comment suggests that Stakeout may have been John's band).

Also... Hero From Zero? Not the best title. In fact... why say that you were a ZERO at all? Why not title the LP: Love America?

Because... I'm thinking the BACK cover was suppose to be the front cover at some point... There is a song on the LP titled Love America... there is no other logical reason for this image. It is hard to see... but there is a guy wearing a Reagan mask in the back, on the right...

I really love those boots!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Monday, January 25, 2010

In Hollywood - The Gunter Kallmann Chorus

In The Heat Of The Night
In Hollywood
The Gunter Kallmann Chorus

This is 60s AM easy listening radio stuff. Be careful with this stuff!

You have to admit the jacket art is wonderful! You got a stunning model with the best hair ever dressed in a awful gown that looks as though it was pieced together from some sort of aluminum painters tarp. Her foot looks VERY large. And the photographer stuck her almost haphazardly in this "studio"set. The seamless paper is dirty and there are bad tangents in the design. That means the photographer or art director didn't take the time to compose the photograph properly.