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Monday, June 6, 2011

Forbidden Fruit - Nina Simone

Nina Simone
Forbidden Fruit
Colpix CP 419

Currently available on at least four different CDs including one combo CD with her album Newport and one triple CD with Sings Ellington and Folksy Nina.

This was my first Simone find. I bought the album for the cover art (I'm a sucker for tropical theme art). I'm not totally unwashed... I had heard of Simone and expected to find reviews on Amazon in support of this album. I didn't. So I thought... what the heck I'll say a few words. Great stuff... The LP is a mix of jazz, blues, torch songs and a few more unique and moody pieces that I recommend (if you are just purchasing single MP3s) titled: Rags And Old Iron and Just Say I Love Him.

The LP sound like it was recorded in an empty club with one microphone. This isn't a bad thing, the sound is a bit raw and smoky. The performances sound really fresh like everyone was having a good time. Colpix Records gave Simone all creative control so that she would sign with them. Simone was working on her "pop music" career to help fund her classic music studies. She was indifferent about having a recording contract and kept this attitude toward the record industry for most of her career.

Read more about her amazing life on her wiki page.

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