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Friday, June 10, 2011

Have You Never Been Mellow - Paul Mauriat And His Orchestra

El Bimbo
Have You Never Been Mellow
Paul Mauriat And His Orchestra
MGM Records M3G 4999

In 1975, when this album was release. I was listening to the Ramones and saw AC DC play a small club in Columbus, Ohio. I would have rather been caught dead then found with a Mauriat record on me.

Times change and I could throw my spine out of place if I bang my head at this age. So here I am listening to Paul Mauriat. Mauriat is best known for arranging and conducting many light pop or easy listening albums. The think Mauriat's light sound may be the best of its type coming out of the late 60s/early 70s. He can take worst pop song (that I still won't listen to) and make it better. He had a knack for timing, phrasing and injecting slightly unusual instrument (sounds) into his arrangements that hold your attention, creating a sense of anticipation, making you wonder what he will do next with the tune you are listening to.

This album may be the lightest of all Mauriat albums I've listened to to date. Although El Bimbo is pretty cool, some of his earlier work is a bit more "groovy".

El Condor Pasa is an another excellent Mauriat album.


  1. LOL! I was the same way back in the day, but now I’m a sucker for this stuff too. I do think though that “El Bimbo” would be too politically incorrect sounding in today’s world. It would have to be changed to “challenged” something or other…

  2. I love Mauriat too and I was a hard core punk back in the day! Wow! What old age will do to us.


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