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Monday, June 6, 2011

Boss Beat - Sandy Nelson

Boss Beat
Sandy Nelson
IR Imperial LP-12298

Gosh dang it! This one is available by MP3 purchase/download so I will not be posting a sample

This is a great mid-60s light-pop album that is set apart from period counterparts by the driving boss beat of drummer Sandy Nelson. There is one unique song on side two titled Drums In A Sea Cave. This song has an exotica vibe and also reminds me of a big band drum solo. The tune is totally different than any other song on the album and is one of my favorites. The album winds up with a wild cover of The 3rd Man Theme.

This LP was recorded several years after Nelson was in a motorcycle accident, receiving injuries that required amputation of his right foot and part of that leg. Obviously Nelson made a come back and recorded this fine album along with many more to follow. Read about Nelson on his wiki page.


  1. I found a Sandy Nelson last week on the budget label Sunset called Teen Drums. It appears not to be available by cd or download so I might post a sample…yes indeed, good stuff!

  2. Drums in a Sea Cave! That sounds amazing! Gonna go to amazon and see if I can hear a clip. Found it! It's awesome!!


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