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Friday, October 22, 2010

Love Is All - Les Reed

Love Is All
Les Reed And His Orchestra
The Eddie Lester Singers
London SP 44136

The groovy cover and music seem to me to be a little late on the scene, but this is still one of the better light pop albums I've run across. Excellent Phase 4 Stereo mixed from a "custom built" 20 channel console.

Gatefold featuring the usual boat load of information concerning the recording process.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Exotic Lands

Kashmiri Song
A High Fidelity Adventure In Exotic Lands
Recorded In France By The Paris Theatre Orchestra
Transworld TWLP 210

Lushly orchestrated if somewhat mild exotica from Dave Miller. Well executed glossy cover art gives the feel of a cover printed somewhat later. Billboard also like the image calling the cover a "big display-plus".

Oddly, only the last track on the B side, "Kashmiri Song" features some stock "bird" sounds as a lead-in to the tune which quickly becomes a standard mood number.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Home For Christmas - Wayne Dunn

White Christmas
Home For Christmas
Wayne Dunn
Piano And Organ
Majestic Records WDST 112

Local, Cincinnati, Ohio, vanity press Christmas album with references to Bible numerology on the back cover. "The number 3 appears 7 times (on the cover). 3 Children, 3 Toys, 3 Candles, 3 Logs, 3 Piece Brass Fireplace Set, 3 Stockings and 3 Toys In Each Stocking. With the note that this 3-7 thing was "unplanned".

There is also a note where the photo was taken and who the children are (Robyn, Wesley and Jonathan). Folks just don't make recordings like this anymore, or at least package them this way.

Rusty York is credited as an engineer. His name more frequently appears in association with Jewel Records.

Tropical Fantasy - Michel Magne And His Orchestra

Tropical Fantasy
Adventures In Exotica Sounds And Percussion
Michel Magne And His Orchestra
Columbia CS 8493

Holy crap... just when I thought that I had collected some of the best exotica albums, including Frank Hunter's White Goddess, I find this record. Of course, collecting music is all personal taste, but if I had started collecting exotica with this LP all other additions to the library might seem lacking by comparison.

Some might say that this recording is too heavy on effects. I love it and the songs never seems silly or cheesy. It is almost impossible to pick a sample track to share as every track is so different and wonderful.

Recorded (with two track equipment if you can believe it) in France and released in the U.S. by Columbia.

The Peanut Vendor
Come Closer To Me
Two Silhouettes
Besame Mucho
El Cumbanchero
You Belong To My Heart
Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps

Mister Percussion

Softly As In The Morning Sunrise
Mister Percussion
Terry Snyder And The All Stars
United Artists WWS 8500

Snyder did work on the first four Command Label Persuasive Percussion LPs. United Artists signed him and replicated the look and sound of a Command percussion project right down to the gatefold jacket, minimalist jacket artwork and "ping-pong" effects. But this LP isn't a pale comparison to Light's excellent work. No, this album rocks. The music is an outstanding blend of percussion, light 60s pop, exotica and jazz. The engineering is also top notch.

Excitement Of International Percussion

Excitement Of International Percussion
Featuring Berlingeri And His Percussive Harpsichord With His Orchestra
Grand Prix Series K170

Exotic International Percussion
International Award Series AK170

Apparently this recording was also released on Pickwick KS-170. Grand Prix was a Pickwick reissue label. This is an early 1960s reissue. Spaceagepop lists this album as having a cover of Hawaiian War Chant on it, but that song isn't on my copy.

This recording is actually a pretty decent space age/ping-pong/light pop album.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra

Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra
London LL 1041

This is a graphically appealing, if somewhat odd album cover which features what looks like Chacksfield on the cover pointing at something. What? Maybe the Ebb Tide which was the first British instrumental to hit number #1 on the U.S. charts.

I'm having trouble fitting this release into Chacksfield's Wikipedia discography. Ebb Tide, the first composition on the list, was released as London LL 1408 (although a 1956 issue of Billboard lists this London album catalog number as a release by another artist). This album isn't listed on Wikipedia and appears to be earlier.

The back cover is stamped May 27, 1955 and if you read the notes you might think that this record was released sometime around 1953. "In 1948, he began conducting for the BBC in association with the orchestra of Henry Hall and Geraldo and in the next five years rose amongst the most sought after maestri in Britain." But in 1953 Chacksfield was signed with Decca. His first release for Decca featured "Limelight" which is also on this record.

As for the music, Ebb Tide on this pressing is spiced with an ocean lead-in and out sound effects and a track titled Golden Violins features what must be an early example of reverb which gives the tune a neat space age edge. Both tunes can be the downloaded from online vendors.

Twilight Memories - The Three Suns

Twilight Memories
The Three Suns
RCA Victor LSP-2120

This is one of the Three Suns albums recommended for easy listening if you are looking for a space age vibe. I also think The Three Suns album, "Love In The Afternoon" is pretty cool.

Milford Band 1979

Milford Band 1979
Milford, Ohio

Here's a brief clip from The Marching Band Competition Show off the A side. It's a bit Zappa/exotica. I wish they had done a longer version.