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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Music To Paint By

Music To Paint By
RCA Victor PRM-208

Here's an interesting oddball project. The record was "Prepared expressly for Celanese Coatings Company by RCA Victor. Celanese brand paints included Devoe, PeeGee and Treasure Tone.

All the tracks on the LP have something to do with "color".

No expense was spared to include excellent music on this LP, including, my favorite tracks, Green Eyes by Tony Martin and a killer version of Over The Rainbow by Peter Nero.

I resist posting a sample, because I'm sure these two tunes are still available and under copy protection.

For The Love Of Benji

Doberman Chase
For The Love Of Benji
Mulberry Square Productions 1977

Everybody remembers Lassie... Rin Tin Tin, Bandit, the cartoon dog from Jonny Quest! Even BEN and Ben wasn't a dog but a rat! Who remembers poor little Benji?

Who remembers Charlie Rich?

I remember Benji! I do not, however, remember Charlie Rich.

Enjoy a rocking 70s movie chase number!

The Magic Of Movement


The Magic Of Movement
Activities Designed With The Senior Citizen In Mind
Melody House Records MH-768

A surprise treasure!

The narration is done by Dr. Betty Sue Benison.

Exercise #5: Eye Exercises. Whatever you do... don't STRAIN yourself!

Enoch Light and the Brass Menagerie

Enoch Light and the Brass Menagerie
Volume 2
Arrangements by Dick Hyman
Project Total Sound Stereo PR 5042 SD1969

Enoch Light had a way making projects sound unique and fun to listen to including brass albums. This is a cool LP with enough campy 60/70s flourishes to keep you engaged.

Romantic Piano

Romantic Piano - After Dark Piano Favorites
Somerset/Alshire Production
Budget Sound, Burbank, CA SF-27900 1967

Low budget press with bachelor pad cover.

Peitor Dero actually gets a mention on the back cover as the artist.

Friday, March 5, 2010

The Going Thing 1970

Hey Jude
The Going Thing 1970
Ford Promotional LP

See my post for the introduction of The Going Thing as featured in a 1969 recording that was apparently only distributed internally.

This album is the follow-up LP and may have been distributed to the public (a hand out at dealerships, or at car shows or sold somehow?). The back cover is completely blank with the exception of The Ford Logo.

In my earlier post I suggested that Ford was out of touch with the youth market of the day. And this project proves it. It's a disaster! This record is full of amazingly bad covers of songs that young people might... well... have actually enjoyed. Then again... some of the song choices are pretty awful.

The Going Thing 1969

The Going Thing 1969
Produced By Ford Division

Here's a rare album. Printed on the LP label is: "CONFIDENTIAL FOR FORD PERSONNEL ONLY".

Apparently Ford management felt like connecting to the youth market with an exciting, fresh and contemporary idea... a brand new singing group, THE GOING THING. A search began for a group of young people who would symbolize "The Going Thing" concept.

Is this is how Ford management viewed the 1969 youth market? Apparently the idea worked for Ford because the kids were back in 1970 with another LP.

The jacket notes go on and on about who is in the group, where they came from and talk about their musical credits. One of the kids: Steven Flanagan was born and raised in the slums of Watts, California. A mixture of Irish, Indian and Negro, he was immediately accepted for the glee club in high school. The jacket notes also goes as far to state: THE GOING THING GROUP promises to be a welcome addition to the field of today's contemporary music.

The Magic Islands

Sweet Leilani
The Magic Islands
Alfred Newman and his Orchestra with the Ken Darby Singers
DL 79048 196?

Decca invested a lot of money into jacket printing. I suspect Decca decided that is was time cash in on the "Tiki" craze (which began in the late 50s) with this splashy project.

The jacket is a gate fold with a die-cut. The die-cut is a hole punched through the white cover, the rectangle shape around the model's head. There are a number of full color spreads on the inside of the gate fold with bleed. An elaborate press job.

The music, by Alfred Newman is all at once, exotica, mood and soundtrack. Newman is known for scoring numbers of well known soundtracks. The music has that nice melting otherworldly exotica flavor even though the music and seems a bit "old fashion" for the moment.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Exotic Sounds of Arthur Lyman - Taboo Vol. 2

The Exotic Sounds Of Arthur Lyman
Taboo Vol. 2

This record is a wonderful example of Tiki/Exotica and I loved it from start to finish... and how can you resist a cover like this. Especially considering it was produced in 1959!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Great Imposters

The Great Imposters
You Asked For It
A Triple Crown Production GI 2027
Recorded Live at The West Omaha Holiday Inn

I have two questions. One. When a cover is worth more then the music? Two. Where can I find one of those suits?

This is not 70s disco. This is SHA NA NA 50s covers.

Where is my horrible lounge disco music?

Oh well... the cover is great fun!

At Home WIth Bob Ward

Star Dust
At Home With Bob Ward At The Hammond Organ
Encores - Music To Live By
Continental Records Of California

As far as I can tell, this artist and record company is lost to history.

I bought this album for the great cover art and the disc itself which is pressed on a great translucent yellow plastic.

The album notes indicate that the photo was actually taken in Bob's home in Monterey Park, CA. The notes go on to list, by full name, all the folks in the photograph... including the people in the mirror reflection! This photo is a simple snap shot of Bob, the ladies man, in his living room. Pass around the Highballs folks! Let's get this party started.

Monday, March 1, 2010

KAPU (Forbidden)

KAPU (Forbidden)
Exciting Sounds Of Milt Raskin
Crown Records CLP 5110 1959

From Billboard Magazine, June 15th, 1959: Program music describing various Hawaiian legends inked by Johnny Mercer's partner. Raskin himself is heard on cocktail-style piano, celeste and bongo box. Four other percussionists take turn at 16 kinds of percussion instruments. For good measure, there are also bass, organ harp, flute and more. The exotic effects are employed, disk should be sold more for quiet listening and dancing than for sound.

I'm not sure what the reviewer meant by "sound".

This album is a great exotica and one of my favorites.

It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's SUPERMAN

It's Superman
It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's SUPERMAN
Selections From The New Musical Smash
By The Superman
Premier Albums Inc., NY, NY M-175

This is a great album filled with fun and cheesy 60s pop ear candy. There is only one track with a vocal treatment: It's Superman

Wikipedia: The 1966 Broadway musical It's a Bird... It's a Plane... It's Superman!, starring Bob Holiday, was scored by Charles Strouse and Lee Adams. The script was written by David Newman and Robert Benton, who would go on to write the second draft of the screenplay for the first Superman film (1978).